Van Jones to Trump: You’re going down the sewer

CNN's Van Jones reacts to chants of "send her back" that a crowd made when President Donald Trump attacked Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) during a rally in North Carolina. #CNN #News


    1. john carioscia,
      You stated, “So did Roosevelt, & Kennedy, it’s called being a great “orator”.”

      In what context?

      Good or . . . EVIL!? Roosevelt and (all) Kennedy(‘s) emulated pure good.

      Well? That is the significance of the posts made, even mine. Mine was pointing out . . . pure EVIL! which is emulated by and in . . . trump. The worst president of all time.

    1. mark You mean Bill Clinton the only Democrat President impeached for sexually assaulting a young intern and then lie about it.

    1. @Johanna Fath-Koziol
      LMFAO, so scary that Jay-Z and Beyonce used to hang out with Donald Trump at Mar-A-Lago! So scary that Jesse Jackson and the Rainbow Coalition gave him multiple humanitarian Awards and high praises. So scary that he gave hundreds of millions of dollars to minority charities. Some scary that his grandchildren are Jewish, but anti-semitism lives and breathes inside of the Democrat Party. I will tell you what is really scary, not only does anti-semitism live and breathe inside of the Democrat Party oh, Fascism and Nazism are absolutely a progressive leftist ideology. You want to know what else is really scary? That the Democrat Party alone is responsible for slavery, segregation, Jim Crow, the Ku Klux Klan, forced sterilization, lynching, all the broken treaties with the Native Americans, the Trail of Tears and the Japanese and German internment camps! It is your party in America that is Rife with anti-Semitism, racism and slavery! How do you fucking live with yourself you disgusting, fat and ugly leftist American? Hahaha

  1. Has Twitter condemned or censored 🤬 the president’s tweet???? Hell No! Where is Twitter Now?????

    1. @martin love
      L1 English at best, it must be that American government education that you have received

  2. If it wasn’t about race then why did he say he didn’t like the chant? He knows he is lying when he says its not about race…

    1. @Juju Rellama lies and abuse. Right. Bankruptcies. Paying off porn stars. Good people… on both sides.. Not lies, just straight up moronic self inflicted wounds. How presidential indeed. Just stop your whining and accept the facts

  3. Decency Integrity Statesmanship …..Trump has no understanding of these words!!!!
    It’s a terrifying time in America!!!

    1. Hello Kelly. I am not trying to put you down because This Is America. Have you listened to the entire context of the statement? It has nothing to do with race. This is what the media want’s you to believe. Listen to it and then look at the way it’s presented. It is a 2 way street. It can spin in either direction. All ANY politician wants is money and power. This media today has no clue what reporting news means. By definition a report is a compilation of facts that is presented without comment from the reporter or how they feel about news.Please don’t be turned by what they say That’s what the Government wants. Look at it, and See it at the same time Thank you.

    2. Yup Kelly you are so right, Terrifying when the Democrat Party is moving from the Center to the FAR LEFT !!!! Trump will WIn in 2020.

    3. @joseph-Ignace Guillotin
      Centrist get nothing done for the people!
      Big bold sweeping change to help ALL Americans!!!!

    1. @Cudaman2 Formula when I finish laughing I’ll get back with you on that bullshit another Trump supporter delusional as usual

  4. Ahhhh as pedophilia and Mueller gets closer to Congress distraction gets bigger and bigger…master of distraction

  5. He have torn this country apart he doing Russia job for them I wonder how much have he sold his soul 4

    1. Sweetie, Trump hasn’t torn this country apart…DEMOCRATS, the LGBQT whiners for special treatment, and LIBERAL MORONS are doing it Democrats and the Socialist movement…they want POWER….they don’t give a sh*t about the people! Our economy is going like gang-busters and that’s TRUMP baby.

  6. I watched John McCain at his rally stopping one of his supporters making the claim Obama was Arab. He clearly told her “no that’s not true.” Even though John McCain didn’t like Obama’s policies he didn’t resort to racist attacks like Trump does of his non white opponents.

    1. What’s racist about telling a bunch of America-hating socialist whores to leave America of they hate it so much?

    2. @Ron Vorpe No he had more balls then Trump to go fight in Vietnam. Trump had his dad get him out by paying a doctor to make bogus “bone spur” claims. Also took balls to go against his constituents racist attacks against black people and minorities.

  7. Let us review, Trump likes women that can’t speak english and he keeps them until they learn to say no.


    2. SHO he does Kimmy where’s your evidence or is it more FAKENEWS LOL. Bottom line chicks are EASY around guys with money they will bend over the second you pull up In your Ferrari.

  8. It definitely hearkens back to Hitler. As a white man, I could not find anything more repulsive than this rhetoric. I don’t want ANYONE sent back to ANYWHERE. This is OUR country, not Trump’s.

  9. Stop calling the American President “The leader of the free world.” There is no such position.

  10. That person that was convicted of making threats on congresswoman Omar is probably waiting for #45 to pay his legal bills and a pardon. SMDH!!!

  11. I don’t even think he had “brought the economy up”. No, he ‘inherited’ an ever growing economy that had nothing to do with him just like how he inherited the fortune from his father.

    This man is the king of sitting there wait for things handed to him and then claim credits. He’s been doing that his entire life.

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