Veteran reveals scars during meeting, asks 'Is this patriot enough?' 1

Veteran reveals scars during meeting, asks ‘Is this patriot enough?’


Lee Wong, an elected official in Ohio, took off his shirt during a local government meeting to show scars he sustained in the US Army. The 69-year-old veteran told CNN he wants everyone to appreciate the value of Asian American service.
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    1. @Naz the Bol don’t come crying to me because you can’t win against my friends the LGBTQ you support tRUMP and bush selling weapons to Saudi Arabia real Americans. Don’t care about the west America first. Right? all the other countries can kick rocks unless you want to support the establishment of western culture and make that the establishment…. Yet you think you’re fighting it…. But who needs facts and logic when you have fear hatred and ignorance

    2. Well its all about skin color right? Ironic that the scars themselves are only recognized by their color rather than the deeds, the experience, the thoughts and ideas of the person who wears them.
      I think in part at least, this tendency towards superficial jugment is at the heart of prejudice. This is obvious but what is not, is just how often we do it, not only to people but to things too. I don’t think many people are aware that they do it never mind making the decision to rise above it.

    3. @brian James no body cares if people are gay you’re just ignorant fool that are useful to the neoliberal empire. You’re nothing but fascist all those Iraqi bodys not enough?

    1. @Pixxie Snitt yikes I’d hate to wake up with that perspective. You’re not different friend you’re stupid. Realization is what you need

    2. @Laser Pointer democrats created the kkk lol that remark holds zero weight as the kkk went to a trump rally to endorse trump which trump is part of the Conservative party which means republicans. Had to write it all out for your slow brain. I’ve seen so many conservatives represent black hate through confederate flags and harsh wording in their political beliefs. It’s such a joke you’re trying to tie racism to democrats you’re truly delusional and probably need a mental evaluation

    1. @Brian Jones What are 16 or 17 that is enough to justify how stupid you are, you say a man who fought for his country is less patriotic then a man who had his money handed to him and was a Democrat and now he is a Republican tmrw he will be an independent next day he will turn his cult into a politcal party HE SAID THE PEOPLE WHO RIOTED ON JAN 6 WERE SPEACIAL AND HE LOVED THEM AND HOW THEY WERE HUGGING AND KISSING CAPITOL POLICE WHEN THEY WERE PEPPER SPRAYING THEM so please unless you are actually educated and know what you are talking about SHUT TF UP TRUMPET CULT45 DUMMY

    2. @kelperdude He isnt disarming anyone idiot he is making it harder for people with bad intentions to get a gun

    3. @Jo Poveromo He didnt lose to voter fraud he lost because he turned the country into a dumpster fire and he also lost every single lawsuit he made on voter fraud and got 1.6 billion defamation lawsuit so

    1. I guess we have to let the entire country of China into the United States because one Chinese veteran took his shirt off and showed us his nipples….

    2. @Anti Hypocrisy Whether or not one agrees with anothers idealogy, our country built on Agree To Disagree. Does not give anyone the right to taunt and bully..
      These bullies choose their mindset and how to nurture their souls. They are too lazy. They are fighting to be the loud ones at this point in history.
      Humanoids aka no heart and souls.

    3. @Brian Jones He chooses his words carefully and speaks softly. No reason at this point to consider him a liar. If it is your inclination to think so, then go and do your own dirtdigging to settle your mind so you can surely sleep much better.

    1. @A patriot just because it was common makes it ok to be a coward when you’re called upon by your country?

    2. @Jamtommy Isnt it Trumpets who put pipe bombs next to Capitol and broke in and killed police officers and assualted then to cry ABOUT HOW THEY SUPPORT BLACK AND BLUE

    3. @Beast 2k17
      Nope, they didn’t kill *Anybody* . Turns out that was just a lie from the msm to fit their narrative. Maybe educate yourself on the events before sticking your foot in your mouth again .

  1. When I saw that the other day, that really hit hard and powerful.. We all live here which means we are Americans. America has been diverse for centuries and if you think someone should “go back to their country” you are the problem because it’s YOU that cannot assimilate, we all can..

    1. @Brian Joneswrote “No I actually have integrity”

      : noun: integrity
      – the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.

      Sorry sir. But your posts show none of those qualities.

    2. I guess we have to let the entire country of China into the United States because one Chinese veteran took his shirt off and showed us his nipples….

    3. @Freedom Bow-ner What does being a Republican or a Democrat have to do with serving your country and being a war here or commemorated veteran? If I’m right when you are serving NO ONE GIVES AF WHO YOU VOTED FOR BECAUSE THEY ARE PUTTING THERE LIFE ON THE LINE IDIOT

  2. A honor to witness such a brave man speaking out against intolerance and hatred. Thank you for your service to our country. As someone else pointed out in the comments, We as Americans must do better.

    1. I guess we have to let the entire country of China into the United States because one Chinese veteran took his shirt off and showed us his nipples….

    2. @S. Lee Mccauley I agree with you 100% Sadly, those individuals are becoming rare species, if not extinct from certain quarters / organizations. How unbelievable that even the supposedly “highly educated” people and so-called “Christians” could let themselves be twisted around a looney’s little finger. But I believe that this is the hour of reckoning for the USA. Time to separate the wheat from the chaff. There is no better time than this for the remaining good men to go out of their comfort zones, stand up for what is right and just, take action and let their superior nature be revealed.

    3. @River Valley University I don’t think it is a good idea to use or say the word “Colored” if you are referring to Black people- look it up

    4. @pacifca nonook Sorry, the truth always hurts, especially for those who evaded military service when you are WHITE!

    5. @Granny my family doesn’t evade the military…we get drafted……its not like today…easy boot camp and a money grab for college kids

    1. @Black Widow I wouldn’t expect any different from a liberal you are too lazy to do research in believe what the news stations spoon-feed you

    2. @Fact Check says the guy spouting tired right wing Tucker/Limbaugh-esque talking points. Sheep calling others sheep so pathetic

  3. Right on Mr. Wong ! That’s what makes this country greater than any other. The diversity of all the people. It’s not just white people, that’s what they’re afraid of becoming the minority here. My father came from Guatemala , fought in the Korean war as a hero then was threatened to be deported.

    1. You’ve been watching too much liberal news actually read statistics and see where the problems are

    2. @The Ewoking Dread the genocide against native Americans was not diversity, but the opposite. The native Americans would have had it much better, if the US government was more diversity minded during its expansion west. Instead the US pushed its culture on the native population, which is far from what diversity is.

  4. Mr. Wong: I am deeply inspired by your first amendment expression. Americans like you, who so forthrightly tell it like it is are a gift to this country. When it needs to be said…We get it done. Thank you for your military service and may you never know pain again.

  5. His Being an American Is enough for me, he shouldn’t have to show his scars to have the right to being treated with respect.

  6. Mr Wong – I salute you and your epic ‘mic drop’! at the council meeting. Thank you for being a patriot!

  7. Meanwhile there are those wannabe militants talks big who has not even seen an actual battle and would flee in a sight of a bullet.

    1. We Americans value Asian-Americans. It’s republicans who have been indoctrinated through traitor trump’s racist rhetoric and hates speeches that are anti-Asian.

    2. @Alycks no. No no no. Trump did. This “China virus”, “kung flu” and “blame china” remarks are what set all this bullshit in motion. Stop trying to defend the devil

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