Vane: Trump’s Sons Publicly Defending Company ‘Is Just Really Insanity’ 1

Vane: Trump’s Sons Publicly Defending Company ‘Is Just Really Insanity’

The Trump Organization tax fraud charges, the reported document evidence prosecutors have in the case, plus Donald Trump’s sons publicly defending the company despite the indictments are analyzed by experts in conversation with Joy Reid.
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  1. Even if most people would go to jail under similar charges, Trump never will because the US will never allow it because of the perception it would cause globally.

    1. A person can’t go to prison if Thier not indicted of any crimes.. your ranting but don’t understand the current situation..

  2. Hypocritical liberals calling Trumps kids bad but won’t mention Hunter ? That’s why I have zero respect for what comes out their mouths !

    1. @DR Clements no….. He’s just buying crack with the money he sold out our country for. You liberals have shown your true colors. No one cares about your hurt feelings anymore. Just wait for the next 2 elections….. Better save some of those tears

  3. I’m a simple man. If you can print more money than you need, why would you be worried about taxes at all?

    1. It’s just another scare tactic !!!! And it worked on Alot of idiots all these years !!!! But I know taxes are ILLEGAL and they have to pay us ALL BACK !!!!
      It’s JUBILEE TIME !!!!

  4. Yup. All of the Trump clan believes they are untouchable.. DOJ, IRS, NY AG, Manhattan DA? They are laughing at you. So Sad. This has been ongoing for decades. This is an *epic fail* . I truly hope you will redeem the American dream I once held close to my heart. Get on it.

  5. Don Jr. & Eric: “We have the evidence right here”. Trump Daddy: “They are the ones trying to frame me. They did it.”

    1. They have nothing its been a year of them looking and finding nothing so let’s make up a crime and throw it at the wall and see if it sticks ha ha ha ha ha

  6. To tell the truth I personally have given up all hope of seeing any justice at all. It’s always and never ending one abomination under the sun and nothing and I mean nothing ever happens to them nor ever will.

  7. Cooked the books, look you’re so above board why did you have a second set? Nothing like creative accounting.

  8. I suspect the statements in the media by Trump’s sons, while they sound like they’re sticking up for him, are attempts to already throw Trump Sr under the bus. “My dad did that.”

  9. up until now they HAVE gotten away with everything so yea I do think they think that, lets hope NY prosecutors are a whole other breed and bury these criminal parasites!

  10. Great… all these three are missing is a witches cauldron and some spoons for stirring.

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