Velshi: The Power Of Pressure | MSNBC 1

Velshi: The Power Of Pressure | MSNBC


On Friday, Major League Baseball announced the All Star game will be moved out of Atlanta because of the state's new Republican voter restrictions. The Republican governor was outraged by the decision blaming liberal cancel culture. But it's not cancel culture to respond to democracy-weakening legislation. Stopping people from voting is the actual cancel culture. And once again Coca Cola along with other major corporations based in Georgia have been called on to do the right thing. And, in an historic open letter, 72 Black executives called on all corporations — no matter their location — to oppose these voting restrictions. Aired on 04/04/2021.
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Velshi: The Power Of Pressure | MSNBC


  1. My freedom and my vote are worth alot more than a coke and a Baseball game STAND TOGETHER AMERICA AND PROTECT OUR VOTING RIGHTS

    1. @Fred A If you have to Google it, you don’t have your own thoughts on it. And I’m not interested in hearing from someone who doesn’t know what they’re taking about.

  2. How can you keep corporations out of politics? They grease the political palms in return for tax breaks. Get real

    1. It’s not that corporations shouldn’t stay out of politics, politics often changes on whether or not they are allowed to do business. What I object to is the hypocrisy showing on this recent Georgia voter thing. We need identification for everything, getting on an airplane buying alcohol, tobacco, some drugs, all prescription drugs. Coca-Cola requires shareholders to show identification before they are allowed into their annual meeting.
      The owner of the Atlanta Braves recognizes this hypocrisy and said MLB made a serious mistake. Major league baseball requires people to show identification at their “Will call window” When tickets are obtained. The hypocrisy of corporations is what is an issue. The lies the president Biden stated about the Georgia Bill have been seriously debunked but yet the media, the corrupt political class and corporations continue this false narrative.

    1. @Noreb you arent as smart as you think.

      My city is run completely by Democrats. Republicans and independents dont even run. The low IQ urban vote is too numerous to overcome.

      And the city looks like a pile of dogshit. Crime is rampant. Nothing new being built. Corruption abound.

      You are a naive little boy.

    2. @The Germanicus oh im sure…. i totally believe you and your magical dogshit city of corruption and zero republicans running…. like seriously kid…

    3. @Noreb Go check the statistics on democrat vs republican in California both statewide and local. Places like LA and San Francisco are super magical lol.

    4. @Pete TheHawk yeah thats great, there are elected republicans in california and have ALWAYS been.. ronald raegan was from california…

  3. I don’t understand if you have to show id to pick up baseball tickets why cannot they show id to vote

    1. @Zork Cuckerberg no im not a native but this is just a single example of why these laws are restrictive and discourage voter turn out. nothing in these laws reduce the chances of fraud or increase voter confidence.. they are overwhelmingly unpopular on a bipartisan basis and there is literally no justification for this wave of flat out anti-democratic legislation across the country other than republicans know they cant win.. republicans wrote the laws in most of these states they are now scrambling to change….

    2. @Noreb well… it’s not soley Republicans doing this. Its Neocons and Neolibs (establishment) doing this. Its theater basically. Just so happens that the majority of congress serve corporate masters instead of the people and it’s both sides playing the game. The only real politician I like and wouldnt mind seeing president is Tulsi but we all saw how the DNC smeared her. On the GOP I wanted Ron Paul but we all see how they smeared him. It’s all BS theater my dude. We haven’t had a representative republic in a long time

    3. @Noreb Let’s try this….What do you think the voting process should be from requirements to register to requirements to vote? Should there be requirements and if so, would any requirements be considered restrictive in ALL situations?

    4. @Noreb let’s take one thing at a time. Forget the fraud claims. You say they are suppressing voters because of arbitrary wait times etc. I agree that, that happens however I dont think it is intentional. I think it is neglectful as that they just dont care enough to make easier but again, i think it’s by municipalities. I live in a rural area, so voting for me is very easy. I would imagine if you are in a city that would be a pain because of population. But I believe it’s up to your district to organize voting places. I cant vote in a different county or district, I have to vote in the one that my DL has on record. Maybe the supervisor of elections needs to get more places up so there isnt over crowding or at least if you are just concerned with the general election not local elections then maybe they can make it so you can vote in a different district. I think there are ways to help with the issue but this thing about ID isnt a good argument imo

    5. @Joeg 911 the only real restriction on voting should be proof of residency over the course of the year the election takes place such as power, water, heating etc and a signature for the sole reason of making it an official document that you are criminally liable for lying on. ballot security measures and tabulations do the rest of the work.

