1. You can watch documentaries from the 1980’s and see this was the inevitable outcome in Afghanistan..
    Que Everyone with the shocked Pikachu face..

    1. @Dementia Joe Kid Touch 5 week old, weak troll: you deleted your OP because you couldn’t take the heat. Fiore IS NOT agreeing with you.

  2. My son is a Vet and from what I understand, Americans trained the Afghans to fight against the Taliban. This guys not totally truthful either,, what he’s not saying is that Afghan leadership abandoned the ppl, which left the Afghan military in disarray..and this left the door wide open for the Taliban to take over.

    1. God bless you son much respect for him being in the military. However the excuse should never be that they didn’t have any leadership if they really wanted to fight they’re going to keep fighting regardless you don’t have a leader you become the leader

    2. While the soldiers may have been brave and under equipped, the _leadership_ of the Afghan army didn’t have the will to fight, because they were busy stealing. What Biden is saying is still true, just minus a footnote that the average American (sadly) doesn’t care about.

  3. I watch all kinds of news programs everyday, and I never heard any of these people saying anything about how a withdrawal from Afghanistan could even be close to this bad. I believe weeks ago the government said to Americans in Afghanistan to leave why didn’t they leave ,

    1. It is called the blame game, when I make a mistake, blame someone else. The biggest problem is all
      the wasted time and money, no one will take responsibility. Hammer Biden for all the predecessors´

  4. They have enough troops to move out into the streets of Kabul, clear and secure a path, and get those people out.

    1. Yea, that really helps now, lol. Some of us care about the fate of the americans and others there, but not you…”it doesn’t matter”

    2. @mark y Yes but I meant if one Taliban goes nuts, since they are not the most behaved people, one small spark can start the fire, its too fragile. But it is something that should be done, that everyone around the world expects the USA to do, being literally the most powerful country on Earth. Biden is just hoping after this time will pass and people will forget. Shameful!

  5. Too many people talk like we are still in control of the place. Thanks to our allies folding like a lawn chair, we are not.

    1. @Richard Tyler
      You and your new account should know gramps.
      Since your Freudian slip is representative of your subconscious. 👥

    2. @B. T. hey TOKEN 🤫 this is a grown man conversation. You’re stuck on the democrats plantation. You’re not superior to ANYONE 🥱

    3. @My Perspective
      Well you fell below the average educational standards of English commentary in America gramps
      Substandard English grammar, punctuation and sentence structure from your Trailer Park’s educational system is quite evident. 🙃🙈

    4. @B. T. you’re using democrat plantation talking points TOKEN 😂 your daily TROLLING is OVER. You’re not superior to anybody.

  6. Lame. Typical US occupies a country then bails on them. Who would ever trust the US. A total failure from start to finish. Pathetic.

  7. It is possible that much of the Afghan Army leadership were in cahoots with the Taliban? They may have had no intentions of fighting once the American forces withdrew, and garnered favorable treatment for their themselves for capitulating.

    1. No, they were just corrupt. Soldiers fought well but their commanders had a ghost army. We paid the commanders for all of the troops they said they had, far less than the 300k Biden said they had. The commanders kept the $$$ difference. In addition, when we abandoned them, we took air support, intelligence, command and control, medical support, the contractors who maintained ALL of their equipment, access to supplies and much more. They didn’t stand a chance and EVERYONE over there knew it.

    2. Once Biden pulled the troops from Bagrahm Air Base that was all she wrote. He has really effed up our country, our allies, the vets, he is not fit to lead this country.He better pray that our Americans that he left behind enemy lines dont start getting slaughtered

    3. @Jim D Thanks for the input. It sounds like the Afghan culture is fraught with corruption. If we can’t get the army to straighten up and fly right, it is futile to change the culture. I have spent time with Afghan women that came to the U.S. in a fund raising organization, and I adored them, and their humanity. For the Taliban to repress them is denying their culture an intellectual resource of immense proportions. I think the Taliban men have an inferiority complex when it comes to women.

    4. @Calm N Sense First, thank you for your service. You make the world a better place. I agree, it is futile to change their culture. Not to tell a long story on YouTube but I once had a ‘friendly’ intellectual argument with a young man who would feel justified killing his wife if she cheated on him… My epiphany was that he believed to the core of his soul that he was right. He truly wanted me to understand why I was wrong. You can’t change that level of belief from the outside.

  8. Everyone is quick to find fault but I haven’t heard any of these guys come up with a better plan. Remember we are dealing with a country that is for the most part still in the Middle Ages with their thinking. They can’t compete with the radical Taliban fighters that only want control at any cost.😩

    1. How would you be able to judge the quality of their toughts? Racist. Take a look in mirror if you are looking for the thoughts stuck in a specific moment in time, that you call “middle ages”(of which, of course you have no clue). I would say 1920s,30s. In general.

  9. If the CIA is so powerful why didn’t they know this would happen?? What happened to the great American intelligence network? It’s inexcusable that the people in charge did not see this coming & did not plan for it..

    1. The CIA has a plan here. Likely to do with a refugee crisis, and/or a deal to turn afghanistan over to China, who will harvest the rare earth minerals there.

    2. Afghans themselves didn’t see this coming as we didn’t see them fleeing until they were on the outskirts of Kabul. No one thought a armed force of 300K would give away a country mostly peacefully to an inferior armed force of 70K.

      Evidently some deals and handshakes were made at v high levels of Afghan leadership that gave away the province’s peacefully to the Taliban. The leadership also stopped paying their armed forces.

  10. Democracy lack of “empathy” message delivered by those wanting it delivered 🙄
    When the names and faces become a blur

  11. Why won’t media talk to media darling, Buttigeg. As an Afghan war veteran is the white house silencing him. Censorship is not just a Chin a problem

  12. Your service made a few people very rich and killed a lot of people in the process. And if you’re mad about it, you should be.

  13. The american equipment
    Needs to be destroyed
    Thats a cardinal rule
    My dad WW2
    Enemy takes your gun you are dead man
    Step it up President Biden

    1. All the decent equipment has been destroyed, for the most part. Nobody’s trying to reverse engineer old blackhawks or humvees.

  14. Just think if someone had a small plate of Jello connected to a string and pulled it sideways in front of Joe. No, that would be cruel.

  15. Speechless!!! Other than I predict an Afghanistan part 2…. Just like we went into Iraq twice!! Why because the Taliban and Al Qaeda are stupid enough to repeat the same mistake twice!!

  16. ” What happened to The old Joe Biden”? Nothing.
    This is the same guy. 50plus years..no accomplishments. Hes a third string politician and has never been a leader.
    MSNBC, among others…puffed him up to be something that he’s not.

  17. AND then we there is the Retrograde process in coming back to CONUS(US)
    We left rifles, etc most all of which could not pass inspection if distributed to CONUS
    based units. The cost of shipping them “home” is not fiscally possible.

  18. I don’t know who you have been listening to,but he has taken full responsibility for what has happened, not being honest,not true,why would he not feel accountable ,some is his fault ,but to lay this at his feet is ridiculous.

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