Velshi: American Capitalism Exploits The Poor To Enrich The Wealthy | MSNBC

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi explains how America’s economic systems favor the rich, especially during recessions.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Velshi: American Capitalism Exploits The Poor To Enrich The Wealthy | MSNBC


    1. @Zombobo Smith The Romans, The Vikings, The Spanish, The British… and YES… even the Americans… have all done this. Can’t change history as much as some people would like to. All we can do is move on and be a better civilization.

    2. @Zombobo Smith A little history lesson for you. Illegal immigration can only happen in the context of a nation state. Since Indians / Native Americans didn’t have a concept of “nation” (which actually only exists since the French revolution), you couldn’t possibly illegally migrate into the Americas, as nobody had ownership over these lands. A country is a country if there’s a defined territory, a stable force governing that territory and the group of people living within that territory. Class dismissed.

    3. @Christina Your wilful ignorance and lack of intellectual courage to answer the simplest of questions posed has ceased to amuse me. Goodbye

    4. @Zombobo Smith FACT is Native Americans enslaved other Native Americans practicing slavery from their arrival in the Americas long before any “whites” ever set foot in the Americas. Native Americans enslaved other Native American members of other tribes, Spaniards, Mexicans, Whites and BLACKS. FACTS, Google “Native American BLACK slavery”. This is HISTORICAL FACT, SO Do we overlook Native Americans history of slavery of BLACKS and others?

    5. @Anil Sharma ….that sounds stupid because everyone that dont watch FAKE news knows that its a FAKE pandemic.
      But if you wanna waste a vote for biden go ahead. Here is proof biden is going to jail. dementia4biden2020!
      The video and audio of biden bribing Ukraine with one billion dollars so that he fires the prosecutor investigating his son, Hunter?? watch this video and you will see how stupid you really are. Next time do your homework!

  1. The wealthy feel they are entitled to their fortunes, while they think making enough to survive needs to be earned for everyone else.

    1. imao – People in general feel entitled to the product of their labor. In a capitalist society, if an employee feels he wants more than a salary, he is welcome to start his own venture. Easier said than done but far better than systems where people are not allowed to keep what they make.

    2. All of the extremely wealthy people are Democrats. Hollywood and corporate media personalities are all wealthy and are in league with the Democrats, who hate working middle class Americans.




  2. We live in a plutocracy, and that is what needs to change. We’ll never be a healthy, progressive republic until this fundamental change happens.

    1. Trump = Law & Order, Low taxes, Protected borders, Patriotism
      biden = the complete opposite!
      Other blacks who support Trump;
      – Candace Owens
      – Leo Terrell
      – Shaquille O’Neal
      – Mike Tyson
      – Harris Faulkner
      – Herschel Walker
      – Don King 👑
      – Kanye West
      – Jimmy Walker
      – Stacey Dash
      – Jimmy McMillan
      – Jim Brown
      – Azealia Banks
      – Jason Nichols
      – Larry Elder
      – Terrell Owens
      – Diamond & Silk
      – Rev. James David Manning
      – Latrell Sprewell
      – Burgess Owens
      – Lawance Jones
      – Byron Donalds
      And many many more!
      There’s a very BIG movement called BIack voices for Trump. Maybe you heard of it. Where’s basement
      I can’t wait for
      DEBATE-BOWL 2020!!👈

    2. Save those biden 2020 signs!!
      They are so Rare they actually may be vaIuabIe in the future!!!
      > >Debate-BowI 2020<< 👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆👆

    3. So long as billionaires exist you will never own your own country, they’re an anti-democratic concentration of wealth and power.

      We cast off the rule of the old aristocracy, why do we allow a new one with even less social obligations to exist?

    1. @dasburke – It’s a myth that slavery was abolished. It still exists – it’s now called “credit” and it enslaved the working poor (and the poor disabled & elderly.) if you don’t qualify for credit you are in big trouble. When you are poor and have credit you can work from now until you die and yet never discharge that debt.

      We are enslaved by debt while poverty has been criminalized. When consumers are abused by collection agencies Americans believe that the poor get what they deserve. It’s insane. It’s a merry-go-round that you cannot get off.

    2. Christopher Biddle WTF? Keep sucking down that cool-aid. Climate change is a Chinese hoax and the pandemic is a lie, right?

    3. Every slave owner was a Democrat and not one single Republican owned a slave. Clearly Democrats still want to own slaves.

