Velshi: When QAnon Lies, People DIE 1

Velshi: When QAnon Lies, People DIE


QAnon once thrived in the darkest corners of the web. And while we still find traces of QAnon on our Aunts’ and Uncles’ Facebook pages, the movement has largely dissipated on the internet. But that’s not good news, because they are reappearing on a ballot near you. According to Media Matters, at least 40 people running for Congress in 2022 have publicly expressed some level of support for the QAnon movement. This is dangerous because when QAnon lies, people die. Right now, fueled, in part by QAnon adherents, a massive Covid-19 disinformation campaign is convincing Americans not to get vaccinated. They’re lying, again…and people are dying, again.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Velshi: When QAnon Lies, People DIE


    1. @Guacamole Kid lol
      I have a bridge in Brooklyn you should buy.
      There is no AZ audit, it’s a partisan scam.

      Gullible Trump simp.

    2. @Andy Lord For the Democrats to steal the election 2020, the people have the right to express their indignation!

    3. @Joke Biden Yeah, if that happened people would be rightly upset. Unfortunately it didn’t happen and the former president just lied.

      Thankfully there’s essentially no chance he’ll ever visit the white house again. I doubt he’ll ever go to Washington again.

  1. Q was a 12 year-old boy on 4Chan posting outrageous comments as a prank.
    QAnon are adults that never developed intellectually beyond elementary school.

    1. OK I was mistaken, I just looked it up. Q is most likely the work of two people, Jim Watkins, who is in his 50s, and his son Ron, who is in his 30s. They owned and ran 8chan until it was shut down for its links to mass shootings, then they spun it off into 8kun, which they still own and operate. Both are offshoots of 4chan, obviously, and just happen to be the only platforms where Q posted after his first appearance on 4chan. There is a ton of evidence supporting this claim that Watkins and son are the creators of Q, and the son did an interview where he basically admitted it on accident.

    2. @R D I am team Trump

      I have no idea what a q thing is

      ONLY place I hear it is your team they need boogeyman

      I have rock solid lies thou

      Quick question
      Media ops lefty media been TELLING BOLD FACE LIES


      People be dieing over this and how many black communities been destroyed as a result?

      Ball in ur court u lazy uneducated sheeple

    3. @Guacamole Kid Interesting fact: Ivanka trump took all the production processes of all of her companies to China.

    4. @Joke Biden No, it is not. That is the most insidious lie yet, but it’s not the work of Q. It’s the pathetic excuse that Trump uses to protect his fragile ego any time he has to put himself in a competitive situation. He said the same thing during the 2016 election, and he said it for months leading up to the 2020 election. It was as obvious as his fake tan and dye jobs, and it is astounding that people actually believed it. He literally just admitted at CPAC a week or so ago that he calls any poll that makes him look bad “fake” or “a fraud”, and any poll that make him look good “the most accurate poll ever”. He said that in front of a huge crowd and they applauded. Because everyone knows full well that there was not actually election fraud in 2020, beyond the typical handful of (most Republican) jackasses who tried to vote twice and were caught.

      The Arizona audit has failed to find fraud, and they are jerking around and refusing to release a report, saying they want to go door to door and ask people who they voted for (which is illegal). A months-long Republican investigation in Michigan found that the only fraud that occurred were the egregiously untrue claims by Trump supporters that the election was rigged. The intense investigation in Texas only found some Republicans who illegally voted twice and a guy who waited in line for 6 hours to cast a ballot but was apparently still ineligible because of he was still on parole from a crime committed over a decade before. He’s facing years in prison because of it. Those Republicans who knowingly voted twice, meanwhile, got slaps on the wrist.

    5. Hey Witless Nosepicker,
      Love your channel image; is it by an Impressionist? Is it by Monet, titled ‘White non-college educated male’? Or is it abstract, maybe Pollack’s ‘The Imbecile’? (snickers and sincerity ) @Luke Canale

    1. @Mark Baker I think you mean “unless you stand up AGAINST anything corrupt.” We do. That’s why we want to see Trump in prison for tax evasion.

