Veteran remembers D-Day 78 years later: ‘We all got a little scared’ | USA TODAY

Veteran remembers D-Day 78 years later: 'We all got a little scared' | USA TODAY 1


  1. Here’s something interesting to keep in mind: Any WW2 veteran still alive today has to be at least 94 years old if they turned 18 in 1945.

  2. What a shame that this has so few views, America seems to have forgotten what happened on this day 78 years ago

  3. I stand tall and proud and sulut or nations finest on this 6th day of June, to the greatest generation who answered the call I am forever grateful, God bless you and God bless AMERICA. 🪖🇺🇲

  4. About a year ago I was working at a luncheon and a WWII vet came in with his family. I thanked him, gave him some free food, and shook his hand; and for being damn near or over 100 he still had one Hell of a grip. Being 22 at the time it hit me hard when I realized that when he was around my age he was in either the Pacific of European having to fight some of the most fiercest soldiers in history and commit to actions that likely haunts him to this day.

  5. We can never thank you enough for what you all did. You are this world’s treasure.

  6. we live in a different world now………would this generation be like the ww2 generation?

  7. Well I know one of my mother’s brothers and one of my Father’s were 16 and 17 when they joined in 1942

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