Van Jones to Andrew Yang: You’re a businessman like Trump. How are you different?

Van Jones to Andrew Yang: You're a businessman like Trump. How are you different? 1


In an interview with CNN's Van Jones, Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang said that he's one of the few candidates who has been consistently growing, and while he's also a businessman like President Donald Trump, he would never run the government like a business.

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  1. I can’t wait for my thousand bucks a month!!

  2. He’s different cause he’s not a crook.

    • @Dave Schultz You’re probably on to something hahaha . 🤣😂 You forgot hookers too 😋🤔😉😆🙄😏😌🤤😝😜😛

    • @Drew Babos Sources ? I dont need fake sources to state common sense of what Yang is offering . Which isn’t anything that would work .

    • @Venom Snake Well not all are crooks , but there are some good people that do some crooked things sometimes in Washington tho .

    • @Shawn Corbin Trump has a ton of crimes, just most of them predating his stint into politics.

  3. Hands down, by far, the best candidate!

    • @Yama One no one is worried about Yang. He will be out like Spartacus.

    • @Mike Smith You do not know what socialism means. Socialism means the means of production are controlled by the community which usually the state. People dont get to spend there money. However, with the freedom dividend, people have the FREEDOMS to spend their money of the choosing. That’s what makes it not socialism.

    • @206 guy is that what they tell you to get you to sing up.go live in Russia for year then go to Venezuela for a year. Then come back & tell me agin what socialism means.

    • @Mike Smith Yeah, and those socialist countries dont represent Andrew Yang policies. Maduro nationalize the oil industry. Where in Yangs policy does it state that he wants to nationalize anything. Secondly, Russia isn’t socialist. It use to be.

    • Mike Smith lol you must be old. Going straight to citing socialism is the oldest trick in the book. You boomers are going against millennials with modern educations, I advise you stop before you dig yourself too deep of a hole. Elon Musk supports Yang, who am I suppose to listen to? A man who’s trying to put people on Mars or a couple of boomers with degrees from 1970? I’ll take Elon/Yang all day long, it’s time we move forward cause you old people have been in the left lane going slow for way too long.

  4. 13th Bosnian Waffen SS | September 21, 2019 at 5:17 PM | Reply

    $1000 bucks a month. Guess I’m going to buy a turbo for my 1994 v6 mustang.

    • @Dave Schultz did you leave yourself and your family out of that statement? Those are the people who benefit the most… And who matter the most

    • @Mike Smith if your job, or someone in your family losses their job to self driving trucks, self serve cashiers or other automation in the future you will have “socialist” unemployment benefits and welfare as a safety net. Vote yourself a pay increase until that happens

    • @claire bigelow really… Out of your pocket…. You are the first big time business owner chatting with us YouTube trash. Ubi is for YOU AND YOUR FAMILY… don’t believe the uninformed people who like to be poor, but just a bit richer than the poor sap down the road

    • snail power!! #securethebag

  5. There’s a huge difference between entrepreneurs and investors or businessman. Unfortunately most people don’t understand because they’ve never been one.

    • @Texas-7111 when you finally figure out that ubi benefits YOU AND YOUR FAMILY it will be good to have you on our side… Not backing down to others opinions and bullying. And… Convicts don’t get ubi, and when you go to jail your payment stops.

    • @lenny lixir Texas has left. The building

    • Think Humanity Not at all. Obama, Clinton both played golf. The difference is, Obama always did some official business when he went on his fund raisers and golf games. Those are not counted in his golf totals. Even when it was a 5 min. Visit with some mayor to discuss climate change, it is not classified as a golf trip.

    • Think Humanity During the Obama time, if someone quit, died, or retired, their job was eliminated. The remaining employees had to pick up the extra duties with no increase in pay. Knowing that the employees were worried about loosing their job, they took it. This is a common practice in business. One key indicator of a good economy is how many people quit their jobs to get better ones. US job quit rates hit 17 year high,, July 10 2018.

