Vaccine Skepticism | Holness & Golding Vaccinated | Tommy Lee Sentenced

Vaccine Skepticism | Holness & Golding Vaccinated | Tommy Lee Sentenced 1


  1. I should not be shamed for not taking something that’s against my will. I’m in total agreement with all protestors at this point because coercing them to take that which may be life-threatening many of us is WRONG.

  2. The leaders and professors will always go with the protocols just to keep their positions and reputations, that just shows that they are actually the slaves of the system..

    1. Several people i know personally… felt nothing… not even a tiny prick… nothing…yet vaccine site slightly tender next day…most said they wondered if the nurse actually did it… see the 101yo in Ja…said same thing… best to hear from those who had it… all i know said they felt nothing more than a feint touch…

    1. Is me alone notice the thing that was put out to give the injection was still out when she say she done ….so how the vaccine come out the syringe

  3. Am just tired of all these liar…who believe that the professor representing the w.H.O would have said anything else..

  4. A genuine deadly pandemic doesn’t require 24/7 advertising to remind u it exists…
    Real pandemics don’t need marketing campaigns and endless propaganda…
    but psychological operations do.

  5. Why are some people having negative reaction to the vaccine? I rather be ok in my state now than have my face swollen, fever, headache etc. I don’t what am taking either

  6. I went to school n study to be an E.M.T, and I never seen anyone gotten a shot in this manner…🤔🤔🤔

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