‘Very Unsettling’: Mike Flynn’s Brother Is In Charge Of U.S. Army Pacific 1

‘Very Unsettling’: Mike Flynn’s Brother Is In Charge Of U.S. Army Pacific


Rachel Maddow points out lingering questions and the unsettling fact that while disgraced former Donald Trump NSA Mike Flynn tours the country stoking conspiracy theories and entertaining the idea of a military coup to reinstall Donald Trump as president, his brother, Charles Flynn, has been put in charge of commanding the U.S. Army in the Pacific. 
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  1. Investigate! Then strip ANY co-conspirators of salaries or pensions to which they are otherwise entitled. And then? Treason has a price.

    1. @Todd S. you need 2 check yourself into mental ward the fraudit is stupid and will lead nowhere you will see

    2. @Irma Rivera i am patient 13 states doing audits. Just the cheated military vote in az changed the election results irma

  2. I don’t understand how stupid you have to be to not see all these corrupt acts and things that go against the morals of the country and what this country stands for.

    1. Pelosi, Schumer, Nadler, and the rest of the swamp have chosen to divide the country. They spent FOUR years and millions of dollars on a bogus Russian collusion case against a duly elected President. Dems made the bed. Now they must sleep in it.

    2. Who are you calling stupid? What country and morals are you referring to? Your name suggests you are a Muslim. To prevent a war, please refrain from calling anyone stupid just because they don’t agree with your Muslim morals.

    1. @Alex Hamilton try this on for size. How about, YOUR COMMENT shows that, YOU’RE DEVOID of INTELLECT

    2. @Mark uk it most definitely is unbecoming of an American. But we hold our officers to a different standard than we do our American citizens.

    1. @Guacamole Kid I hope we victimize that criminal traitor even more. Until him and Trump cry uncle. I won’t let up. Just like your side seems intent on breaking laws and getting away with it. I won’t stop until you are caught. Period.

    2. I won’t ever stop until the criminals in office for 4 years pay for it. Ever. Yes I’m a democrat. Yes I want justice. The more you fight the election results? The more I want it.

    3. You can be as outraged and fight us Democrats as much as you want. The more you Republicans break laws? The more we won’t give into you. Until someone pays for it. Period. End of story.

    4. @grant towner You are on a Progressive Channel to attack people/ you been trolling for 5 years/ Grow Up Keyboard Clown. Gtfoh trolling

  3. Why would he still be in charge of this. What else are they planning to do to this country. Wow what a country this is crazy.

    1. After Jan 6th Flynn should not be in charge of an army aunt let alone any of the United States military.

    1. nah its better to keep enemies at your side. remember his brother was fired and now he’s swearing revenge against USA and aiding the russians.

    2. Not retired. STRIPPED of all rank and benefits and imprisoned! The Flynn’s are both traitors, neither should receive benefit from their time in the military and both should be locked up.

    1. @9thChamber I’ll give you a hint I prolly shouldn’t but cia is just one branch and yea you may not know BC of the cia covid terrorist laws yep but yea there are three within that branch alone and Trump renewed it and it was Obama that expanded it so basically assanage and Chelsea Manning and snowden and he is in Moscow close to were mich went to boarding school

    2. @Confidental Confindental let me guess… there are… 17?

      I fail to see why I would even need to know of them all. Just remember… you must keep denying Q!

    3. @Confidental Confindental Trump isn’t going to need to ‘run’. Once we understand how it was stolen, he will have to take his rightful position.

    1. They had to have seen all the purge movies… never realizing it was a movie director that created this drama, some of those given a chance to participate in humanity just sucks

  4. He should be watched. Benedict Arnold in the making. He has already turned against Congress and democracy.

    1. “watched” ? And you claim, and I agree, he has already at least once betrayed his country. Should we watch again when he aides tRump and others in overthrowing the government ?

  5. Obviously there needs to be a top-to-bottom purge of all of Trump’s fans from the military and the government in general. This is for our public safety.

    1. What you scared of “The Truth” President Trump and 80 million Patriots are the majority, plus “We The People” have the whole Military on our side. You can’t touch that!!!

    2. I hesitate to watch this program at night, the reality of the rot in our system makes me have to rely on sleep medication.

    3. @G Pa lol, the military in your favor? Is that why you got kicked out of DC on the 6th? Also, a true patriot does not insult the flag by putting Trump’s image (or anybody’s) on it. All you are is a bunch of idiots without a true leader.

  6. I wouldn’t trust anyone named Flynn to not sell out his country to the Russians, at least not from that family. Maybe the brothers don’t have anything to do with each other and all is okay, but how can we be certain that this guy doesn’t share his brother’s desires for military coups?

      In like a Federal Penitentiar. Lock them up and throw them under the they’re jail cell.

    2. @evan doe Helsinki. Trump stood by Putin and through our security experts under the bus. Believing Trump is like believing Putin— both notorious liars.

  7. Charlie is a government employee who fail at his job. Immediate dismissal by the current Commander in Chief.

    1. I know. If I burn every order working at McDonald’s I don’t think I would continue to be there.

  8. Yet two military brothers were escorted out of the Whitehouse for doing their duty…. just saying.

    1. A reminder Flynn was fired from his position at the White House for lying to the VP. He was never reinstated. His pardon for lying to FBI, did not include his being fired from the WH.

    2. @BTM . . You seditionist’s say the most amazingly moronic things. but on the upside your ignorance made me chuckle

    3. @kiwimaori unlikely. They seem to be either covering up for or trying to hide things. Like they act surprised that the have domestic terriorist in the military. If it’s a tight nit group one can’t fart without the rest knowing about it. The military has been really good at covering up things until now. So now they’re doing damage control.

    1. Sorry but Biden only has 4 years to clean house. At this rate he’ll only accomplish about 5% of the job. I don’t think people realize how deep the corruption has penatrated. This is going to make Covid-19 look like a walk in the park.

  9. He’s got to be canned. His relationship to trump through his brother, and the influence he had on him on Jan.6th is a serious threat and a liability.

    1. Yes and media shills need to be brought up on TREASON and SEDITION charges for playing there part as well. Without them, we would not be in this mess. They have attempted to overthrow a duly elected President and they WILL answer for their crimes in a Military court where corrupt judges cannot let them off the hook.

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