  3. The “Trickle Down” fallacy has been pushed since 1980 to further enrich the wealthy. Everything Trump pushed for is a GOP wet dream, and will only widen the income disparity that’s kept the majority of people’s wages from keeping up with inflation. This “Pandemic Response” was to give the vast majority of funds to corporations. The deregulation and wealthy tax cuts disproportionately help the rich. We can make capitalism work, but it requires stringent regulations, and taxes on the wealthy to aid the poor. Those regulations must be enforced with accountability, and examples must be made of the wealthy men (and women) who break those finance laws or try to circumvent the system.

    1. Zombobo Smith
      Well you use the term mate and you use the term darling, I’m gonna have to say you’re not even from America sound like you’re from a different political sphere, other than ours here in the USA

    2. @Brad Dibble How insightful. You’re like a homophobic Sherlock Holmes ain’t ya. Does this fear of a man using a word you describe as, “effeminate”, have a long history in how you see yourself?

    3. Zombobo Smith
      No it was a lame attempt at burning me, you meant it in a derogatory manner. I insinuated that you were either effeminate, or a foreigner, because nobody uses that descriptor. Do you understand now, quit acting like a knob end.

    4. @Brad Dibble Oh, you’re stamping your little feet because you, “thought”, I might have insulted you? Yet you lack the self awareness to see that it’s your casual homophobic slurs thrown my way that really require an apology. Speaking of things nobody says, nobody says, “knob end”, maybe, “knobhead”,……. maybe

    1. _”Slavery is likely to be abolished…& chattel slavery destroyed. This I & my European friends are in favor of, for slavery is but the owning of labor & carries with it the care of the laborer, while the European plan…is capital control of labor by controlling wages.”_
      *- Hazard Circular, 1862*

      _”Physical slavery requires people to be housed & fed. Economic slavery requires people to feed & house themselves.”_
      *- Zeitgeist: Addendum, 2008*

    2. @Carol Pres. Trump has done everything that Biden says should be done except Biden disagreed with the travel ban that saved tens of thousands of lives! Pres. Trump @)@)!

    3. @David Eby ,
      No. I prefer a system that assists me in providing as many of my own needs as possible.
      Subsidize my producing my own power, instead of coal. Bring back the Federal Free seed program & encourage “victory gardens.”
      *Dennis Weaver Earthship Overview*
      No. No man-bun. I’m a USMC OIFOEFOND decorated combat veteran. I can’t stand my hair much more than 2″ long.

    1. You can learn most of your political lessons from good Canadians like Velshi. Americans: it ain’t rocket science. YOu can learn from the rest of us who enjoy a better quality of life and actual freedom (universal health care). You don’t have to make the same mistakes over and over and over..

    2. @Obviously True Tell that to Trump voters… good luck getting that through their skulls… there’s a reason why the US purposely underfunds public education

    3. @Obviously True I’m from Europe (Croatia), so I don’t exactly have a horse in this race but I do follow international politics. I agree that the US should adopt (in some way, shape or form) a sustainable healthcare plan. Also congrats on the legalization. 420 blaze it

  4. I can’t believe this segment is even on MSNBC… a big corporation owned news outlet.
    Kudos to Ali for doing this; fairly regularly.
    Kudos also for having Sam Seder host All In for a day. Make him a regular.

    1. You can learn most of your political lessons from good Canadians like Velshi. Americans: it ain’t rocket science. YOu can learn from the rest of us who enjoy a better quality of life and actual freedom (universal health care). You don’t have to make the same mistakes over and over and over..

    2. Yes kudos to Velshi who earns half a million a year and lives in his mansion in a gated community, poor dear only just found out that capitalism exploits the poor to benefit the rich, I guess now he’ll be donating his salary to soup kitchens and opening up his mansion to house the homeless.

    3. It is on MSNBC but it points to Capitalism as the problem to distract you from the real problem which is the Oligarchy. The rich own the government and can have it write any laws it wants. A government owned by the people cold reign in the excesses of Capitalism. At least in Capitalism, anyone with a good idea and the ability to execute can gain wealth. Under other systems, you have to be one of the elites or a criminal to gain wealth. Compare where the richest americans and the richest russians got their wealth.

    4. Watch out for the bots trying to coax your perspective away from your original authentic thoughts, Blessings, Love is the answer

    5. The segment was a mistake. It’s not going to happen again. The issue will be taken care of, management is terribly sorry for disturbing some viewers.

    1. For some reason, the money tends to end up in the hands of the Democrats and their wealthy corporate mega-donors. Interesting.

