Velshi: None Of Us Are Free While Black Americans Live In Fear | MSNBC

MSNBC’s Ali Velshi explains the urgency of passing an anti-lynching law.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Velshi: None Of Us Are Free While Black Americans Live In Fear | MSNBC


    1. @R McElhaney
      Sure was a lot of “what if”…. What if it’s not a big deal and we shut the country down for no good reason. The only thing being spread is fear and disinformation.

  1. It is time for America to move forward into the 21st century and renounce Trump taking us backwards in time to devide us!

    1. @Unknown Variable In the late 1980s when America caused the USSR to collapse and then a civil war, Putin VOWED REVENGE…And Trump is doing for him by trying to start a civil war! Maybe Putin said he would forgive all of Trumps LOANS if he caused the demiseof the U.S.!

    2. @captainkona yeah fooling with Russians is definitely high risk .
      You know , you don’t have any idea who I am except in your fantasies .
      You talk like a child , and I probably wouldn’t do any business with you .
      If you think being in debt , especially two billion dollars to Russians is “success” , you are whacko .
      Does Trump seem happy to you ?That’s how success is measured

  2. Velshi, an excellent monologue, down with trump, rand paul, and the GOP! 👏👏👏🤬🤬🤬

    1. @Cecil Mills…
      try your camels…i hear you prefer them than women…you love this more and more…with mour…

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      no moor nappy heads…
      go eat your sand witches…brownie cake

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      get my name right in your brownie lands..
      mars tea…
      your rivers will turn red..
      i azure thee….these are your balls i poke at….jam bone….
      i am also known as Michael…

    4. @Scotch Morrison This is the kind of logic used by White Supremacists, extreme right wing Evangelicals, and Roman Catholics!🤬🤬🤬

  3. I was detained by ICE I know the feeling when you are considered an animal less than human.

    1. @Scotch Morrison and the fascist moron you call leader…….is already a dictator……so you move not me….

    2. As horrible as that is ( because it is horrible as it sounds)) .. Better to be detained and live to fight another day than too be judged jury an executioner then die by Murder by Asphyxiation !!

  4. When watching these events in America, I really fear for the country. Honestly now it’s clear that Trump, McConnell and the GOPs are ruining the country! I hope and pray that the American people take back the country in November. America and the world can not take another four years of Trumps racism, sexism, homophobia, corruption and Islamophobia. Wake up America 🇸🇪🏳️‍🌈

    1. @Dani Vertiz the right to try act. The largest prison reform ever. Lowest unemployment rate until the pandemic hit ever. Highest median income ever. And more. But just the right to try act was enough for me. If my father was around for it maybe he wouldn’t have died from cancer and would have been alive to meet his grand daughter or see his daughter graduate highschool. Is he the best, nope. Is he the worst, no. Are there better qualified people out there, yep. But you know what. He’s not Hillary or crazy uncle Joe.

    2. Gordon you make a decent point but ever since Trump was elected I’ve been getting harassed and having so many racial encounters and it sucks because I’m just here trying to be a good citizen and having to work twice as hard because of the color of my skin

    3. @Dani Vertiz honestly that’s not trump. It’s people who despise him playing games. He plays games too don’t get me wrong. But right now (and this is the saddest thing) he is the lesser of two evils again. If he piped down on the social media and stopped taking things so personal he’d do a fine job. He isn’t stupid he’s just not the greatest speaker in the world. The two party system is doing a great job of dividing the nation and we need to look above all of that and be better than the leaders on both sides. The private parties who are stirring the pot need to chill too. We are a great nation with great freedoms and we the citizens need to stop acting like children who’s mom says no so we just go ask dad. That’s what’s going on right now.

  5. Since Rand Paul clearly understands the Hippocratic Oath as well as the Dotard grasps the intricacies of the Constitution, how has his medical license not been revoked? Between his Covid spreading and defense of lynching, where is the “do no harm”?

  6. Rand Paul is respectfully reminding us that despite all this unity the country is showing he is reminding us that HE IS STILL RACIST.

    1. Delfino Garza , perhaps he’s showing you that a corrupt judicial system and mob mentality could possibly convict someone of some he info that isn’t true,,, you know like when a white cop kills a black man justifiably now it’s always racism.,,. Charlotte , NC 2016 I guess even if a black cop does. Cops are all criminals and sinners saints, just call me Lucifer , you’re confused in my ways

    2. Now that is the opposite of unity Garza, and if dissent is always racist you are in for a rough ride in life and do not belong in a free thinking society.

    1. The same Rand Paul got his butt kicked by his neighbour and he derserved that beating. But Rand never thanked him.

    2. @mako zero Oh right that must be the ‘liberal’ tolerance I hear so much about! Are you one of those disgraces that bow to brown supremacists?


    2. Ron Allen it sounds like youre upset that youre not too good with the language and that Biden is already crushing Trump with minorities and is about to nominate a black woman for VP that will absolutely seal the deal in November.

      Ammirite, Comrades?

    3. Claire Obermarck Rand Paul is ok with a bill that actually defines the word “lynch” that’s used in the dictionary. Problem is the language of the bill redefined “lynch” to a more vague sense and can be applied in other scenarios which are not lynching in its proper definition.

    4. @Eli Dicken Biden is a racist, and a crook, anyone who votes for him is scum. Trump has done far more for blacks than Biden and Obama combined, and its being noticed, Trump got 40% black voter approval in a poll this past week, I suggest you get your news from other sources, these are the idiots who told you Hillary was going to win in a landslide. Why are Dem voters so closed minded? Is it the subsidies, or the social justice thats keeps you coming back for more misinformation?