  6. Christapu Squeak | September 21, 2019 at 5:42 PM | Reply

    Yang Gang! Van is right. We have to calm down a little bit and not be so quick to jump to conspiracy theories- we don’t want the media to be able to label us fanatics and have it catch on.

  7. OMG he didn’t bring up his MATH or freedom dividend talking points. He actually improvised? He just went up in my list.

    • @Mc1r1950 There is one relatively small population of poor people who would choose to keep their existing benefits, but would still need to pay the Tax–you’re right. Thankfully, the tax wouldn’t be on consumer staples, so it won’t affect them much. Also, in countries that have VATs, less than 40% is passed off to consumers directly, so it is reflected in the bottom lines of corporations (because they are the automaters) more than anywhere else.

      I personally think some people who are currently receiving more than $1k/month from the government will opt for UBI because they can increase their income an won’t lose any of the benefits. Even if they still opt out, lifting up the rest of that community is going to generate positive externalities that will benefit everyone.

      Also, “progressive” taxes have a ton bureaucracy, administrative BS, an loopholes. This tax would actually be streamlined an impossible for corps an the rich to avoid.

    • @Mc1r1950 VAT is only regressive when NOT combined with UBI.

    • One thing I believe what he should about the financing of the freedom dividend is that instead of emphasizing on corporate taxes to pay it, he should emphasize on government spending cuts,one good way to do it is using A. I. to replace government employees. Sure it will cost money to implement A. I. but it will still become a saving quite fast. Sure some people would lose their jobs, however its for the greater good and meanwhile they find a job they wouldn’t be left pennyless on the street. This way taxes wouldn’t raise significantly, people wouldn’t get bled out by taxes, and nobody would be excluded of society because they lack money. The latter making people less prone to criminality.

  8. Christapu Squeak | September 21, 2019 at 5:50 PM | Reply

    Van is actually doing Yang a favor by playing devil’s advocate and asking this question, and giving Yang the opportunity to respond to critics. I have seen plenty of Yang doubters say that they don’t want other businessman/entrepreneur in the White House. Even though it’s silly to compare the two, it is still important for Yang to draw the distinction; Yang explained how he’s different than Trump with his well-stated last answer in this video.

    • @Jacqueline Resendez bankruptcies are part of business, trump did not have personal bankruptcies , he is not sleeping under a cardboard at trump’s tower entrance. most of multimillionaires went through some bankruptcies during their busies lives. trump is a genius and one of the highly accomplished american men, he came out of nowhere in politics, ran a campaign only once with his own money and convinced americans to chose him defeating and outsmarting a long list of crooked career politicians. given the fact that you believe in any ridiculous fake news about him, trump taxes are vast and complicated, he is not a no one working a night shift in walmart filing his yearly taxes. he is not stupid to show you “his” taxes, so you play “got you” with him when you see who knows how many cases like a garbage collector worker complaining about being paid late by the 10th in queue sub – contractor who is doing business in some trump side walk. seriously, people keep on amazing me by how dull they are

    • @Ray Han further evidence of his ignorance and unsuitability to serve in public office. He’s a stain on humanity.

    • @Bruce McGilvray you and all of your alike, starting with racist obama through crooked hillary and everyone feeling inferior in cnn are a shameful dirty stain in humanity’s history if yiu speak the way you do on such a nobel man. make america great again 2020 keep america great 2020 teump 2020 trump legacy will live forever

    • Hello sir. Are you a niġġer? Do you eat watermelon? Many thanks and have a nice day.

  9. People, go out and VOTE. YANG GANG

    • My yang is not running for president, but it thanks you for the support.

    • Try to vote two or three times and get your dead relatives registered too!

    • @Tom Jones or call the Ukraine lol.

    • @James Eslick You’re voting based on race? Are you serious? What did Trump bring you till this date? We’re still in the middle east, GDP hasn’t risen past 3 percent annual growth last year, the jobs that have been outsourced to China has not come back.

      On top of that depression, anxiety has risen and life expectancy has gone down for the past three years for the first time in a century. Americans are still living paycheck to paycheck and so much more

      It’s obvious that we are going on a downward slope and need something big to happen to boost our society and economy and Yang offers a solution of a thousand a month.