    1. It is not a gap it is a chasm. An now you need to be a champion to cross it. Even education is not a recipe to do it. We are at our place at birth and are made to stay there.

  5. omg Mr Ali Velshi: thank you, thank you, thank you for being brave enough for spealing out loud and clear: it takes courage and heart, to speak out like you did today. It seems “everybody knows” what you just said, but no one has the courage to say it out loud on TV. Thank you again. You have all my respect and admiration, since this is something that needs to be shouted out from the highest buildings.

  6. None of this is news to me. The disparity always grows when the criminals, I mean the Republicans are in charge.

    1. Maybe so but we evidently need to be told again and again until we begin to ACT in our own behalf, Blessings, Love is the answer

    1. Thats not true. Some opposition party’s are socialist party’s. Most covernements are social democrats and liberals. Also christian party’s.

    2. The European countries are not socialistic (I live in one myself). Vast majority of the means of production here are privately owned, and there’s no reason to believe that’s going to change. An important difference between the USA and most European countries is that when people get into trouble which they can’t get out of themselves, they are being helped more by the society in Europe. Whether it’s losing your home, health or income, you are not on your own. Another important thing is that in Europe we think that everybody should be given an equal opportunity to live a successful life. Because of that in most European countries going to college is either free or cheap.

      It’s good to remember that differences between European countries are large – Europe isn’t a country, neither is the EU. Many European countries are wealthy, but some them are relatively poor. Because of that the public support and benefits available to people differ quite a lot. Generally speaking they are best in the Western and Northern Europe, but to my knowing Southern Europe is doing well in that regard too.

  7. No….it doesn’t have to be this way. Are we courageous enough to make the changes and sustain them?

  8. “When the going gets rough, the rich get richer.” This is America. Ali Velshi has courage to tell the truth. I thank him for that.

    1. People like you are the reason, why the rich don’t care about the “working-class”.
      Ali is not a hypocrite!
      he’s just plain stupid! Trying to explain how “his rich kind” , are making life difficult for the middle-class!

      Remember when trump said, “i could shoot someone on fifth Avenue, and not loose a single vote” ?
      Ofcourse you heard that… But learnt nothing!

    2. USS Pandumbic Because he happens to be a millionaire? He can’t be a millionaire but also care about average Americans?

    3. @Raoul Radio – Oh, sure, sure. Thankfully the world is full of millionaires that care & make the lives of little people so much better. Like Trump, for example.

      BTW, dumb dumb, I have a slightly used bridge in Brooklyn I’d love to sell, wanna buy it?

    4. 3FLYTE
      “When the going gets rough, the rich get richer.” That is statement is literally true. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Jeff Bezos gained $13 billion in a single day!

    1. Yes, and it’s what Bernie has been saying for many years. I’m glad more people are realizing this

  9. Nationwide strikes, sit downs and massive boycotts– let labor stretch its muscle and see how capitalism works with that.

    1. Labor had a lot of power back in the 50’s and 60’s when you needed a lot of labor to manufacture anything. In addition, all the other major manufacturing powerhouse countries had all their factories in rubble at that time. This gave american labor a lot of power. Not so true now. Automation has allowed businesses to have large factories that only need a handful of people to run them. The most valuable internet companies today have a small fraction of the workers that companies had in the past. The lost of the power of labor can mainly be traced to the lack of need for labor by today’s big companies. The remaining jobs require almost no skill so workers can come from a huge pool of workers and pay low wages.

    2. Your talking sense Stifled Voice. There’s need to be preparation though, people growing their own food and possibly a barter system? There’s reasons why some civilizations have fled cities and possibly left the vulnerable elites to themselves?

    3. Noblesse oblige: about the time heads were literally rolling in France the nobility figured out that their wealth was dependent on the serfs. What good is it to own vast tracts of land if you have no peasants to work it for you? Thus the obligation of the nobility to look after those who occupied and worked their lands. If every burger flipper in the country walked out, McDonalds would see a major loss in both bottom line and stock value. Remind every big corporation that the peasants outnumber them and we still know where the pitchforks are.

    4. @canadianperspective Last time fast food workers did a walk out, the industry made a significant increase in automation. It’s all about cost, Perspective.

  10. The Politician and the Wealthy is playing with the Americans people hearts, minds and souls.

    1. @Mark Johnson Actually, it is a mixed economy but accuracy aside, Portland’s inclusion on the list was intended to be a slightly humorous exaggeration.

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