Velshi: Diversity is Our Military’s Greatest Strength. 1

Velshi: Diversity is Our Military’s Greatest Strength.


Our military is made up of every gender, sexual orientation, race, background, height, hair color, and faith. They are the bravest people in the world. And they are a snapshot of our whole, great country. Maybe if Ted Cruz and the Republican party could actually get behind diversity, inclusiveness and big tent thinking, maybe they wouldn’t have to gerrymander districts, push the Big Lie and change voting laws to win elections. Because America’s diversity is its biggest strength. Our weakness, on the other hand, is Politicians who tear others down, insult the men and women who serve us and leave their constituents to freeze to death in a winter storm while they hop on a flight to sunny Cancun.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Velshi: Diversity is Our Military’s Greatest Strength.


  1. There’s a reason why Vikings had their women fight alongside them.
    Because they can be just as badass as the men.
    No one has ever called the Vikings a bunch of pansies.
    And, to date, no one except Ted Cruz has ever called the American military a bunch of pansies.

    1. Louise Collard – Biden is on the record calling our coast guard, “a dull bunch” and then made a comment about how all they do is stand around in the sun all day.

    2. @Crimdor so YOU havent served yet not only do you insult those that actually do but you climb aboard the coat tails of your friends who do to try to claim some sort of acknowledgement for yourself . Just pathetic . smfh

    3. cindy – I’m not insulting our military and if you think I am, you need a reality check.
      If you know anyone in the military, ask them what they think of the new commercial we are running.

    4. I can assure you a female Viking wasn’t running around telling everybody what pronouns they could use for her or bragging about her homosexual parents, homosexuality was against Viking law, not all female Vikings were warriors either, only the strongest and fittest were chosen as warriors. Please don’t speak on a subject you’re quite clearly ignorant about.

  2. Yes, diversity is the best advantage in any organisation. And leadership of a diverse group, or company, depends on the challenge that they have to overcome. An uniformed group respondes “always” the same way. Son it will be defeated…

  3. Army pay $20k-23k starting Senate $174k abandoned his post, dog , Country for Ritz in Cancun

  4. Emma Malonelord has what you will never have Courage self respect, patriotism thank you for pointing her out

    1. oh ya i am sure that little girl with her feelings is a match for the mean looking russian soldier! Are you insane catherine?

  5. My friends daughter has always been very bright now shes sailor of the year SD Ca thank you Jenny

    1. She’s nothing but cannon fodder for the US Military Industrial Complex regardless of her pronouns or gender.

  6. New Living Translation
    So now we can rejoice in our wonderful new relationship with God because our Lord Jesus Christ has made us friends of God. Romans 5:11

  7. I would say our technology, domination of airspace, and strategic positioning are all bigger advantages than our diversity.

    But I guess MSM knows what they’re talking about lol

  8. mr cruz is an empty mind that his only motivation to make his brain work is to covariate attack those who have done what he never had the courage to do

  9. Fragment from a future history textbook retrieved via quantum chronokinesis/entropic containment and translated from the original Mandarin:
    “By 2021 calls for the abandonment of mathematics as a white supremacist construct were being taken seriously by many in the military academic complex. While it is impossible to completely explain the sudden veering of the former United States into irrationality, social hysteria and decline, we do know this: they were insane towards the end.”

  10. Diversity is the country’s biggest strength. Clashing beliefs/values are the biggest hurdles that impede the USA from evolving into the future. Let’s work together to get out of the past; the past is behind us…the future lays ahead.

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