Velshi: The Power Of Pressure | MSNBC 1

Velshi: The Power Of Pressure | MSNBC


On Friday, Major League Baseball announced the All Star game will be moved out of Atlanta because of the state's new Republican voter restrictions. The Republican governor was outraged by the decision blaming liberal cancel culture. But it's not cancel culture to respond to democracy-weakening legislation. Stopping people from voting is the actual cancel culture. And once again Coca Cola along with other major corporations based in Georgia have been called on to do the right thing. And, in an historic open letter, 72 Black executives called on all corporations — no matter their location — to oppose these voting restrictions.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Velshi: The Power Of Pressure | MSNBC


    1. Yea, they did a great job of rounding up all the Epstein evidence, then making it disappear… Also, sat on the Hunter laptop for a year…

    2. James Comey makes J. Edgar Hoover look like Sheriff Andy. That’s what happens when one cohorts with the Clintons.

    1. @take my gun I give you copper how old do you think I am? ouch…agism….LOL…So you don’t watch bug bunny and all other cartoon reruns?

    2. @SailorMoon you did say you grew up watching them cartoons you text like you not a old person can’t really tell by your picture well I think you around 20 to 25 maybe max 28 im 22 so my final answer is 23 so how old is you sailor moon

  1. How proud he’d be to know he was plagiarized by kamala who also btw knew tupac in 1977

    1. I don’t blame you Goop All you Traitors are being hunted down by them right now for failing to overturn the US Government LOL Dumb Goops

    2. @PhucQ bendover
      I have a friend who went to the rally he is an attorney before the 6th all he did was rant on FB about the fake election ,. Since the rally my wife said he has not been on FB since . 20 miles of CCTV tape recorded EVERY DAY in the Capital will get him soon enough the FBI can zoom in and get Facial recognition , spread it all over the US then you get that dreaded knock on the door and hear FBI ! I don’t need to snitch he will get caught , GUARANTEED and goodbye Law license and 20 years in the Pen …..Goop !

  2. You know there’s something special planned when the news acknowledges a 53rd anniversary

    1. Everybody prepping for the riots coming when the cop is cleared. Seattle actually slapped BLM images on their city tax paid busses to try to keep the vandalism at bay. Crackhead Rodney King started the 1992 riots, its coming

  3. You have no power over me, I don’t care if u call me racist. The word has lost all meaning. Thank you leftys.

    1. @Angela Shaw Clark-Westoven way to much trust in government or you just listen and believe everything MSM puts out.

  4. What would MLK think of the white privilege narrative to push through Marxist principles to achieve power? He would not agree with it at all and would reject it. “Judge a person by the content of their character, not the color of their skin” Yet now we regress back to judging people by the color of their skin which is disgraceful. We need to be one people under one nation. Period

    1. @Luedog you’re a milquetoast conservative who’s managed to conserve absolutely nothing about anything.

    2. @NiggersKillWhites TentoOneEveryYear
      Shameless racist POS, hoping to get decent folk all riled up fer nuthin. Go ahead, reply your brains out, or not. Ain’t nobody listenin to your BS.

  5. All History Should Be Acknowledged Good & Bad, So Why Agree With Moving Monuments & Statues. I will be glad when we all can appreciate what our forefathers had to go through for our freedom. Freedom is why so many are fleeing to America We Should Never Want Anyone To Experience Anything Bad Especially If We Ourselves Have Experienced Bad. Love Each Other “Yes, it is love that will save our world and our civilization, love even for enemies.” – Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

    1. They are treating people according to the EXACT way he said not to. Color is everything for Democrats.

    2. And He Would Also Be Called Homophobic For Some Of The Letters He Sent To Fans Questioning Their Sexuality.

    3. @Mark N–“Color is everything for Democrats.” Which is why right-wingers and Republicans obsess over it? Interesting.

    4. @Christopher Battle I’ve never heard the R’s demand a person be elected/selected based on their race.

  6. I recognize this guy. He’s the one standing in a burning city as looters ran past last year, calling it “fiery but not generally unruly”. lol

    1. Why are so mad at them showing truth?? Why? It’s not like they’re lying! You’re just filled with hate for no reason.

    2. @Will Wright This channel has lied about most of what the Michigen Bill has, and has managed to cause wide spread panic using a couple of lies and misinterpretations.

    3. @Solstice of Snow What Voter Suppression? This is not about Michigan Bill this is about Dr. King and what he actually went through. This is the prison cell where he wrote the famous “Letter From Birmingham”.

    4. @Ice man This is not about judges! This is about Dr. King! It’s like he mad at the truth of what Dr. King went through. How are you going to be mad at the truth? It makes no sense! You can’t change what happened. It’s like he’s mad that they are bringing it up!

  7. “Feel the weight of this. You can’t get out.” That’s the purpose of a jail cell. To keep you in!

    1. I was just coming to comment the same thing “this wasn’t a decent place to stay” ofc not it’s a jail cell

  8. That is where Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. wrote the infamous “Letter from a Birmingham Jail”! WOW! Great piece of history.

    1. @Christopher Battle I chose the word “infamous” as sarcasm. Because in the very first sentence in this letter Dr. King wrote “Seldom do I pause to answer criticism of my work and ideas”! And the haters are always criticizing Dr. King.

  9. DR MLK JR would be so disappointed in all of us if he was alive today. We weren’t supposed to judge people by the color of they’re skin and here we are judging and separating everyone based on skin color and the MSM is stoking the flames!!

    1. then why do people of color get harassed by police more, punished harder and a majority of the prison population is people of color. want to stop judging people on their skin color, end the war on drugs.

    2. @albert mooney 1. They put themselves in situations to come in to contact with more police. 2. OJ killed 2 people and got off, while Charles Manson killed nobody and got a life debatable. 3. Because a larger percentage of POC commit violent crimes and need to go to prison, just look at a normal day in Chicago. Any more questions?

    3. @Drew P Knutz
      1. communities of color are policed more. when you criminalize normal activity you will get more criminals.
      2. yeah because no white people ever smoke the marijuana, only black people do that. at least theyre the only ones being arrested for it.
      3. a large portion of people in prison are incarcerated for nonviolent drug crimes.

  10. MLK would be horrified to see public schools teaching children to view color and race subordinate to all other traits and qualities.

  11. MSDNC is like Internet Sominex! Thanks again for
    the ‘safe and restful sleep, sleep, sleep’, MSDNC!

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