Velshi: Muting The Voice Of Your Opposition Is Not Victory. Debate Is. 1

Velshi: Muting The Voice Of Your Opposition Is Not Victory. Debate Is.


Nikole Hannah-Jones, a Pulitzer prize winning journalist, was denied tenure at UNC after the Board reportedly bowed to conservative criticism over her work. Democracy relies expressly on the ability to form an opinion and express it. Which is why what happened this week to Hannah-Jones is so troubling. Instead of thanking her for broadening our corpus of historical knowledge, Conservatives have since been on a crusade to silence the work. The very same group of people who boast of being First Amendment champions and complain about “cancel culture” are, in fact, those doing the canceling. Free Speech is not free speech just for those who validate your world view.
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Velshi: Muting The Voice Of Your Opposition Is Not Victory. Debate Is.


  1. Thank you Ali- your reporting on everything that makes us uncomfortable is sorely needed
    America has changed and will continue to going forward, our horrific history cannot be erased and white nationalism cannot dominate reality with their own preferences and selective facts.

  2. UNC’s money maker is Basketball. A STRIKE by athletes would deflate that ball inflated with slavery today at UNC!

  3. The truth must be told no matter what and the history can tell everything but the people won’t understand

  4. The hole point of tenure is to have the time and freedom to do what you want. That’s why they stoped her there. Before they can’t get rid of her or shut her up.
    When truth is your enemy you are not the good guys.

    1. Don’t worry their will schools that would want her as a tenured Professor.

    2. Look at the title. What is the left doing along with their big tech cabinet members? Trump is silenced right? Over 2 million people including doctors and scientest are gone, silenced. Why? They challenged the narrative. You support everything you say your against

  5. We learn from history even if it is ugly so that we can become better. You don’t get a do over by sweeping it under the rug.

    1. @Nouse Foraname that’s true, so this is why we can’t understand why white America only wants pieces of American history talked about and not it’s truths about slavery

  6. No matter the red or blue on the clothes someone wears what is important is the ideals or lack of sincerity and ability to respond in a manner others understand. 2,000 yrs ago the same debate raged as today with just as much riding on the outcome, if not more.
    2Thess 2:11 For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie12 and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.

  7. Velshi you are a true modern day Prophet. Please keep doing what you are doing. God Bless.

  8. That’s alright NHJ… somebody else will give you tenure at another another college.!! Don’t let this stop you and continue to speak the truth!!


    1. While I embrace the passion and intentions of your suggestions, it seems short sighted and naive to encourage these young talents to potentially scrap their once in a lifetime period of opportunity. Think about what happened to the professional career of Kaepernick for taking a knee… Their ability to learn, know and live their history doesn’t hinge on a university.
      Peace friend…

    2. So segregate yourselves? Thats what the left wants. The party never changed. Learn the real history. The only thing they changed is where they put the chains. Around the mind. If your a white man and say “you aint black unless you vote for me” you might be the white suprimises.

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    5. Did you even read the title? Didnt trump get “muted”? And over 2 million others including doctors and scientest? Why? Enjoy your coffee and not realizing you have become everything you hate

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