Van Jones on Kamala Harris’ debate performance: A star was born

CNN's Gloria Borger and Van Jones praise Sen. Kamala Harris for her performance in the second night of NBC's Democratic presidential debate.
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    1. I had a Tom Hanks moment last night from a League of their own. All I could think the whole time they were debating was. We’re gonna win!

    2. God help us all and this country if ANY of these evil morons win. And yes, even you Torontopia, thankfully, there are Patriots out here smart enough to make the right decisions for you too, and not be fooled by this deception!

    1. She was raised mostly by her mother who is a doctor from INDIA. Her father came from a wealthy family in Jamaica. Neither of her parents were involved in the Civil Rights movement. She didn’t say a word about reparations. It’s not enough to be dark skinned. Not all dark skinned people are the same.

    2. @Black atheist millionaire Indian, she has more in common with Tulsi Gabbard and Bobby Jindal . Her dad is biracial black from Jamaica and her mom is Indian from the Brahim class. Top of the caste system.

    1. Gaius von Bonaparte that’s actually not true. He’s promised to get clean water for flint Michigan, challenge states on women’s reproductive right ( I don’t agree but still) and more. You’re just not listening.

    2. Bernie has a comprehensive plan to route out the corruption in Washington. He wants to tax Wall Street, get rid of Health Insurance by creating Universal health care and controlling drug price. Yang is just a one trick pony. He thinks by sending people a check that they will vote for him.Bernie has been dealing with these issues for years and know what needs to be done. The Obama/Biden Administration did nothing about corporate corruption because they took so much money from them. Bernie is the real deal everyone else are just imitations.

    3. BECAUSE YANG WAS TRASH. He didn’t know how to debate, he was so out of his depth. Couldn’t command the stage, couldnt fight for air time – he is done 😂

    4. @Lamont Terry, because EVERYONE knows ,he has about a bigger chance of coming up with an idea that will rival Mark Zuckerberg idea of Facebook than being the selected Democratic nominee for President of the United States.

  1. It’s hysterical that they keep on going back to Sanders saying the same thing he has been saying for his entire career. He is the only one who has been consistent in his positions where as all the other candidates have changed their policy stances to match Sanders’ in order to gain support.

    Instead of pushing the concept he’s on repeat why not point out the fact the others finally caught up to his progressive ideals?

    1. I wonder what Biden was doing when Obama couldn’t debate his Republican opponent. Biden RESCUED Obama for the Dems.

  2. Why do they need such a large panel? 😂🤣😂🤣 In another 50 years CNN “Expert Panel” will be a stadium full of people 🤣😂

    1. So people don’t start yelling about CNN being biased and blah blah blah. All the bitchers should be represented unlike other networks.

    2. In another 50 years the United States will be irrelevant if it continues down this path, which it will. Name the last time America was top 10 in test scores on both Math and Science.

    3. @Nic Ro oh please. The panelists all more or less echoed each other. Dissenting thoughts are not tolerated ay CNN. And it is ridiculous how many people were on the panel. At this point it’s an ego-fest. You cant leave anyone out cos they’d be offended not to mention the tidy appearance fee they get for covering the debates

    4. @Boston 508617 Scores on math and science are almost irrelevant now. Computers do most of the tasks. Being a genius at the games of math does not matter in today’s world. Its about as important as knowing how to play CHESS well. Overrated, and definitely you are overrating its importance. You know what IS important? Content creation. Being creative. Its one of the last bastions of life where AI can’t simulate it. Its the connection to the spiritual realms too. AI can’t touch it. Worry about that, and stop predicting the demise of America based on math and science. That is ridiculous. Predict the demise of America if they don’t repent of their many SINS, now that is some truth I can get behind.

  3. Bernie 2020. Hes been fighting for these issues since the 1960s, he is very consistent and this democratic platform is exactly Bernie’s 2016 platform.

  4. watching the debates was like watching soviet state-run television but instead of a totalitarian state pulling the strings it was a massive network news conglomerate picking who gets what questions and who gets to speak the most. our democracy has such a slimey corporate slant to it.

  5. LMFAO. Kamala’s just echoing what Bernie’s been saying for 40 years. But then again, this is CNN lol

  6. Joe Biden needs to learn the value of good sound bites. I am a retired professional writer and would gladly help him with that.

  7. Bernie is the REAL DEAL. Bernie is not a fake politician! Andrew Yang is also another great choice too.

    1. They are the only two that actually explain their policy proposals.

      But politics is a popularity contest

    2. I glad you think Bernie is a good politician and not a fake because “a good politician is quite as unthinkable as an honest burglar.” as Mencken wrote. What this country really lacks are statesman and what we have in abundance is blowhard politicians like Bernie.

    3. smirky smile Prove me wrong. Your throw up emoji‘s mean nothing in the name of truth and facts.

    4. @GIFT1FROM1THE1GODZ this is how any msm would do it. cut their mic, give them a few seconds to answer with a few words and then overrun air time with who they want to give the platform to under the cover of… we just don’t have enough time.

  8. EXPERIENCE IS THE BEST TEACHER!! Last time America went Brand New !! Look 👀 at what WE GOT !!! Shidden Me!!

  9. Harris isn’t even eligible to be president. But she is a star born because she is for bussing? So I guess CNN wants Harris to win.
    Although CNN heads saying Biden being unprepared is very accurate so a broken clock is correct 2 times a day.

  10. See, I agree Kamala could take on Trump, but personally, if I were any of those candidates I wouldn’t debate him, since Trump does nothing but name call and say how great he is.

  11. Once they focus on Kamala’s record on prosecuting Black men, and single moms in Oakland, Black voters will abandon her.

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