Velshi: 'The Story Of Vincent Chin Is American History' 1

Velshi: ‘The Story Of Vincent Chin Is American History’


The Asian American and Pacific Islander community has a rich and varied history in America, but not many non-Asian Americans know about Vincent Chin. On June 19th, 1982, Vincent Chin was out celebrating his bachelor party in Detroit, when two white men beat him to death because he “looked” Japanese. His killers never spent a day in jail and they were only fined $3,000. The murder of Vincent Chin sparked the first mass-movement around Asian American Civil Rights, and it led to the passing of the Hate Crime

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  1. When l had rubbed my bottom with a toiIet paper, a miracle, l noticed the BLM mural there in a brown dye

    1. You have been making the same stupid comment for weeks now. Think of something new or shutup.

    2. @judie suh Yes, I need help. I need you join me so we make a huge BLM mural with poo.

  2. There’s a 1987 documentary “Who Killed Vincent Chin.” It’s available on YouTube and PBS.

    1. @S McDonald It’s been years since I saw it so I can’t recall. It’s here on Youtube, definitely worth watching.

  3. So, when can we expect a newer version of Who Killed Vincent Chin? Lip service is great but how about some money to back it up

  4. I remember hearing the story on the news, so horrible and extremely depressing. I didn’t know until recently that his killers basically got away with it.

  5. “…and it led to the passing of the hate crime”

    What? You mean bill? It led to the passing of some sort of hate crime bill or law or whatever, right?

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