1. It’s not our fault that you foreigners are snowflakes. Don’t like it, then don’t come to our countries.

    1. @Puddles Puddles Just watch the vids… SADLY many dems who watch prop a ganda TV will never know about or see those vids

    2. @ggyou Elections are carried out by the individual states. Enough of them were carried by Biden to get him to and beyond the 270 needed to win. As always the American people declare who the next president will be. All covered in the constitution. Same way as 2016. Who declared Trump president in 2016? Your turn to supply an answer.

    1. @havapuppy they are not making any money off me I don’t buy her shoes or anything from the Trump family. Now if you are accusing them of stealing from taxpayers you better have evidence is that slander

  1. I am not a fan of the media on either side but I always got the feeling than Van Jones is a very genuine person. He is correct, character matters. Regardless of politics, we need good representation of our country to show most of us are decent people

    1. Character matters, hhmmmm, Joe Biden has said more racists stuff and has been involved in more corrupt things they trump would dream of being involved in. Character Kamala slept her way to her position is that good character is that what we want to teach our daughters. Cheating an election says great character. You guys are mental.

    2. Genuine person? A genuine race-baiter perhaps. His “whitewash” monologue was the single most offensive trash I’ve ever seen. Garbage like that causes immeasurable damage to the minds of young people. He is complete trash.

    3. @Jock Young You’re either ignorant or lying……or 18 years old. Biden has been a joke my entire lifetime.

  2. This has me speechless, the power in that statement was undeniably great, thanks Van got showing others what us brothas stand for!

    1. I cried too. Tears of joy that we are no longer under the threat of Fascism. I am white and have plenty of money – I still breathed a sigh of relief and cried tears of joy – not for me, but for all of us.

    2. @Victoria Vinson fascism? Trump was pro freedom and freedom of speech and his supporters you fool! You people have no idea. Stay out of politics if you know nothing about it. Kamala Harris is the fascist because she’s a communist and she’s the vice president now. You people are sooooooooo stupid!!!!

    3. Don’t worry my girl also cried this is history in the making . We all deserve a new beginning. 4 yrs watching this men ruined Americans lives , enough is enough . Worst President ever !

    4. @BabyMetalMemes No. You are the stupid one. No one can be fascist and a communist at the same time. Besides, she’s neither.

  3. When a man cries on national tv..it is not because he wants your sympathy but he is broken and his pride as a man is broken and that speaks volume


    2. Poppy Moiloa You make a good point…. but I’d add to that….. Speaking as a doctor, I’d suggest that he had been feeling and internalizing the long-term effects of someone trying to break his heart and his pride…. the crying, the tears, that’s the sign that he’s finally being released from the pain and fears…. and he’s starting the process of healing. He’ll be okay now, like so many others. Like maybe most of us. Tears are the release of the pain and toxins. So let the tears rise and wash away the hurt.

    1. @Avi Soussan You don’t believe anyone might legitimately feel sad when one exists in a nation where not being white often means being targeted, harassed, bullied, and even murdered??? #BLM #howamialwayssurprised #RODNEYKINGVERDICTWASWHENIKNEWTRUTH

  4. And the fact he ended by genuinely offering sympathy to those who lost just shows how much character can and should matter

  5. I am sorry you are feeling this deeply hurting and I hold you dearly in my heart. I hope you will find strength from within yourself and the universe to support you during this hard times, you made me cry too. It is high time we unite to heal as one body, if we start focusing on positive things like simple words: kindness, peace, love, healing and reconciliation, joy. We will start setting up foundation of positivity. Lets be champion of mercy and compassion and we will heal together.

  6. Let it out homie. Trump did show how evil and awfully this world can be and this shows good does still prevail over evil deed men.

    1. @F M Why do you think that Democrats are more scared of the coronavirus than republicans? First of all that is an assumption that no one ever will be able to prove and not necessarily true. So to begin with it is very unreliable. And secondly, I am having a great day so you know what? Let’s assume that the mail-in vote was leaning towards democrats more than republicans, hell let’s make it 10% more. That still does not cover for the actual percentage which was way more than 55%-45%. Statistically, t does not make any sense. So please stop reciting what the media feeds you and have a personal opinion for once. (And make an opinion after thinking about it please).

    2. @David McFrost get an education, you make no sense, trump about to prisoned by NYSD, I guess you think Bannon is innocent too.

    3. @David McFrost none of what you wrote is remotely accurate nor an actual description of current events.
      too bad you were too much of a wimp to play sports or have never been athletic, it could have taught you how to win and lose like a real man. Time to grow a pair, stop bitching and crying like a girl and man up… it’s never too late.

    1. @Greg Gross I dont know what you mean by context but I mean if Biden goes down in history as a great president then I’ll respect him. We’ll see!

    2. @S HH lol good. Try and keep screaming your trump garbage out now though… Since america (4 million votes) clearly wasn’t on your side this time

  7. I love how this keeps getting a hundred million more views every couple hours. This is the kind of real talk that helps us heal. Respect to you Van.

  8. He just touched my heart and moved me to tears listening to his genuine heartfelt emotion I totally respect and empathize with his feelings and am grateful he was MAN ENOUGH TO SHARE HOW HE FEELS WITH ALL OF US. big hugs and much love and RESPECT. WE AGREE WITH EVERYTHING YOU SAID your eloquent choice of words will not fall on deaf ears. Our sons are finally witnessing what a DECENT MAN of COMPASSION AND STRENGHT FEELS AND LOOKS LIKE. GOD BLESS YOU


  10. It’s just such a weight off my shoulders knowing that sanity (albeit just barely) prevailed.
    The thought of four more years of Trump was just unthinkable.

  11. Bless you heart Can Jones, you are going to make me cry after I have had to many years for Bidens Win, but your words so true.

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