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Jurors in the trial of the three men charged with the murder of Ahmaud Arbery began deliberating just before noon on Tuesday after attorneys made their closing arguments.

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How the nearly all-white panel decides on a verdict could ultimately hinge on how they view Travis McMichael, who fatally shot Arbery and was the only defendant to testify.

"If the jury thinks that (Travis) McMichael was justified in using deadly force, then I don't think they'll convict his father either, or for that matter the other defendant," Timothy Floyd, a law professor at Mercer University in Macon, Georgia, told USA TODAY. Floyd has been following the trial.

Twelve jurors will decide if McMichael, his father, Gregory, and William "Roddie" Bryan are guilty of murder and other crimes in the death of the 25-year-old Black man on Feb. 23, 2020.

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  1. Justice is served. A round of applause for the lead prosecutor and the judge. Couldn’t had asked for a better verdict

    1. @sunshinelizard1 most people that are killed by cops are criminals and they are fighting or shooting at the cops. Its not alot of people either compared to the millions of interactions with criminals a year.

    2. @Joe Michael Difference is one person died on the 6th, and the looters destroyed, injured, and killed many people and businesses.

    1. @John Barber yeah, and I don’t hold out much hope the life expectancy of these Klowns either. I’d rather someone shoot me on the way to prison than face what they’re in for. I live in Georgia. There’s a prison just a few miles from where they live and a cemetery. Should be very convenient.

  2. When one realizes just how close this came to be a whitewashing, it brings chills. Once again a woman, a mother’s insistence on justice for her child has prevailed. What a woman, This is what mother’s of the year are made of, not just being married to someone famous. To her who refused to let her child die in vain, my hat is off to you Ms. Wanda Cooper.

    1. YUCK! While I agree with the verdict, based on Ahmuad’s criminal history she is not near a role model for mothers out there. A good mother wouldn’t let their child break the law or wander a neighborhood.

    2. @Robin Wagner I am a parent and the first time my daughter went to the park without telling me, I grounded her. I agree with the verdict but she is not a role model for mothers.

  3. I highly appreciate all these judges’ comments to the Jury after the verdict. Shows their true colors as good people, and an acknowledgment of how difficult these things can be.

    1. @Taha Ali Uthman Just how desperate are you? Can’t find a woman so you harrass women on social media. Really cringey and creepy. And unsuccessful.

    2. ^ look at all the racist snowflakes coming to cry because their fellow losers are being held accountable for murder 🤣

    1. @Dominic Calzadilla It would appear the people who believe in fairy tales are the ones who need to grow up. Call me crazy.

  4. Best part is the one dude who recorded it, sealed all their fates. Those boys are going to have fuuuuuun in prison. Especially the ex cop.

    1. @Elijah Culper I used to do field tech support for the GA Dept. of Corrections. I’ve seen many of our prisons. Absolutely nobody has a grand old time in our hellhole. And in Georgia if a white person wants to hang with organized racists he certainly doesn’t have to go to prison to find them. But I suppose your fantasy about a “good” prison life helps you cope.

    2. @Carry Everyday I’ve never understood why people think white murders are celebrities who are going to get private accommodations simply because someone might hurt them. I’ve seen our prisons as an employee. They don’t give a fk how you survive.

    3. @It’s Above Me Now I hope Georgia prisons are a hell on earth for these guys. I hope every moment of their sentences is miserable. I’m not coping with this verdict. I just don’t have a ton of confidence in the justice system that nearly let them get away.

    4. @It’s Above Me Now Sure don’t but factually police are held separately. No one said they would get a “celebrity treatment” lmao I simply stated a fact that people with law enforcement backgrounds can’t be put in general population or they would be killed which is a liability problem for the prison. So to prevent being sued into the ground for wrongful death they hold them in segregation units,

    5. @Elijah Culper I don’t either but my first hand knowledge of the inside of these places tells me they are in one hell of a lot of trouble. It’s mostly segregated but it’s no Aryan social club. It’s a lucky thing they’re older. Young white guys get effed immediately — the entrance fee for protection.

  5. I’m glad these men are going away for life, but I also think the police department involved deserves severe punishment. They encouraged these nitwits every step of the way.

    1. @Mauser These degenerates didn’t know any of his past. They just acted like it was still 1964 and gunned him down thinking they would never to prosecuted. It’s was a modern day lynching. But times have changed, thank God.

    2. @Wadly Pashad I’m white and there is zero chance I’ll suffer for gunning down some innocent black man for having the nerve to go jogging in my neighbor.

  6. There is justice for the Arbery family, There is no winner in a situation such as this. It will affect both famlies.

  7. Who tries making citizens arrests? To the victim, it must have looked like a truck full of bullies were trying to beat him up. If those men had a concern that a crime was committed, they should have called the police to come out and question the guy.

    1. @The Opportuneson: Do you mean Rosenbaum? He decided not to proceed between the cars because there was large crowd on that side and he didn’t think it was safe. Then Ziminsky fired a shot into the air and Kyle stopped to assess the situation only to find Rosenbaum closing fast on him.

    1. @Mary Tamano I don’t know if you’re the one who posted the original post but absolutely I got your back whenever

  8. That one guy “It’s been a long time coming” yes it has..,the jurors made the right call,the family can finally have justice

    1. Most importantly, it sets a precedent for future cases. There may be appeals. However, the precedence is solid!

  9. I have never been this happy for someone I didn’t know. Today is a great day, what a way to start the Holiday. Justice for Ahmaud has been served. Many thanks to the prosecution team👏🏾

  10. The look on their faces !!
    I cried when this verdict was read!
    I’m so happy that the family got justice! ❣️
    It’s a sad situation!
    Continued prayers for the family.

  11. From what I saw and heard about this trial it seems like this judge gave justice it’s best chance to shine through.

  12. It’s beyond race for me, someone died for no reason. May everyone rest in peace and the other families who lost their loved ones that were also unarmed.

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