    5. You are a sickening disgrace. We are at a time in history where your handlers in the media, liberal politicians and childless Baron millenials are destroying our country and causing it to be more divided than ever. It blows my mind how there are so many of you but not one is smart enough to look up the statistics. We can’t live together anymore. We need to spilt the US in half.

    1. The dems/media are a disgrace, theyre using isolated incidents to stir stir up racial division.

    2. All Conservatives know exactly what he’s doing–we don’t need any more laws against lynching or murder–BECAUSE WE HAVE those laws already

  7. It’s just common sense , if one hurts we all hurt. This has to change or we will all pay an unbelievable price for being stupid.

    1. @Eli Dicken Google the Harding Street raid in Houston. A black cop set up and then killed a white family. Yet no one protested or got violent. Cuz the real racists in the world today are the blacks. Period.

    2. @Eli Dicken it’s not news when a white person is killed by police. But it happens. More often than with blacks, and not just because of the demographic difference either, at a higher rate per arrest, by 25%, and in simulations police of all races are quicker to shoot at whites than blacks. All of the statistics and evidence go against the left’s narrative of police brutality on minorities, it’s just plain not true. You’ve been fed a bunch of lies meant only to drive division and hatred, and small minded people like yourself are easily manipulated.

    3. Carriemchardy Carrie I’m extremely partial !! I’m partial towards Americans and have no need for democrats !! Hope that clears things up for you !!

  8. When you are Traitor Trunk, Comrade Barr and “Justice” Roberts, you steal the 2020 election.   It’s what you do. Vote ALL republicans out—if that is even possible now!

    1. Dems hate white males, just sayin. I just pray youre discriminated against, it will serve you right, FOOL!

    2. What could be better for black American citizens then Democrats like Joe Biden flooding their communities with racist illegal aliens and at the same time treating black Americans like ugly step children.
      The Democrat slogan is sanctuary for illegal aliens and jail time for ” black super preditors ” vote Democrats

    3. @Calpurnia Bruchi people don’t get info from FOX, do some deeper research turd, learn the truth you learned how to get here go way back and deeper

  9. You got that right !!!!!: I am with you all the way. I can’t do any protesting but I am sure voisterous on online. I am handicapped in bed ridden so there’s not much I can do I wish I could. It’s egregious what this man has done to these people and what has has happened to these people for over 400 years and it breaks my heart!!!!!!!!! God bless you on please stay safe.

    1. How can someone or one group of people claim unfair treatment to them for 400 years when America is
      only 244 years old ?

    2. Your voice is powerful and great are the
      Words that you have expressed remain
      Safe and comfortable the spirit of LIBERTY and love empowers us the

    3. You mean like signing a bill to restore and increase funding for black colleges? Or for his Prison reform? Or his First step act (from Prison)? Or the lowest black AND hispanic UNemployment in history? Or his enterprise zones to rebuild black inner cities? Or all the black people that figure prominently in his party AND administration? Or is it Trump’s black poverty rate is lower than it’s ever been in history, or, or, or……… To bad you guys are too brainwashed to figure out who the real enemy is. Well, I guess study and research comesharder for some.

    4. My situation exactly Sharon we gotta do what we can cause We can’t stop won’t stop refuse to stop till some things CHANGE .

  10. *” more peaceful, more justice “*
    stop unfair violence, make it better,
    if you do. do it more peacefully.

  11. I’m so happy to see the protesters feel that way. Every race seems to be saying that!! My THANK you to ALL.

  12. Thousands of protesters on the streets of Europe and Australia, in London despite the rain and the crown of the masses in the fight against racism
    Thousands of protesters took to the streets of Europe and Australia on Saturday, as well as hundreds in Tokyo and Seoul, to support U.S. protests against police brutality.
    Protests spreading around the world are showing growing outrage over police treatment of ethnic minorities, and erupted after a U.S. police officer strangled George Floyd on May 25 in Minneapolis by kneeling on his neck for about nine minutes.
    Protests against racism never seen before on the Old Continent are now spreading across Europe, with tens of thousands of protesters in the streets.
    In London, despite the rain, thousands of people took to the streets, gathering in front of the parliament building. Protesters wore protective masks against the coronavirus and shouted slogans such as “Without justice there is no peace, no racist police,” just like protesters in the United States.
    Residents also took to the streets in Berlin where they filled central Alexanderplatz, and protests were also held in Hamburg and Warsaw.
    Paris authorities have banned protests in front of the US embassy and in the meadows around the Eiffel Tower, but protesters have arrived near Place de la Concorde, near the embassy, ​​carrying signs such as “Black Lives Matters”.

    1. Lol so brave.
      The entire establishment supports these “protestors”.
      They are literally on they’re knees for them.
      Such revolutionaries!
      Try marching as white people who aren’t ashamed at being white.
      And watch as the entire system comes down on them.

    2. These protests are being funded by people who have funded goverment coups. You can look up who funds BLM for yourself and that name George Soros is on there, he also funded the Arab spring and Euromaiden. These were protests that were used to cause the over throw of many middle eastern countries and Ukraine.

    3. @The body The Court of Appeal had declared the Sydney rally an authorized public assembly about 15 minutes before the 3pm start time.
      In Sydney, protesters waved signs saying “Police the police” and “Same s*** different soil”, while the crowd chanted “I can’t breathe”, the final words uttered by Mr Floyd and 26-year-old Dunghutti man David Dungay Jr.
      “They held my son down for 10 minutes,” Leetona Dungay said of her son’s death in Long Bay jail in 2015.
      At 4.32pm demonstrators knelt en masse in Sydney’s Belmore Park and held a fist aloft to acknowledge the 432 Aboriginal people who have died in custody since 1991.

  13. “The rights of every man are diminished when the rights of one man are threatened.” — JFK (June 21, 1963)

    Kennedy also said, “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

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