Veteran On GOP Attacking General’s Stance Of Critical Race Theory

Paul Reickhoff, Iraq and Afghanistan veteran and Righteous Media founder, Ro Khanna, California Democratic Congressman, and Kevin Baron, Defense One Executive Editor, discuss the Republican party’s attacks on General Milley’s decision to read critical race theory and highlight that we need a diverse, well-educated military to keep our country safe.

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    1. @Stephanie Fain Next time I hope a few of them get terminal splitting headaches the moment they have a difference of opinion with Capitol police.

      Then they’ll know we mean buisness. I wouldn’t shed a tear if I did it myself.

    1. @Dale B Don’t know what you’re talking about. I commented on the OP, Walter’s comment. (Repeating their oath).

    2. Personally, I think there should be a penalty for failure to honor your oath. There is in court. It’s called perjury.

    3. @Smoothbrainedretard But I’d bet you’d be 100% in favor of Biden using fighters on anyone who went against your political views. And what’s worse is you guys can’t even get what he said right. Another thing. Your boy 45 was more then willing to turn federal troops against the population. He did try. I can point to the guys that showed up in Portland who were unidentified federal officers, and also some were from federal prisons.
      In this country, you are free to think what you chose. Read what you chose, and for the most part say what you want to say. The problem starts when folks like yourself say things like,”The only good democrat is a dead one.” I can replace democrat with the word liberal. Or when people like you say you can take all the red states, and defeat the blue states, because the reds have more guns. Biden can’t take all the guns away, we as citizens have a right to them. But they can limit what type of gun you posses by the Nation Firearms act of 1936. If you want to change that, then start working on having your representatives work on a repeal of that law. And then you can go to work on the Firearms Act of 1968. Instead of fighting your government, use it.

    1. @Ermeric Carolissen I’m not a Republican…Why do you hate MLK and the civil rights movement? Why won’t you answer the question…CRT judges people on their skin color and not content of character…why won’t none of you answer the question? Its like you’re all in a cult…I’m not a Republican


  1. But I thought the military was going to bring back Trump in August? Doesn’t sound like anyone notified the military. Fit that into your crazy conspiracy theories.

    1. @octavio Garcia when you enter the conversation not realizing everyone’s already laughing about people like you…

    2. @ARLENE WUK oh no you have it backwards, … Just read U.S. District Judge Mary Kay Vyskocil’s opinion, leaning heavily on the arguments of Fox’s lawyers: The “‘general tenor’ of the show should then inform a viewer that [Carlson] is not ‘stating actual facts’ about the topics he discusses and is instead engaging in ‘exaggeration’ and ‘non-literal commentary.’ ” SEPTEMBER 2020! Where’s YOUR FACTS!

    1. Give the Publishers of our United States Education System “Recent American History” school books maybe 2 more years, and Gen. Milley’s words will be:
      “”I’ve read Mao Zedong, I’ve read Karl Marx, I’ve read Lenin and I’ve read Mitch McConnell…”

    2. @Aerial Arboreal too bad for you, that you didn’t get the reference. You are Definitely not an American.

    3. @Insignificant360 Milley is making a straw man argument. No one is saying soldiers can’t read whatever they please. What the American People are objecting to is the Department of Defense forcing a political ideology down the soldiers’ throats.

  2. Incredible display of the difference between men. One is solid, the other hot gas. Gaetz is really a pathetic creature.

    1. I am beyond upset..who do these people think they are to disparage a man who has given his life to serve our country ..protect us from outside terrorism . Intelligent in helping our military deal with change and challenge..these loud mouths need to learn something..

    2. @C Cato Wait the guy saying that examining other points of view is a good idea is the one making zombies? Just because you repeat some buzz words doesn’t mean you know what they mean. I’m sorry that the idea of learning and other people learning things scares you.

    3. @John Bohica Liberty University its a glorified Sunday School, and you are having a laugh the General was talking about the real world and if I wanted to know how the Enemies of the USA worked I would read about their culture and especially how there military work.

    4. @C Cato Of couse he is Rowdy. The General wants intelligent servicemen man and woman not the brain dead Trumpanzees who stormed the capitol and give my best to Wishbone

  3. Let’s see how long Gaetz lasts with that attitude amongst his soon to be Cell mates. Gaetz sucks

    1. Nah, that’s just a rumor. But I do believe he’s about to become an expert at not only _that_ but eating tossed salads, as well!

