Velshi: We Can Focus On Climate Change & Still Marvel At Space Travel 1

Velshi: We Can Focus On Climate Change & Still Marvel At Space Travel

There are valid criticisms of the commercial space industry. But let’s separate the criticisms of Bezos, Branson, and Musk from the remarkable achievements we are witnessing. Where the critics are wrong is in thinking last week’s Virgin Galactic launch and next week’s Blue Origin launch aren’t important and meaningful advances. I share your sense of urgency about social justice, democracy, climate change, public education, poverty eradication and higher wages. We can fix all of those things and still marvel at a space launch and dream about traveling to space or being the engineers, scientists and pilots who get us there.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Velshi: We Can Focus On Climate Change & Still Marvel At Space Travel


  1. Tears my soul up knowing humans care for the worst things and the important things in life are dismissed. God forgive us!

  2. But the problem with your assessment of the achievement, Mr Velshi, is that we keep putting the cart before the horse! Instead of seeing this as a bridge to progressive prosperity on Earth, most of us on this planet sees this as nothing but a distraction from what matters most.

  3. As I am aware of a billionaire going to the edge of space, I can’t help but wonder if I’ll run out of toilet paper or keep food in the cabinet. Forgive me that I can’t appreciate the plight of the rich man.

    1. Nobody asks you to do. This isn’t about any billionaires supposed “plight”. just about comments actually made whenever something high tech is reported in the news.

      But if we decide that no higher technology is allowed to be experimented on until ALL problems on earth are solved (as if that will EVER happen, what with humans consciously contributing to many by waging war and engaging in crimes or political extremism that will deny such basic needs to many?) then can we even continue to use the Internet/TVs/Microwaves or drive cars? What about investing billions into very fast and secure modern trains? Building Airports? Erecting a new bridge in NY or San Francisco?

      After all that TOO does not feed people or put clothes on their backs. WHERE do you end? And how badly will you damage our capability to DO help most people in some way if you take such resources away?

      The billionaire toy of today may very well keep the company alive and able to do more research that in 2127 will shoot down the asteroid threatening to extinguish all human life on Earth. Or it may be just a different form of Yacht, Villa and trophy wive they spend money on that wouldn’t have fed you or sent a kid in Nigeria to school under ANY circumstance.

  4. Some people are so cynical that they can’t appreciate certain accomplishments without tying it to their personal interest, or the immediate gratification of their needs.

  5. Sadly, you don’t have to go to space to realize that the climate change race has already started and a bunch of people have missed the start. Besides that, we have the ISS and a mass of satelites orbiting our planet. Ain’t it time that we are making good use of those?

  6. I’ve been thinking about all those optimistic sci-fi tropes about how humanity would unite against a common mortal enemy, but the pandemic revealed divisiveness where we thought unimaginable and the wealthy elite happily reaping the benefits while many suffered. 2020 should be a reminder that raw aspiration must also be tempered with vigilance against the darker reactionary forces.

    1. Thanks Ali Velshi of MSNBC. Gosh. The Richard Branson launch seemed…. very edgy!!. He is a Virgin Airlines guy. (You wonder why rocketing to break the sound barrier, and be in total weightlessness for a grown man? ) Exciting enough? How about a ride on a roller coaster on Coney Island and then…plainly …a few hot dogs and French fries to celebrate for everyone in the park there? Spread his money around a bit! Or, maybe, coming out in Death Valley to view the weather? See the cracks in the extremely dry soil! See the rattle snakes! It’s not funny anymore! Branson did say his next goals were something about climate change. Advocacy is becoming.

    1. Exactly! If one round trip commercial airline flight makes as much pollution as 1 year of driving a car, then how much does a rocket launch make? Too much!

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