Vaccines Being Wasted in Jamaica? TVJ News - March 16 2021 1

Vaccines Being Wasted in Jamaica? TVJ News – March 16 2021


The Health Ministry has confirmed there have been mishaps which have led to some vaccines going to waste.

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    1. Vials… “Def ears give liad trouble”… Instead of researching what the word means, you jump and put up some misguided information because you want to be right about “them” being wrong. Do you listen to learn or listen to find fault!… Smh u know people out deh a dead fi hear bad information!

    2. The government a try to care the virus the only person who can care the virus jesus when people take the virus it is killing them more ……..if you want more information from like the comment and text under my comment I will see with your question or anything you want to know….

    1. @Julin Ricketts-Johnson wow!!I guess you didn’t see him on video footage from court evidence tasting,and giving his approval.and I guess you didn’t hear his own son come out publicly calling him a coke head..

    2. @Julin Ricketts-Johnson you sure got a lot to say that man was definitely not in his right mind. Might not have been coke but please don’t play coy . Nuff of these musicians are filthy! Hands are filthy. Their money and influence cause a lot of crime and deaths. So please save all that legal document threats and speech for someone who can’t read in between the lines

  1. Strength for today and bright hope for tomorrow. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK .I LOVE YOUR CHANNEL.GOD BLESS YOU ALL/…….

    1. What about dem herbal tings the rasta man dem.mek fe flu and cold. Unno tek it. Wish I could buy some right yah now fe mi allergies.

    1. @Kadian Praiser So, make me ask you something. Did the Lord tell you to not take the vaccine? Or something you read or see online. Because I see a whole heap of people claiming Christianity and saying Lord this and Lord that, yet never once do I see somebody say, I prayed and the Lord said no.

      Go ahead and make people fool you. Science is not a bad thing and there is no injection that can stop you from read your Bible and worship God.

      Your fear and your unwillingness to actually research for the facts is what will keep you a prisoner.

    2. @Wilmoth Tucker am soooo sorry for you you are like one a them foolish vergins that didnt bring your oil. Please go and repent and seek God if you dont please to do so stick with the lies that they are telling you cause i can see that your really a maniac to this you are being brainwash by the governments so please do me a favour you keep believe in the lies they telling you and let me stick to what am saying amma repeat it to you again clearly a pure lie the government a tell me, you, and everybody. So am not gonna take back my word period. And am free so if you a prisoner and you wanna come out go check with them liar governments fi send you the key and nuh come wid you negativity ya so.

    3. @Wilmoth Tucker you are right, no vaccine can make us stop read and pray, you are totally right. You can read and pray, pray all you want, but God will not listen, because he has departed from the temple of all those people vaccinated against covid19.

      Why would God tell someone to inject LUCIFERASE into their body? LUCIFERASE is in the vaccine.

    4. @Kadian Praiser true sister. As soon as we get the vaccine we start see record high. As soon as we get the vaccine 13 people, the highest number yet, “die” from covid.


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    3. @Lozanar Chyvi Thanks for the insight,I remember friends calling me crazy when I started investing on cryptocurrency

    4. I met him for the first time in Spain back in 2019 and I have been making massive profit with him since then through crypto/bitcoin trading

  3. The baker tells you what ingredients he bakes with.
    The grocery store all package have labels incase you have an allergy.

    1. It’s public information available online. What kind of question is that? This is the problem with Jamaican people.

      Too rassclaaat lazy! You come here to cuss and cause mischief, and don’t have no facts or information whatsoever.

      You will forever be a prisoner because you will live off of the foolishness and lies that su-su and chatty-chatty people make up and give to you.

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