    2. @D O but now there’s that much evidence it’s flowing uncontrollably though a firehose & the reason all these “forensic audits” are happening is because they won in courts and retrieved more hardcore evidence to start the forensic audits, u lose some u win some doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

    3. @David Hale The term “defund” is a misnomer. Actually, we want to provide funds for an external body to make determinations about the use of force. We want to see a MINIMUM requirement of an associate’s degree for all cops, and we would be willing to fund the education for existing cops. We want to fund RELIABLE, ETHICAL police forces, not a bunch of racist bullies.

    4. @D O all of sudden. You were so proud of the term tell you seen how wrong it was now all of sudden you say that’s not what we wanted. Miss me with your two faced stupidity.

  2. Apparently Q-Anon has also infiltrated a sizable percentage of evangelical churches. We have now slumped into “Crazy-World”

    1. @Keith E As of today in the US, there are and/or have been 34,052,303 confirmed cases of the Covfefe 19, the TrumpVirus, causing 613, 092 deaths, for a mortality rate of 2% (1.97438495946661% to be exact), which means there’s a 98% survival rate. With our current population at 333,850,641, this means if everyone were to get it, a total of 6,591,496 Americans will be killed, so that’s only a little more than 6 million more avoidable deaths to go. Woohoo – we’re turning the proverbial corner!

      (Worldwide the numbers are 189,702,287 cases, and 4,082,647 deaths for a mortality rate of 2.15213378002132%, or two percent for short; not .5%, – a full 2%!)

    2. @John Smith thing is they actually think they hear God and the funny thing is he always tells them what everyone else is doing wrong. Not what they are doing wrong.

    3. @Chonq Monk Great statistics Chonq. GQP cultists are always trying to underestimate the severity of the virus. That said, simply dividing deaths by confirmed cases can overestimate CFR because a significant number of cases are asymptomatic and never get reported.

      The Trump cultists love to claim a 99.5% survival rate. But even if one accepts that figure that means 1 in 500 will die. They imagine this to be an acceptable risk, but someone suggested a great analogy in response. How many people would get on an airplane if 1 in every 500 flights crashed?

    1. @Success in Love! Empires are never good. My people fought-off the Roman Empire, the Ottoman Empire, the Austro-Hungarian Empire … Empires are all about oppressing a vast majority of people, for the benefit of the few. This is true with all Empires being under Genghis Khan, or Napoleon.

  3. Simple. Let darwinism take it’s course. If not, these people will be ruined by the healthcare bill that they get in the mail from being in the ICU for a week..

    1. @Michael Clark Do you think doctors know more about engineering than you do? Oh, I see. Expertise matters in YOUR field, but not in medicine. Does having a bachelor’s in engineering make you the world’s foremost authority on everything?

    1. @D O omgosh fascism is forcing ideas down someone’s throat. An example is censoring opposing views (whats going on for conservatives right now). Communism is when the state owns everything. Which is the lefts next objective (they’ll blame it on climate or covid). In order for Communism to take over the state must be fascist to control opposition (literally happening in the US rn). Neither term is political ideology specific. Both the left and right can be fascist. Hahaha you Leftists are so stupid. Cuba has been a fascist dictatorship for years. They enacted Communism. Now its failed as always. I understand this probably over your head. Sorry I’m trying to explain in terms you can understand. I hope I wasn’t offensive. God bless

    2. @D O I’m an Anarchist not on the right or left btw. Thanks for pre-judging me though. I’m brown btw.

    3. @humangeneric 777 It no longer matters if Q himself posts. These folks make up their own Qdrops. Plus, they’ve found a new semi leader in Mike Pillow. I see Qcumber crap on a daily basis.

    1. @mark bushnell I saw a little bit of Joe Rogan’s podcast about Q. My understanding is that there’s a grain of truth to a lot of it- for instance all the pedos in liberal hollywood with the Epstein thing. The cannibbblle thing is bizarre. But the ‘storm’ is also sorta what democrats were saying with the mueller report- a day of reckoning because the russians are secretly controlling all of american politics. I have no way of knowing how prevalent Q is because the media blows everything out of proportion. I mean, the media spent more time focusing on Q than on Epstein.

    2. @Guacamole Kid Your account is a hoax and everything you buy into is fake. See how easy it is to just lable anything you don’t agree with as “fake”? Keep seeking whatever “truth” it is that just so happens to be what you would rather believe 🙄

    3. @Guacamole Kid I saw it in England on a live feed via satellite. It was an insurrection. They would have been shot in England, by soldiers or armed Police. we had a couple of terrorist attacks outside Parliament. Once bitten twice shy.

