1. Some of these condo board members get power mad and behave like petty dictators. I guess the shooter got tired of being told what he could and couldn’t do. Just a thought.

    1. Shhhh. We cannot acknowledge or mention anything relating to class conflict!!!! Landlords must be protected at all costs

    2. I watched 2 short clips of his pleas on Twitter. What I saw could have been sorted out with some compassion. I suspect he believed he never had a chance up against the board with it’s lawyers.

    1. @Kevin N I also just found out he had a previous restraining order filed against him, so there’s no way he legally owned the fire arm because by having a restraining order filed against him he’d have been flagged & his guns seized.

  2. “Court documents show the board sought a restraining order in 2018 against Villi for his “allegedly threatening, abusive, intimidating and harassing behaviour” towards the board, property management, workers and residents over noise issue from Electrical room below his apartment.” Police: “We don’t know the motive”.

    1. The police have protocol in conducting investigations, they do not do this by hear say, that is why they are not hasty in revealing information until confirmed.

    2. Terrible situation that should not have happened. Thoughts and prayers with family and all loved ones. They should get serious on getting guns of the street from coming over border, But leave the dam hunters alone who are responsible owners off the table.

    1. If he was a licensed RPAL holder we’d probably would’ve known by now, especially with Bill C-21 looming over it.

  3. If he was licensed to possess firearms, a restraining order request would have been flagged immediately by the provincial firearms officer. Any firearms he owned would have been seized and he’d need to go to court to have them returned.

    I.e. he possessed the firearm illegally.

    1. @Maria G. because gun control doesn’t work. And how many is “so many”? Guns are used in 2.9% of violent crimes.

    2. @Sam Tilson Owning a firearm in not right in Canada. In 1993, the Canadian Supreme Court said “Canadians have no constitutional right to bear arms”.

  4. There should be an investigation into the conduct of numerous condo boards .Not to mention employees of the city of Vaughn and Toronto who accepted bribes to pass illegal construction projects some with major defects .There also needs to be an investigation into Doug Ford and the very same land developers and construction companies that have ties to the bikers and the hells Angels including Unions with ties to the very same criminal organizations .Also there should be an investigation into the practices of Vaughan expropriation of properties to make green belts that were then sold to developers to construct homes condos and commercial industrial units .The previous owners were defrauded by the city of Vaughn and employees such as the Mayor’s and others holding vital positions in decision making for land development including The TTC and others involvements.

  5. Thank you 1st responders! We appreciate you! This is not the Toronto I remember. Keep your family and friends safe! Take care!

  6. My goodness.. I could never fathom how someone’s anger could take them this far. Sickening..

    So much love to all those affected ❤

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