'Very Worrisome': House Member On Trump Refusal To Concede | Morning Joe | MSNBC 1

‘Very Worrisome’: House Member On Trump Refusal To Concede | Morning Joe | MSNBC


House Armed Services and Foreign Affairs Committees member, Rep. Chrissy Houlahan, D-Penn., weighs in on the national security risk from Trump's refusal to concede the election. Aired on 11/11/2020.
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'Very Worrisome': House Member On Trump Refusal To Concede | Morning Joe | MSNBC


    1. Yes he does! You can’t prove your dementia candidate or his running mate cares at all. Trump has done more for this country than the last 10 or more of your dumbocrats in office have.

  1. America showing the world once again that it is in turmoil. It can’t even hold an election without turning it into a circus with wall to wall clowns.

    1. Keep embracing the world of lies and deception you live in. Truth is, the deep state has been stealing elections for decades, alternating parties to give us the ILLUSION of choice. It’s time to reclaim our self-determination as a country and restore integrity to this and all future elections. Without it, we are living in a system that is not for the people.

    2. @Mary Sauder HAMR, Scoreboard and Dominion. Three things that will bring the excellent results you speak of into the sunlight. They are corrupt and will be destroyed, then we can all be free.

  2. Republicans are treating Trump like a petulant child by not hurting his feelings. They are literally lying to him that he didn’t Lose the Election.
    This is beyond Craziness.

    1. @JFK Lincoln Clinton conceded the 2016 presidential election to Republican Donald Trump on November 9 after media outlets declared Trump had exceeded the 270 electoral college vote threshold needed to win the election and ending the campaign.

    1. Yet again I am reminded of how brainwashed the left really is. No intelligence here and trying to reason with them is about as pointless as bringing a fly swatter to a gun fight.

  3. I hear they’re placing scented candles around Trump’s whinehouse to hide Trumps fast food stench. Now we know what Pence’s fly knew.

    1. The USA should be removed from the G7 and should be listed as a 3rd world country coz there is no democracy…when have u ever seen a defeated president refusing to concead, i stead saw discord and doubt in his people? Nowhere in the western world, so …

    2. Sedition. Can’t anything be done. Democrats wake up!!! If they bring a knife, you bring a gun. They put one of yours in the hospital, you put one of theirs in the morgue. It’s time!!!

    1. We love Trump!!! We, his supporters, as should all Americans demand honest and fair elections, it’s obvious that didn’t happen in many states.

  4. America’s enemies are rubbing their hands and planning attacks,and when it happens Trump will say “it wasn’t my fault”

  5. Trump has replaced all the people in the Pentagon with Crazy Loyalists!
    Do Something! Stop Talking! Do Something.

    1. @Dee Hall agreed, I cannot believe how casual the media are being about this. He is rounding the troops and everyone else is just ….. and waiting.

    1. @Marc John No problem, it’s a world wide notion that Americans just don’t get irony. Fun fact ..
      Trumpski cultists are particularly vulnerable to believe anything that their ‘Dear Leader’ happens to fart.

    2. Getalifereally, Trump’s incompetence in handling Covid is reason enough for his departure. He was warned in December by the CIA, NSA, and the CDC of the potential for a pandemic. We know that in January he was repeatedly warned by multiple sources. Before February he knew the virulence of the virus, the high mortality rate, the high rate of contagion, and the airborne transmission. He continued to deny, lie, minimize and misinform the public. He held rallies and continued to play golf rather than coordinate with the states governors. His refusal to endorse masks and distancing, and to continue to hold rallies has prolonged and exacerbated the problem. Let’s look at Trump’s record that you continue to tout. Greatest point drop in Wall Street history, highest unemployment figures on record, greatest drop in GDP, highest number of infections at over 10.2 million and still climbing, highest number of deaths at 242,000 and climbing. His “recovery” hasn’t recovered enough in terms of jobs, or GDP. He is the first president since Hoover to actually leave office with fewer jobs than when he entered. Regarding immigration, the likelihood of terrorists entering the country from the south is less than that of our northern border. The same trite ridiculous charges about immigrants have been used since the Irish first immigrated in the 1850’s. They were considered lazy, dirty, drunken criminals, illiterate, disease ridden with strange accents and religion. This carried over to the Italians, Polish, Germans, and Jews. It wasn’t true then, and isn’t true today. Your racism and bigotry just creates fear and hate, and ignores the very tenets of our founding. Try reading our Declaration of Independence, ALL of it, it reaffirms the poem on the Statue of Liberty, regardless of the people who wrote it, those were the principles we were founded upon, and reaffirmed by the amendments. Being anti immigrant, or racist isn’t patriotic, it’s the antithesis of patriotism.

    1. Trump has been the target of constant hate, lying, smearing, attacks and undermining by not only Democrats, but msm. No lecture about uniting and healing please. Democrats are a joke. We won’t accept obvious cheating and corruption! The elections were not honest.

    2. You spent four years labelling conservatives every horrible word in the book. You attack them doxx them even shoot at them and NOW you want unity? Not to mention leftists have been calling even black Trump supporters every racial slur. Unity? LOL

    3. @Help us God! first of all God is not going to help you. You people put this man before god second stop liking your own comments and show proof of these ridiculous claims

    4. @King Kong The Fifth Estate always calls election because they collate the statistics in real time. It has always been the custom. Please read a good book on American Civics.

    5. go eff urself first, dont effing tell me to heal and unit, when u painted the rosy pic of looting and riots in summer!

    1. @Ros Ver I mean I suppose I could go and and March and Rob stores like the left does when they lose so no. I’ll keep the maturity level on this side.

    2. Hey don’t you wish you dodged?? Vietnam . Irac . Afghanistan wars that should of never been fought. All BS. DONT be with these sheep.

    3. @Mike Steven I have no idea what that means but that did happen under Trump’s watch and was the side effect of the George Floyd incident. Again another incident which happened under Trump’s watch.

      But I guess selective memory makes you forget that Trump has been THE PRESIDENT THE LAST 4 YEARS and I am sure its the left’s fault that all of America’s problems can’t be solved by the CURRENT PRESIDENT IN THE WHITE HOUSE.

      It has nothing to do with left or right because Trump has no real platform. He doesn’t care for Republican, Democrats, Left, Right or any politics for that matter. ALL HE CARES ABOUT IS HIMSELF.

  6. Trump knows he’s going straight to jail as soon as the protections given a president go away. Defendant #1 is in panic mode

    1. @dw w says the person who defends the party that has continually trampled on, and weakened the constitution for their own political gain!

    1. @Sky Myers There should be protocols in place for this type of thing. His defiance is dangerous and there should be some type of executive order to suppress a President if they go off the rails like this. He has too much power and puts this country in an unstable position. I dont think the military has the power to do that unless the higher ups all agreed on that and acted against the law. Basically they would have to become a military coup to go through with something like that and that is highly treasonous. Still…something should be done. I’m pretty sure people are watching Trump closely and if he actually seems like he is succeeding there will be something done about it. So far all of his attempts have been laughed out of court so I think people are just sitting back and letting him destroy himself. His attempts have been futile at best.

    2. @Sky Myers I think they are just trying to ease him out gently. If the military were to forcefully remove him this country would blow up into a full scale civil war. I think they realize that and are trying to avoid total chaos.

  7. It just goes to show how he doesn’t care about America. All he is concerned about is having Power. He is only embarrassing himself.

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