    1. This era, we are living in, are the last days, before JESUS CHRIST RETURNS. REPENT, REPENT, and change from your lying ways. These people are unbelievers, of JESUS CHRIST.

    2. Look up the song “Girl” by Beck and tell me he isn’t singing about murdering a little girl. It’s stomach turning when you realize what he’s actually saying and he wasn’t even being cryptic about it.

    3. lol yes… when u watch msnbc and think they are telling u the truth, when they have said they are not in court
      sometimes even telling u they are lying or making baseless accusations lol
      the celebration of ignorance has definitely arrived

    1. Do you realize that they are lying to you? They think you’re stupid.
      The election was stolen and the insurrection was a fake job.
      Big wake up calls are coming-
      people are walking around in an extreme delusion- and it’s not Q ‘followers’- it’s leftists who think it’s ok to steal an election- that’s just evil

    2. @Jason Gartner Are you kidding me? Trump did nothing but inflame racism for four years, beginning with his saying Mexicans are rapists in 2016. Trump formed a coalition based on racism. When they believed that a U.S. president could force Mexico to pay for a wall in the U.S., he knew these people were not only racist but also stupid and would be easy to brainwash.

    3. @Guacamole Kid Provide ONE link to ONE Pultizer-Prize-winning media source that provides evidence to support your claims. Where is all this evidence? Why wasn’t it presented in 60 court cases? Why are an attorney being threatened with disbarment and a guy who sells pillows the only people who have seen this evidence? If it exists, bring it forth. You can’t, can you? IT DOESN’T EXIST.

    1. @Guacamole Kid Came out the best? Your uneducated and stupid since they had one of the highest covid numbers in the country now they have 20% of covid cases in the US..

  4. And this is why even after donald plump is gone, ( well he isn’t even gone despite being the most incompetent person in human history), America remains the laughingstock of the entire world.

    1. @Guacamole Kid Trump lost & will not be reinstated. Please get your facts straight. AZ had 3 recounts prior to this Q-led fraudit. The fraudsters even took those ballots out of state & hid them in a cabin in the woods of Montana. That’s not legal. The Qcumbers are lying to you.

    2. @Luke Canale Do you know how to type in complete sentences that make sense in English, or just enjoy right wing talking point word salads, thinking that you’re being crafty while trying, and failing, to own the libs?

    3. @Lizanne Whitlow how stupid is that. Your in a comment section telling people to shut up. That’s some real stupidity

    4. @Guacamole Kid How is it possible, if 74 thousand ballots were received and counted, more than what was sent out, where did those “ballots” come from??

    1. Quick question
      Media ops lefty media been TELLING BOLD FACE LIES


      People be dieing over this and how many black communities been destroyed as a result?

      U think what ur told ur a lazy low information sheeple

  5. The fairy land of ufo and Quacknon can’t recognize President Biden is In The White House for 7 MONTHS NOW.

    1. Cheatin’ Joe? Trump won- AZ audit proved fraud- GA there is proven fraud and PA is going to flip as well-
      A lot of election thieves including the rinos need to go to prison for treason for this.

    2. Quick question
      Media ops lefty media been TELLING BOLD FACE LIES


      People be dieing over this and how many black communities been destroyed as a result?

    3. @Guacamole Kid 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
      Do you believe that the election can & will be over turned? It can’t. There are 0 provisions for that in the Constitution. Trump lost, fairly & legally. Get over it.

  6. There’s a hundred things qanon put out that never came true and yet people still believe that crap.

    1. Kind of like organized religion. Every generation claims “we are living in the end times!” But here we still are.

  7. Why is Q so quiet about Gaetz ? I mean their whole thing is stopping paedophiles and Gaetz is under investigation but crickets from Q. Q is a joke

    1. Q was the Korean Business man’s son who owned 4 at 8 chan. The son ran 8 chan and accidentally outed himself on camera as Q. There were no more Q post’s since then. Dec 2020 I think.

    2. Good question Roger, and yes it is a joke, but unfortunately, the dye has been cast, and as Ari is stating, they are showing, and infiltrating the government or running for government positions.

    3. @joyce roberts Its sad/scary that these people could hold any office let alone the highest ones in the country. Yes the damage has been done and we have a long way to go to get rid of these people and try to undo their damage.

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