'Very dirty play': Habs' Jake Evans leaves game on stretcher after vicious hit from Mark Scheifele 1

‘Very dirty play’: Habs’ Jake Evans leaves game on stretcher after vicious hit from Mark Scheifele


Winnipeg Free Press sports columnist Mike McIntyre says the hits against Habs' Jake Evans was a 'very dirty play.'

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    1. @easton guy Argument from authority is a fallacy, besides plenty of experts and ex-players said it WAS a dirty hit, and i’m pretty sure they know more about hockey than you do, so your opinion really doesnt matter at all. That’s why an argument from authority is a fallacy.

  1. Remember when hits were a part of the game? Remember when cowards weren’t so offended by everything? Unless you Bertuzzi a guy from behind, it shouldn’t be a big deal, it never used to be.

  2. Did this interview even show the hit? I didn’t see any contact from the footage displayed.

    1. It was an accident, Perry didn’t intend to injured him. Rewatch the clip and you will see. In this case, it was clearly intentional, he had a lot of time to stop or use his stick to poke the puck but he clearly made the choice went to hit Evans with all his might.

  3. How come I have to wear a mask when I go to the store and these clowns don’t need to wear a mask?!

  4. Where is the big hit on the clip I didn’t see anything that looked like a suspension, if the hit in front of the net was a big deal hockey is become a p*ssy sport!

  5. I hope they don’t suspend Scheifele. The resulting violence in the next game is why we all love hockey; guys giving each other concussions is great for ratings!

  6. You can’t cry it’s a dirty hit then threaten to hurt the guy out of revenge. Hockey players are so stupid. It’s the only sport that encourages fist fighting in the middle of play. It’s so lame and I’m Canadian.

    1. There’s a difference between roughing someone up and potentially ending someone’s career.

  7. As the family member of an NHL alumnus, I sincerely hope they make the MRI compulsory going forward. Enough of the thumbs up test already, hospital visits should be mandatory after any concussion.

  8. It’s terrible he sustained these injuries because of the new MMA variant of covid. Covid is the indiscriminate universal killer. We’re f#@$ing doomed.

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