1. The photograph of the elephant is symbolic and heartbreaking. A victim of a War it has no understanding of, and nothing to do with. Look at the fear in their eye.

    1. @Jennifer Coleman Yes, although it’s *incredibly* dangerous for him to do so… a bomb could literally drop at any moment.

    2. @Janis Ladigs do you know if the zoos have the help they need right now? And where could we donate for them? I wish I had the finances to go in person and help.

    3. Kris – Yes, all the innocents of the animal world in Ukraine must be terrified as well, sensing the human fear around them – I hope they survive – but the crazy noises of bombing and the destructive war machine can’t ever be explained to them.The photographer has caught the fear in the elephant’s eye, but the one small red apple about to be offered to the gentle giant shows such compassion by his keeper. A great photo which touches the heart.

  2. IF it is terrifying for us, just to look at these photos and videos, one can ONLY imagine what it’s like for the beautiful people of Ukraine. I feel so incredibly helpless. Sending heartfelt prayers. Slava Ukraini! Gentle hugs from Canada

    1. @Craft Paint pray for one day is not your family running ..your home destroyed…no food ….one day if it came to you ..remenber what you sayed here!🇺🇦🇵🇹🇪🇺🇺🇲❤

    2. @Craft Paint // That’s really weak. You need deprogramming to divert the hatred that consumes you.

  3. I’m worried about Heidi Levine. It looks like she has PTSD. I have it, and I do that constant blinking when I am under a lot of stress. That, with the nightmares. I hope she will be ok. It can’t be easy seeing all of the death and destruction she has seen.

    I am thankful for the journalists and photographers risking their lives to show the world what is truly happening in the Ukraine. I hope the war can be stopped soon so they can start to rebuild what they can and start to heal.

    1. @XVI …I am not aware of a referendum in 2010 and there are no records of it so you seem to be fabricating statistics. The results of the referendum in 2014 do not support your arguments.

    2. @Koreviking LIke somebody else on here said, she just reports them for promoting terrorism, which is what I just did to the liar to whom you replied. I’m out of patience with idiots who don’t know right from wrong and being in a cult is zero excuse.
      Slava Ukraini

    3. @2021 Phone Putin is evil I’m Eastern European and Ukraine needs all the help they can get to defend their land. 🇺🇦💙💛🙏✌🏼🇺🇸

    4. She most likely does have PTSD. I used to think I didn’t, but after 25 years as a FF and working multiple aircraft crashes, tower collapses, car wrecks, etc, I am finding myself with PTSD symptoms I didn’t used to have. Mood swings to no emotions, insomnia, depression, anxiety at times when I have no external reasons to be anxious. But, you can tell it in her voice as she recounts her experience her voice crack, her eyes get glassy, she seems uncomfortable talking about it. People with PTSD shouldn’t suffer, they should talk to someone, they should seek counseling and sometimes anxiety medications.

  4. There is no way I could go and be an unarmed journalist in the middle of a war zone . Kudos to the bravery of these people

    1. And yet people call journalists fake news. I agree with you, they are putting their lives in jeopardy.

    2. Especially since Putin has targeted and successfully slaughtered journalists, add that to his list of war crimes. Journalists and medics never allowed to be targeted.

  5. “Even the dead are not allowed to Rest In Peace here.” 🥺🥺🥺🥺 what a nightmare. I hope you get better, girl. You seem shaken but who wouldn’t be! You’re so brave and I hope you can take comfort in the fact that your photo sharing has given the world an eye to see the truth. God bless and get some good rest 🙂 💕

    1. @F James You can read my report on Ukraine for real facts that media (both CNN & Fox) will not tell you!

  6. I’m absolutely heartbroken over the helpless people and animals dealing with this nightmare. 💔

    1. @Bryan Russia is fighting against elites! You can read my recent report “Ukraine War”, for real facts.

  7. Heidi seems to be a genuinely beautiful soul. This was a very good and insightful interview. My son is in the US Army as a combat cameraman/photographer. My heart goes out to all those suffering.

  8. Thank you Heidi for your courage to capture the horrors of war. These haunting images are the affirmation of why we as the human race must end wars.

  9. So very sad. I appreciate the tough work that Heidi Levine and her colleagues are doing to let us, the world, know what is going on. These helpers are in my prayers too. God bless them.

  10. A picture paints a thousand words, and this work is very heartbreaking beyond words.
    “….for this to be happening in 2022…we haven’t learned from history…”, sad but true.

  11. Photographers of war are absolutely indispensable. In all conflicts,they are the ones to bring awareness and strike imaginations. Thanks for your service, madame.

    1. Thanks for showing appreciation instead of the many hateful comments. This work takes a huge toll on the journalists and their families.

  12. I feel most sorry for the innocent zoo animals, pets, little children and elderly … it is heartbreaking.

  13. Condolences to family and friends who`ve lost loved ones during this horrible war. Love from Germany.

    1. Thanks as ukranian i aprrociate🇺🇦Germany is a beatyful country but there many Black and gays

  14. I feel so sorry about that elephant… and the rest of the animals trapped at the zoo. And so incredibly thankful to the worker who sleeps next to him, sometimes — to keep him calm. It is *incredibly* dangerous to do such a thing rn, as a bomb might drop at any moment…

    1. Absolutely The elephant should not be in the zoo in the first place. Elephants are very social animals he grieves for the family he lost and they grieve for him. Horrendous🐘💔🐘💔🐘

  15. My child has type 1 diabetes. That’s a parents worst fear to not be able to find life saving medicine for your child. Thank you to the reporters and the people helping. You are literally saving lives

    1. God bless you, as a retired nurse whose husband is a type 1 diabetic i feel you. I cannot imagine the terror of not accessing insulin for a child. ❤

  16. Heidi’s photos tell a chilling story. This was the first time I heard anything about the impacts on the animals at the zoo and about how the dead can’t even rest in peace.

  17. This lady, and her team are doing remarkable work….as are all the brave souls trying to document this atrocious war.

  18. I feel terribly for Heidi but hope she knows that by doing her job the whole world sees through her photos the horrific situation in Ukraine. And by seeing these images governments etc are helping more than they would have, people sending more aid than they would have and on it goes. This is huge in bringing Ukrainian closer to victory. Heidi darling I am thinking of you!

  19. The moment her face came up on the split screen I recognized the thousand yard stare of PTSD. The flat expression and the extremely tense larynx. I wish her healing and recognition for her service to the world. One doesn’t have to take up arms to serve their country or the human community. Sacrifice is sacrifice, and it’s important that we recognize and honor those who are willing and able to do it.

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