Very Slow Progress in The Ganja Industry in Jamaica | TVJ News - July 12 2021 1

Very Slow Progress in The Ganja Industry in Jamaica | TVJ News – July 12 2021


Stakeholders in the cannabis sector are worried about the snail pace progress in the industry in Jamaica.

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  1. We need for Jamaicans, especially the everyday Jamaicans, to benefit from Cannabis / Ganja / Marijuana etc since Jamaica has the greatest branding of the product.

  2. Why not open a legal market place for foreign stores and businesses to buy for Jamaica kinda like you have a Aliexpress. Instead of us begging countries to sell or product. Let the foreign business owners figure that part out. Am just saying there has to be a better way for the Jamaican small man to profit vs having everyone pay exorbitant fees to produce and sell. By doing this the lawmakers and regulators KNOW they are closing out the small man, and for the amount of years ppl have been jailed and persecuted for this plant its the least they can do. This industry could literally be the answer to JAMAICA’s debt and economic problems, if only the big lawmakers and big players aren’t selfish. I’ve said it before Jamaica could and should have been right up there with all the big rich countries by now but the persons running the country throughout our history were just too selfish.

    1. I don’t follow the industry closely but from what I do know of the industry in USA, it’s mostly dominated by PhD holders with relevant expertise who are backed by well-heeled sophisticated investors thereby leaving small farmers out of the mix. I do like your way of thinking about the problem. We have to persistently find creative (and legal) ways to participate in this and other markets. We are too small, too poor, too disorganized and too dark-skinned for the world to open their doors to us. I hope your ideas reach the right ears.

    2. They can now start using Amazon
      It’s probably in Jamaica 🇯🇲 or
      It’s already there.

      People could get to sell their Mary-Jane, Marijuana that way

    3. @Critical Thinker can you do that on Amazon? 🤔, but we don’t have a Amazon warehouse here in Ja as yet but that would be a good 💡

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