      And no, the freedom dividend is not socialism because in socialist countries that money is controlled by the community which is really the government. Americans are the ones who get the freedom to spend it anywhere they want.

    • Charles Brouwer You have no idea what is the difference between Capitalism and Socialism. Let me say you one thing, Socialism does not believe in Cash. Socialism means class less and Cash Less society. Giving cash to people means more power to people and small businesses, this is the opposite of Socialism. Glad I do not watch FOx that much

  10. Post the whole damn thing CNN, Christ.. what’s the point of interviewing him if you’re not going to let us SEE it.

  11. Martin Charles Pitt-Bradley | September 21, 2019 at 6:05 PM | Reply

    Correction: One is an entrepreneur, the other is a spoilt rich kid

    • @nemonucliosis Trumps attitude is that of a spoiled rich kid, and his history and actual past back that up. How dense can you be???

    • Martin Charles Pitt-Bradley | September 22, 2019 at 12:10 PM | Reply

      @nemonucliosis LOL By “entrepreneur,” you must mean inherited everything profitable from Daddy and then systematically screws up his own initiatives?

    • Martin Charles Pitt-Bradley | September 22, 2019 at 12:13 PM | Reply

      @NO1xANIMExFAN I can’t be sure, but I think he was going for sarcasm. As in, you can’t say Yang was privileged, and he succeeded.

    • @NO1xANIMExFAN If you’re in Asia, you’re clueless about the Asian privilege in America.

  12. Arlo & Andrea Anderson | September 21, 2019 at 6:06 PM | Reply


    • @HONK LIVES MATTER How can you guarantee that the wall would work. I see you use the analogy of walls of a home. Looks like you’ve never heard of burglary before. I also see you bring up the Israeli wall which nothing compared to what Trump wants. The Israeli wall is 440 miles. The southern border is 1933 miles long. Of course decreasing the miles where a wall cannot build, the wall is still going to be over a 1600 miles. Plus, when then Palestinians raided the Israel during protest, they easily put a ladder on the wall to get over it. A wall simply unmotivate people from trying to climb but with motivation they can easily get over it. Dont also forget the tunnels.

    • @HONK LIVES MATTER And get over it. There will be no wall. Trump couldnt get the wall done under Republican Congress. What makes you think the wall is going to pass under Democrat congress. Get over it. It’s a lost cause.

    • @John Lewis Looks like those polls were right about Democrats taking over congress 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️

  13. Where’s the full interview? I need my Yang fix! #yang2020 #yanggang #trumpFEARSYang

  14. Smartest guy in the room with so much empathy for all sides.

  15. Yang has the answers to the right questions. He’s a 21st century progressive with using charisma and innovation as his fuel.

  16. Yes To Happiness | September 21, 2019 at 6:51 PM | Reply

    #Yang2020 – he is our man!!!! 46th President of USA !!!

  17. The only candidate that doesn’t bore me with repetitive diatribe. I’m a growing fan.

  18. All the way with Andrew Yang a Real American that believes in We the People he can and will win

    • @RJ D i see hoax and chains Americans will not bow down to the communist gun grabbing yang Americans will laugh in yangs face and burn the communist china flag Americans back the people of Hong Kong in there fight against the child rapist communist thugs which fund Antifa

    • yea he will win, he knows internet better than Orange LMAO

    • Mohammed Ismail | September 22, 2019 at 9:32 AM | Reply

      People like you should be in the prison showers taking niġġers in the tai| pipe without lube. You would then grab your ankles and begged for more. You would then be covered in jizz. Thanks and have a nice day

    • Alla Veles he needs to survive the other democrats first💯💯💯 I highly doubt he’ll be the Democratic nominee for one reason he’s not progressive enough for the Democrat agenda 💯💯💯

  19. I’m staring to like Andrew Yang, just seems like a great guy.

  20. I would bet that Yang would release his school records and taxes without a problem.

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