1. Everyone has a family member that has migrated to america somewhere in the family tree πŸŽ„.how else did we become

    1. @AT 1984 asian americans who built the western part of America came here legally and worked and had another generation born in America but was then called illegals. People that have a right to be in this country were kicked out and others denied legal citizenship when America decided to actually put a legal system in place.

  2. This is a nation of immigrants. All but for the Native Americans. Now even the Native Americans are being challenged of their right as the first people here by those who claim they are aboriginals and they were here first.

  3. “Above all, we should bear in mind that our liberty is not an end in itself; it is a means to win respect for human dignity for all classes of our society.”
    Admiral H.G. Rickover, Father of the US Nuclear Navy

    1. Those people who want to enter the United States as immigrants must also agree to obey our immigration law and obey the process.

  4. We don’t serve “the economy” – it serves us. And like your health or a home it needs to be maintained. Proactively preferably.

    (I don’t care about money – I care about what money buys.)

    1. @Ry Black Sept the right cant seem to understand the concept that asylum seekers are in fact legal by treaties WE AGREED TO.

  5. Most tech companies that are helping us to work from home have CEOs that are recently immigrated. πŸ™‚ Most doctors are recent immigrants who saved and sacrificed during COVID.

    1. Most tech companies are highly encouraging you to work from home. Why? To complete transition to a global workforce and not have to higher overpaid Americans

  6. Immigration has been great for me.
    My Wife is from Thailand. She is an RN PhD who has been serving America for over 40 years.

  7. why didn’t name a few famous Immigrants that made America great, like Sikorsky, Bell, Tesla, Musk, and many more.

  8. Boycott mlb and all business who want to cheat during elections….by not supporting these voting laws

  9. The Left can just cannot seem to distinguish between legal and illegal. They have abandoned the American worker in favor of foreign workers.

    1. they’re willing to do the hard, grindy, dirty, physical, dangerous jobs for low pay. the jobs Americans really arent cut out for, let’s be honest

    2. now if you’re talking about daca kids, and high paying, high education, high skilled jobs…. YOU SHOULD WANT MORE COMPETITION. you people always cheer for competition and free market….so let the free market decide who the best workers are. we need them. even trump hires them for Mal a lago

    3. @atheist abortionist antifa supersoldier ally That’s partially true. But, still there is a difference between legal and illegal. Since Biden has come into office he has destroyed an estimated 100,000 jobs in the petroleum industry and related businesses and he is allowing 11million + illegals to remain and take jobs from working Americans – not to mention the thousands that are crossing the Southern border as we speak.
      And to say that they take jobs Americans won’t do is ridiculous. They are working in manufacturing, construction, agriculture, retail, healthcare, etc. So yes, they do take jobs from Americans! Because American do those jobs.

    4. @atheist abortionist antifa supersoldier ally Americans competing against other Americans and legal workers is desired competition. Illegal workers hurt American workers. Trump knew exactly how to handle the problem and he let all of his illegals workers go. Americans should never have to compete against illegals in America.

  10. The media’s hard hitting questions:

    CNN: Mr. President what is you favorite color?
    joe: Pancakes.

    MSNBC: Mr. President have you visited the southern border?
    joe: Yes, I found the Canadians, uh, well, you know, welcoming.
    MSNBC: Mr. President, the SOUTHERN border.
    joe: jmphnumburarlal well, you know what I mean, man.

    PBS: Mr. President, we love you!
    joe: ahh, c’mon, man.

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