1. @Fletcher Christian
      *Pedophile democrats:* _”Wel, actually like, women have dicks and men can give birth and like, pedophilia is a sexual orientation. Did you know that?”_

    1. StinkyMcstinkerbottom Gluten-free I bet that would. You wish Biden would grope and smell your hair.

    2. new debate
      You clearly don’t understand what happened to cause the recession. Are you kidding me?

  1. CNN, Van Jones, etc, make me retch. Not much better than Fox these days. Establishment tool bags!

    1. @Sun Seeker Actually, I do not know, but yeasterday I like got this thing called a _paper schredder,_ and I do not even know what it is, but it said funny sounds when I stuck my head in it

    2. Gen. Snoball
      When ever Biden is on here people just freak out and smash the dislike button and screech in the comment section. That’s you

    1. @Councilman Les Wynan CNN is not leftist, you fool. They are CORPORATE.

      There is no left/right in the media. People might be split but the media is CORPORATE and serves all the elites, you dumb fuktard.

    2. @texas thunder sure, right, that’s why vyou can claim this bullshit publicly on their platforms, gotcha.

      Let me guess, you’re one of the droolers who believe God gave us cellphones, ain’t you?

    3. @Janet Burrus yeah, just think, Texas thunder is probably legally allowed to vote, drive, carry a gun, and breed.
      Scary and disgusting all at the same time.

    1. I’d rather there would be a major earthquake they could cover instea..hosijpbb…njnuvnium….

    1. eddiexgee hey dude what’s your iq score 😂😂😂 no I’m for real please comment back I’m curious

    2. They are the establishment media. They love neocons just as much, CNN prefers Democrats and left wingers though

    3. Richard Grabber they’re hatred for Bernie Sanders should tell you that they are not on the left! The make arguments from a conservative perspective all the time, CNN (or Corporate News Network) loves the status quo

    4. @Switch Back CNN is far from left-wing. They don’t promote progressive ideology. They call out Trump’s lies, but never explain why his policies are wrong or why progressive policies would work. They act like Trump is somehow separate from other Republicans; they see him as the problem, not the Republican party. They dislike Trump and Bernie Sanders, but adore Mitt Romney and John Kasich. On some social issues, such as gay rights, CNN leans left, but on most other issues, they’re either centrist or right-leaning. They’re pro-war and against Medicare For All, for example. They hire people straight from the CIA and Pentagon. They’ve banned and blacklisted world-renowned left-wing intellectuals such as Noam Chomsky, Chris Hedges and Glenn Greenwald. They rely on advertising revenue from pharmaceutical companies, the energy industry, makers of unsafe products, etc. That’s why there’s no such thing as progressive corporate media; it’s an oxymoron. If you want to see what real left-wing media looks like, watch Democracy Now.

    1. @Xavier Elizondo explain why the fed keeps hiking rates under Trump and never under Obama..
      Has if they don’t want him to have a successful economy.

    2. @Yugioh Pokemon idk man, just responding to mrxavier know it all, i guess trump has improved america🇺🇸but he definately has divided it too

    3. @Victor Reymond The only people dividing America are the Marxist Anti-American scum in every media, Banking and education system.

  2. Is CNN on the Biden campaign payroll or something? The ALL Biden and nothing but is kind of obvious.

    1. Of course they are. Them, MSNBC, and virtually every cable news outlet is owned by Comcast. They pay their employees to prop up the centrist democrat, and then donate millions to their campaign. Happens every cycle.

    2. It’s because Bernie hasn’t changed his tune at all. Biden has been swinging in the polls so much that it is important to talk about, but Bernie is just saying the same things, so there isn’t anything new to cover.

  3. CNN can’t help themselves. They must get a royalty for every Bernie Sanders slur they slip in.


    1. @robotaholic frolic are you sure it wasn’t centrist policies that handed Trump the presidency?

    2. @MrRayRockstar yeah I’m sure it wasn’t that- What Trump policy anyway? Tax cuts for the rich or less air quality regulations? I mean we’re still bombing 8 countriee. What possible Trump policy could you be talking about?

    3. @robotaholic frolic so you think a centrist like Biden can beat Trump, when a centrist like Hillary wasn’t able to?

    4. @MrRayRockstar it’s nothing to do with me…just that by this time in the candidate nomination process, the frontrunner almost always wins the nomination – hell no I am not fond of Biden – what do you think?

    5. @robotaholic frolic and you can determine who’s the frontrunner without a vote being cast yet?

    1. In my opinion none of the top 10 Democrats would be worse than Trump. I will vote for anyone who ends up winning the primary.

    2. Willie Speirs why would any Trump supporters back the pandering Democrat Party that is promising the pipe dream of free everything? with the exception of Fox News the mainstream media have been shills for Democrats for years.

    3. Lu that’s not saying much. Democrats decided to run a bunch of Socialist clowns, a couple of nobodies, and one has been.

    1. Were you watching the same interview that I was watching?

      please point me to the quotes in this interview where Van Jones is saying, you go get him Joe.

  5. lol CNN says biden appears to be clawing his way back …. on a video with almost twice as many dislikes as likes

    1. I’ll taketh thy cheese by force comment sections are biased young, not representative of turnout which is biased old…hence tulsi/yang popularity online & mostly unknown to the broader public

    1. Yes. Bernie will take every nickel you can earn and do nothing with it. If you stand in line for your dime your in the wrong line. A real job will show you Bernie Don’t care about you.

  6. Lmao look how they talk about Biden compared to Bernie its insane how one sided the media is when it comes to politics.

  7. Joe Biden is never going to be president. CNN can promote him alllll they want, but he ain’t goin anywhere.

  8. He’s clawing his way back into the pocket books of big donors. They’re dropping him like a hot rock.

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