1. I’m old enough that I remember Shirley Chisholm and that was a woman before her time and from Kamala Harris on down, they need to thank her for paving the way and her courage in those days.

    1. I remember Shirley Chisholm too! I think I was about 12 and my mother was so proud to vote for her. I was so proud of my mom for voting for a black woman (way back in the “old days”) and it really was a good influence on me.

    2. Same here! Mom was a newspaper editor, often the only female in the newsroom, & ahead of the curve leading the way. They hazed her, by painting her desk, chair, & old black typewriter with pink fingernail polish.

    3. @Julie B Perpetually blaming. History and “white racism” falls far short as an explanation for today’s issues and here is why. The fact remains that all the supposedly “racism” driven social ills that plague Black people today (crime,drugs, single mothers, dropouts etc) were far far less prevalent in the 1900’s to the 1950s despite Black people facing much much more institutional racism, segregation and prejudice than anything near to what they face today.
      Blaming everything on “racism” falls very short and has tremendously failed Black people for almost a century .

  2. As he lay in the hospital recovering from an assassin’s bullet, George Wallace received an unlikely visitor, Shirley Chisholm. “No one deserves what happened to you.”, she said. Wallace’s daughter credits that visit with beginning her father’s change regarding racial issues in the US.

    1. Still is. Only progressives can bring it into this century. Great to see a PoC as a VP – just a shame it’s Kamala!

  3. It is wonderful and well done her for all she’s accomplished – and the USA for this breakthrough. Mind you in a 2021 why this is still to be remarkable should have one pause and reflect.

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