    1. @hopesfall2win Yeah the right is renowned for its tolerance and support of opposing views. Just remember the wonderful way that 1940s Germany treated Social Democrats, Seventh Day Adventists, Unitarians, and even Baptists. What, you didn’t know they had any of those, no they don’t anymore. Your post is so mindless it’s almost unbelievable that you posted it. The GOP demands that companies fall in line constantly.

    2. Pepsi: We’re not lawyers, politicians or activist. We make carbonated surger water. Deal with it.

      Coke: We make surgery water, but we’ll also lobby for Democrats when they tell us too even know we know nothing about law
      or politicss.

      Wonder whos still around in a hundred years..

    3. @John Underwood you are free to hold whatever bias you like. Just don’t pretend you arent.

      Cherry picking and whataboutism is low IQ.

    1. Lol, people actually walked everywhere then or took the bus and the rate of diabetes was almost unheard of. It was definitely a different time…cars were very expensive and most people couldn’t afford it. I wonder if we should blame cars for our diabetes, lol. Just a thought

    2. @Ana Camacho It doesn’t take much to walk. Just stand up and start walking. And it can be done anywhere–even in your own home. Apparently this is too hard for Americans as 75% of you are overweight.

    3. @Lisette Lehner walking and drinking water is the #1 advice i that i give my patients. The people that live the longest are most of the time that drink water and walk more

    4. @Ana Camacho It’s one of the biggest things I suggest as well for anyone who are wanting to get healthy also. It’s more lifestyle than anything else.

    5. @Lisette Lehner well, we’re not responsible for others behaviors. If one cares, we make positive suggestions and allow them the freedom to live as they choose. This is a hard pill to swallow if you’ve dedicated yourself to saving and attempting to improve lives. Ultimately, it’s about respecting the individual

  4. Cokes about to find out about pressure. There stock value is down over the last 5 days.

    1. @ChaldeanRU not worried about a bunch of inbreds who got their heads kicked in last time they caused a civil war. But since you bring it up- There won’t be reconstruction this time. You won’t get a third chance.

    2. @VideoGamesAreAwfulRiots lol, you mean burning and looting your own neighborhoods in the name of blm keep up great work

    3. @VideoGamesAreAwful please more riots! Watching you idiots trash your own community is funny too watch.

    4. VideoGamesAreAwful you should. Do you think a marine colonel will join a bunch of orange hair looters burning American flag? I don’t think so. All army, NG, and police will immediately side with conservatives. You’ll be left out with a bunch of liberal art professors, columnists, egg-headed programmers , and inner city plebs. And just a reminder -it was the Democratic Party establishment who got smashed in Civil War, the same applies to the Civil Right movement. Who do you think MLK fought against? Which party those 21 senators who voted against the Civil Rights Act belong to?

    5. @VideoGamesAreAwful King was not “black people” he was one individual. He was much more wise and astute than 99.9999% of the hapless drones that watch the news and swallow it hook line and sinker. That goes for all major media, not just the left.

  5. All this pressure is doing is make me more cautious on who I buy from. And these woke companies aren’t going to like it one bit.

    1. @milt im *not* liberal and yours the *only* one on this comment section Whining like the Lil Beach you truly are

  6. If I wasn’t hooked on Coke Zero I’d boycott coke for trying to dabble into our politics. Pepsi step your game up

    1. Yeah man and to fly my gf left sat.for houston and my ID expired and due to covid plandemic cant get new ID for four months .so had to stay .

  7. PGA Masters is still taking place in Georgia this weekend, some of those same corporations are sponsors.

  8. Black owned businesses are gonna be disproportionately effected by the removal of the all star game from Georgia. How very woke.

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