1. Good, I’m glad he should have never had to go thru such a bad relationship… That just shows how manipulative she was from the start.

    1. Respectful disagree. I hope he finds treatment for himself and his family. WE invite these pple into our lives. He’s an adult. And if she had not made herself ( kills me and that’s the reason I am here have myself being at an abusive relationship) a “ spokesperson “ for women everywhere!!! It’s a good thing he doesn’t hide behind any allegations of being manipulated and is not making himself like so in the eyes of pple.

    2. @patricia valencia Do you even understand what you typed or the point you were trying to convey? What trial did you watch? She is a lying, manipulator and should of went to jail. Hopefully you advocate for real victims. But I don’t think so so this got you offended like they did Amher wrong or something. You women just keep being bias in situations involving men then wonder why no man worth anything wanna deal with ya smh!

    3. Hard life lesson learned for Depp, for sure. When multiple friends are warning you “don’t get in a relationship with that person”….. listen.

  2. The real crime here was Amber using the pain and torment that real women have actually lived through towards her own selfish gains. That’s why this is a win. Because when the fake accusations are called out for what they are the real accusations become more legitimate.

    1. @R.D. exactly, I work with some DV woman and a few men, The ladies that I know that have been to the women’s Interval home with their children have spoke about this case, they knew she was lying early on because real victims do not do what she did to her so called abuser. That’s how they knew she was a liar.

    2. Amen. And look at how much work and money it took to clear up her web of lies. It should be illegal in itself. She should face perjury charges but probably won’t.

  3. Finally, JD can get back his private life, his quiet time, his peace of mind, relax in his home, put his feet up on the coffee table and just breathe🙏🏻

  4. Hurray justice was surve. All praises she will never mock woman or man that has gone thru this in real life.

  5. Hilarious how she tried to pin her lack of movie roles on JD, when she’s obviously a horrible actress!

  6. My husband and I were watching this with our hearts racing. We are so happy for Johnny. His team was amazing and he was so humble. Amber gets what she deserves!!

    1. @Rambo Spongebob Now go hit up every comment section whining about the outcome. And I bet by weeks end her career will be over. Even if she wins the appeal he is cleared in public opinion. She hurt real victims by lying.

    2. @Patrick Bering Now go hit up every comment section worshipping the ground Johnny Depp walks on and calling Amber Heard a terrible actress.

      Its like no one learned anything from when Johnny was accused and you all shamed him.

  7. JD’s lawyers mopped the floor. They are the real MVP’s. Regardless, falsely accusing should be a crime in itself in this case. She took this man’s life away. And I bet you there are women who still stand with her for some bogus reason like she didn’t abuse him (if not worse then she alleged)

    1. Gentlemen, milady, you will always remember this as the day that you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow!

  8. amber didn’t even thank the other people that helped in her case, just goes to show her character.

    1. Honestly, if think nobody else would react differently. She just lost millions and is upset and speechless about it. In that moment, you don’t just go to your team and say Thank you. I think the disappointment in that situation is way too big to thank the team when you lost the trial 😅

  9. For anyone who doesn’t feel like staring at a wall for over 15 minutes, I’d skip ahead to the 18:45 where she finally reads the verdict.

    1. For all the men abused by bpd partners🥂 for you🥂 for johnny 🥂 for my brother and nephew 🥂

      We all feel a bit vindicated today in my family, i know the feeling, steven.
      If you are abused, no matter the gender, stand up, tell the truth.

    2. @Crichton and the point you don’t get is johnny doesn’t need the money. He’s suing so the world can see the truth he’s not the abuser. He just put 50 million down to show how much he went through.

  10. The question: “is amber heard a psycho and a shitty actress?”
    The answer “yes”
    It’s payday mr.jopeck

  11. The way she walked away & her friends ran behind her. Even the lawyer in the back was acting busy just to not see her like “let me look thru this papers maybe I missed something” lmao

  12. FINALLY JUSTICE! This feels like a win for anyone who has ever been in a unfair relationship, and got everything taken from them that meant the world to them! ESPECIALLY MEN!

  13. This is the FIRST TIME I actually genuinely see her “sad” through out this whole case….I think she knew she was about to lose. Happy for Johnny Depp!

    1. Nahhh. Why would you still believe that is a genuine emotion after all she had shown these past 6 weeks? Might as well still be a bait hoping to get sympathy.

    2. @LongHaired Baldy she was contemplating her next victim and if Elon wants johnnys sloppy seconds. Like he did in the elevator. He denied it then the video came out

    3. @LongHaired Baldy this is real. As real as it gets because she knew she has nowhere to hide now

  14. She single handedly ruined her own career and possibly her life. All bc of hate, spite, and greed. This is a true representation of “hate destroys the vessel in which it is stored”.

  15. Amber’s team did what they could, it’s extremely hard to defend a guilty person knowing there is evidence of their transgressions. I hope these attorneys can recover after this and not be judged by their terrible client.

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