Veteran: 'I Really Worry That It Might Now Be Open Season On The U.S.' 1

Veteran: ‘I Really Worry That It Might Now Be Open Season On The U.S.’


Former CIA analyst and veteran, Matt Zeller, joined Chris Jansing to discuss the Biden administration's response to the Taliban takeover in Afghanistan and evacuation efforts up against an August 31 troop withdrawal deadline. "The president has got to stop gaslighting the country," he says.

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    1. @B Avery Did you know Mitch McConnell claims he walked with MLK …me I am more concern with modern divide … Aug 11 2021 Oregon quietly eliminates all standards in reading, writing, and math for getting a high-school diploma

    2. @David Eby Is that’s why he met with the Taliban, Kim Jung IL? Trump legitimized them by kowtowing to them both, as well as Putin whom he idolized. He put Putin first, NOT America, when our own intelligence when they said Putin interfered in our election, and Rump disagreed. He not only played down the Corona Virus to Americans, he lied about the severity of it. Trump put America first? No he didn’t/no he don’t!

    3. @Rod Williams The most beautiful skies, as a matter of fact
      Uh, the sunsets are
      purple and red and yellow and on fire
      And the clouds catch the colors everywhere


  1. The last administration left the doors wide open for hostile actors. Thank you President Biden for cleaning up their mess and putting out fires.

    1. A few months ago we had 2500 troops in Afghanistan and had some measure of control over much of the country. Girls could attend school. We had a very secure air base with significant intelligence gathering capability at Bagram.
      Now we have over twice as many troops deployed there, and have lost control of the entire country except for one airport. This is a major military reversal and should prompt consideration of court-martial for key top military officials.

    2. @aurora_occidentalis Why was it Obama’s responsibility to fix what Bush got us in to? He lied to begin with, that’s not on Obama or Biden. As always, you right winger NEVER take responsibility for your actions and here another one to prove it.

    3. @SMS Simple: A leader does what needs to be done. People are often called to fix problems they didn’t create. Example: Trump crushed the ISIS caliphate that came in to existence during the 8 years of Obama/Biden. He had nothing to do with it, but he fixed it.

    4. @SMS Really!! How you have the nerve to call someone else stupid when you yourself are factually all over the place

      Apparently you’re able to read. So why haven’t you done some research yourself on the history of Afghanistan..

      Bush didn’t start the conflict. Bin laden was supported by the US government when the Soviets invaded in the 80ies. Reagan supported them and called them freedom fighters. Bin Laden was a volunteer freedom fighter despite being Saudi. Bin Laden then formed Al-Qaeda who then bombed 2 US embassies in Africa in 1998 under Clinton. Bush invaded Afghanistan because the Taliban who ruled Afghanistan at the time, wouldn’t hand bin laden over to the US.

      As for your “GET OUT OF AFGHAN. It’s not President Biden’s responsibility” comment WRONG!!
      Whether you likes it or not one of the roles of an administration is to protect its citizens whether at home or abroad, _even the dumb ones_
      You can of course take the position as an individual and say its there own fault but the current administration cant pass that buck.
      Its his/Biden Job and he wanted it..

      As for you constant harking back to Trump Trump, he just isn’t relevant.. He certainly isn’t _responsible for the thousands of Covid death in the US, 3,000 in the last few days_ anymore than Mickey Mouse is.. He isn’t an elected official he has no legislature power and yet in your mind its all his fault
      Its just silliness Trump Trump all the time ..
      Get a grip Biden is the President move on

  2. I love all these people who think they know better. Can do better. People seem to forget that Biden and his team was not given the proper transition of power time or info. Biden and his team are doing a fantastic job considering all the circumstances surrounding this and much more. He was handed a huge mess on all fronts when he took office.

    1. @Jack Blank What part of Cheeto set Biden up to fail after he made a deal with the Taliban & then qu9ickly reduced the number of troops don’t you understand?

  3. They were legitimate enough to give a boat load of money, expensive firearms and equipment to.
    Not really a valid point.

    1. While the Talibanization of Afghanistan is of concern, of far greater concern is the Talibanization of America by Reich-wing plutocrats, Reich-wing media and social media, Reich-wing demagogues, Reich-wing politicians, and Christian nationalists.

  4. While the Talibanization of Afghanistan is of concern, of far greater concern is the Talibanization of America by Reich-wing plutocrats, Reich-wing media and social media, Reich-wing demagogues, Reich-wing politicians, and Christian nationalists.

    1. @T. R. Campbell is it only fake if you don’t like it? Is it only real if it flares your anger and makes you feel special?

  5. People really need to stop throwing the word “gaslighting” around. It’s diminishing the actual meaning. What is happening is not gaslighting. It’s classified information. He’s not warping reality. He’s not purposefully manipulating the minds of the American people to see a different reality. It’s really bizarre how freely that word is throwing around these days.

  6. Sorry, there was no way to do this in an orderly fashion. How will you corral tens to hundreds of thousands of people wanting to flee a Taliban regime? Could the evacuation have gone a little smoother? Maybe, but orderly? I don’t think so even with whatever plan he has on a website.

    1. Biden was president during the time of this fiasco. He could have renegotiated or scrapped the plan. The public holds him primarily responsible!

  7. It isn’t productive or safe for the news to be screaming with panic about answers they don’t have, as there may be very important reasons they don’t.

  8. What is clear to me is that you have not been one of the President’s advisers… you have not been included in any strategy about this at all… so, how can you say what should be done, or that what has been done is wrong? You don’t know the true facts… none of us do at this point… you are making things harder…

  9. Even in Montana the wolves must be hunted every so often but know this, its always open season for Talibans.

  10. “Tens of thousands of hotel rooms are empty because the tourists industry was destroyed by COVID”
    So you want the U.S. to pay for a holiday hotel room for each person? That on average is $100 a day per room. Bet Guam would love that.

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