Velshi: Some Governments Are Empirically Evil. The Taliban Is One Of Them. 1

Velshi: Some Governments Are Empirically Evil. The Taliban Is One Of Them.


38 million Afghans are waiting, fearful, to find out how their latest rulers will govern. If history is any indication, it will not end well for anyone who does not believe exactly what the Taliban believes. That’s not America’s fault, but we have played a central role for the last twenty years by starting something we could not finish. The question now for America is: what do we do about it? One thing that is abundantly clear is that the Taliban cannot be trusted. So, the challenge becomes: how to establish a relationship with the Taliban without normalizing the barbaric religious fundamentalists and their rise to power. The withdrawal from Afghanistan was inevitable. But America’s next moves are critical. There are plenty of governments in the world that are anti-democratic without being outright demonic. We must find some way to support the Afghan people, stave off terror, while preventing the Taliban from joining the ranks of legitimate governments and the privileges they enjoy.
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Velshi: Some Governments Are Empirically Evil. The Taliban Is One Of Them.


    1. @J David Hopkins So the 1930’s government that was in Germany could not be called evil as they attempted to exterminate a religious group while experimenting on them as well?

      To put your statement in another way:
      “There does not exist any government that is evil.” which implies “Every government is not evil.” by Moore’s law. You’ve claimed the 1930’s Germany and Holocaust to be perfectly fine.

      Now, is the Taliban an example of such a thing? I don’t know, but you didn’t make an argument. You just said that it is necessary to give it a pass because labels are bad, but there has to be some inherent placement of governments on graphs so we can compare actions. Otherwise, we are stuck with ignoring all that governments can do. What’s worse is if I cannot look at the acts of groups of people, by your logic, I should not be able to look at the acts of an individual because I would still be judging.

    2. @Ronald King No, ‘evil’ is not determined by & is undefinable by Man. But, Man does judge Man by Man’s Laws.

    3. @Ronald King
      “evil” is rather meaningless outside of a religious context. We could all agree that something particularly heinous was “evil”, but it would probably be better to choose a more specific and meaningful word. I might call the Taliban “evil”, but I recognize that I would be speaking metaphorically, and subjectively.

  1. The taliban had two goals, get the foreign troops out and install sharia law, sunni Saudi Arabia style. Many Islamic countries have sharia law but differ in strictness, Saudi Arabia being very stric, whom also build and financed madrassas around the world.

    1. @Jock Young Biden armed the Taliban with $80B in military equipment and now wants to continue to fund terrorism by paying ransoms for the Americans he abandoned

  2. So. What. Velshi should suggest starting with Honduras and Haiti, if he wants to fix the problems WE caused. And quit droning Yemen. This has more to do with protecting Israel and Saudi Arabia than us.

    1. @Aaron Christoffersen what you don’t understand because of the pea brain is we are standing for the unborn children’s right to choose. But we can see you surface thinkers have little in depth thought

    2. @Jock Young Human life is more important than a women’s right to slay her potential child. You can whine all you want but murder is murder.

    3. @Snow Flake What guns laws are you referring to? Which laws are the Democrats holding to? What percentage of Republicans follow Sharia Law? How many Republicans that identify themselves as female are missing fingers? How many Republicans females have been stoned to death for adulterous activitiesin the United States?

  3. “In the name of a faith that they have perverted.”
    How did they pervert it if you call them FUNDAMENTALISTS?
    I don’t see them having an Enlightenment style reform since we’re already in a global civilization and they still want to live with stone age traditions. Do other islamic countries not have issues with honor killings and segregation and all? Are we about to invade Saudi Arabia?

    1. Fundamentalism is almost always a perverse interpretation of religion. And yes, Saudi Arabia is also a nasty theocracy, but just not QUITE as bad.

    2. that’s what fundementalists do. They pervert religion. Just like Evangelicals perveted Christianity here in America

  4. Nothing that has come out of the abrahamic religious mythology has ended well, all end up being fully fascistic in it’s end and the ones that are not extremists are silently complicit , witch makes them as complicit in the atrocities as the ones pulling the trigger and torturing.

  5. “Since China entered the World Trade Organization in 2001, the massive growth of trade between China and the United States has had a dramatic and negative effect on U.S. workers and the domestic economy. Specifically, a growing U.S. goods trade deficit with China has the United States piling up foreign debt, losing export capacity, and losing jobs, especially in the vital but under-siege manufacturing sector…”

    1. Demographically, America is the only nation that is simultaneously big, young, and highly educated. The U.S. workforce is the third largest, second youngest, most educated in years of schooling, and most productive among the major powers—and it is the only major workforce that will grow throughout this century.

      China, by contrast, will lose 200 million workers over the next thirty years and add 300 million senior citizens. Chinese workers produce six times less wealth per hour than American workers on average. More than two-thirds of China’s workers lack a high school education; and one-third of Chinese young people entering the workforce have an IQ below 90, largely a result of malnutrition, poor care, and pollution.

  6. I couldn’t agree more. These people need to be humbled down by putting a mushroom cloud in the heart of their pride.

  7. It sounds like they all would rather “”get along ”’with the Taliban… somehow justify ….sending back the afghan refugees rather then giving them refuge. It is sickening. Most americans are not aware of the millions of refugees that somehow try to find safety in Europe because of american wars that made them refugees…..what a sad show that is

  8. A growing number of people are becoming dissatisfied with Biden’s handling of the pandemic, according to new poll numbers.

  9. So when ISIS goes to war with the Taliban, then what? What happened to “The enemy of my enemy is my friend”. I’m not saying become best buddies with the Taliban, but if they are now the ruling government and they start making overtures for peace, trade, with the U.S. we can’t summarily dismiss them if the alternative is ISIS taking over. I predict a short alliance, ugly as it may be.

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