  4. Love this shaking of his head. I mean how stupid can you be. Sitting there acting like you know more in your short privileged life than this general.

    1. And, really, the general’s viewpoint is that of even the most moderately intelligent. You don’t have to be a genuis to see that Gaetz, Carlson, et al, have NO argument here. They’re just reading their script hoping there is enough stupid people to believe it. There isn’t.

    2. @Ryan McQueary No he swore to protect and defend the constitution of the USA against all Enemies Domestic and Foreign and those people who stormed the Capitol are the traitors

    1. @Jon Carter its probably disrespectful because we fought a brutal war to end the Monarchy’s stranglehold on our nation, and “Sir” is a title formerly reserved only for Knights loyal to the aforementioned on Monarchy.

  5. I remember when the GOP was a big ally of the military. As soon as the military puts the Constitution first, the GOP cries that they were betrayed by the military. If the military really wants to “know your enemy,” watch the Fox News channel.

  6. You know the General is looking like he can’t believe he has to waste his time with Non-Sense especially from that punk Gaetz who’s military service is non-existent. He was busy serving minors drugs and good times.

    1. @YoutubeIsTrash Unless you’re (in)directing your comment to Gaetz or Fox, instead of ‘Yang-It-Yin’ your comment makes no sense.

    2. @Gregory Parrott CRT is the opposite of judging someone on the content of their character…its all about judging people based on their skin color…so….Why do you hate MLK and the civil rights movement?

    3. The man is a brilliant strategist. The General had that speech in his pocket going into this testimony and quite happily pulled it out when that punk tried to corner him on CRT. I bet he has a few words to say about Ted Cruz calling his troops “pansies”, also.

    4. @YoutubeIsTrash 1) What is ‘CRT’? You have not defined it. Most likely do not know what ‘CRT’ signifies. Until now, you had not even identified a REASON for placing your statement in multiple places. At least now, you’ve identified some cryptic entity ‘CRT’. EDIT: OK, I get that CRT is ‘Critical Race Theory’. Refer to my comment #3. Your comment is completely out of context. When I read the comments where you made your snide remark, I see comments SUPPORTIVE of MLK and civil rights.
      2) Even now, looking at multiple places where you’ve identified ‘CRT’ as the culprit, I see no context for your comment.
      3) The comments in which you’ve inserted yours are SUPPORTIVE of the civil rights movement. I am too, and felt no issue in attending a primarily ‘black’ college.
      4) By presumptively labeling many people as haters of MLK and civil rights, and calling me ‘not very bright’, YOU are following classic trumpist ideology – making a baseless statements about people for whom you know NOTHING. Following your presumptive ideology, I should ask Why are you a right wing extremist?

  7. Gaetz is a pompous little snot shaking his head at a man whose years of education and experience made him what he is today, a decorated four star General and Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

    1. @Adolf Hitler bro he literally has the combat infantry badge ..a ranger tab and special forces tab and halo Qual master jump wings ..a COMBAT patch from the 101st sir have no idea what you are talking

    2. @jovan customs People like him just say things hoping that uneducated people read his comments and repeat them. That’s the grift. They rely on those not smart enough to know any better.

    3. @Adolf Hitler bro I am 20 year vet..I can look at his uniform and see his combat stripes and combat patch on right shoulder his combat infantry badge very rarely do ranger qualified and special forces tabbed people see no action.all of this is verifiable

  8. Gaetz can be as disrespectful as he pleases and gets away with it. That privilege. If anyone did that at their normal job they would be fired.

    1. I’d love to see Gaetz being questioned, I can imagine if he ever is taken to court that , if daddy doesn’t intervene on his behalf, how he cowers! Roll on his court appearance!

    2. Yes, watching him shyt and fall back it has been elevated to a new level of performance art by Sen. Goetz. You may have read where the enimies of those who love God get sideways? This is what happens to the Godless. Their spiritual kingdom is a house of cards. Though Lucifer has the present title for Dominion making him the world King, his hands and feet and mouthpieces of shyt like Goetz and McConnell and Lindsey Darling are his minions and children and shepherds in contrast we who are born again with holy spirit have a heavenly citizenship and are seated above this nonsense at the right hand of God in Christ. Guys like Goetz and war industry dominionists workers, investors, potlickers, etc have a big brained idea to take the dominion of the world for themselves. Lucifer is going to meatslime them for trying.

    1. me too. its not only a breath of fresh air but makes feel like things will be ok eventually.

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