Vancouver airport chaos | Man stuck on plane for nearly 12 hours, may miss Christmas

Corey Malone shares his experience after being stranded on the tarmac of Vancouver's airport for nearly 12 hours and says now he may not be able to make it home for Christmas.

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    1. At what point would it have been unacceptable? Hour 45? Lol.
      12 hours is ridiculous. Suggesting he shouldn’t have boarded his Pre-Booked flight home for christmas because of poor weather is fairly easy from your cheeto covered netflix couch. Lol. Just saying.

  1. We all know the airlines are horrible. Add Canadian weather and the holidays to that and it should be expected. It’s your own fault for thinking that the airlines will have you taken care of.

  2. We need to vote after the politician is done in office to say if he she deserves a pension

    1. Except for Vancouver. Any snow accumulation over 1cm the entire lower mainland comes to a halt. Third largest “city” in Canada and this will become the new normal.

  3. Remember when the police beat that asisn guy up a couple years ago because he wouldn’t give up his seat 😹😹😹 they worked him over lol

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