Veteran Says End To The War In Afghanistan Was ‘Inevitable’ 1

Veteran Says End To The War In Afghanistan Was ‘Inevitable’


U.S. Army Capt. Dan Berschinski (Ret.) says his experience serving in Afghanistan taught him the war was unwinnable and end would be inevitable. He tells Lawrence O’Donnell his hope now is that elected and military leaders have learned “to do something different in the future when we are inevitably presented with a similar situation.”
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  1. This outcome was as predictable as the sunrise. A colossal waste of time, money and resources. No president the past 20 years wanted this mess on their legacy that’s the only reason this was Americas longest war.

    1. @i dont have time 2 reply What about George Bush landing on the carrier back in 2003 and saying “The job is done”….Where are those WMD’s we went in the first place??

    2. @i dont have time 2 reply True but four consecutive presidents screwed this up. In my opinion going into Iraq was the biggest blunder. It had dire consequences for half the freaking world.

    3. @Dittzx
      I agree Bush Junior scked, but that has nothing to do with the poster’s reply. We wanted to leave Afghanistan and everybody wanted us to leave. Leaving wasn’t the problem. The problem was pulling out our military before pulling out our civilians AND leaving military equipment there. Makes no difference that some of it belonged to the Afghan “army”. We also gave up a highly strategic airbase.

  2. Dan Berschinski Is in the majority, most military who were there predicted this. Our son also predicted this in 2003 at the end of his first deployment. .

  3. Great reporting Lawrence but you didn’t ask the tough questions such as ”Is that a statuette of ‘The King’ on the shelf in the background?” VIVAAAAAA Las Vegas!!!

    1. @Alyson onOahu The thinking and logistical planning are similar. Of course officers are trained in such.

    2. @Duke Makedo
      “officers are trained in such”
      I would hope so!
      Hopefully we do not end up with a major hostage situation, like a jillion Americans held in a jillion different places.

    1. We have had 18 years to get out and still can’t do this to suit anyone and now the repubs or make excuses for their inept actions there. F these grifters who have made a fortune off the misery of others.

  4. america withdrew turkey came. libya syria iraq balkans bosnia herzegovina albania macedonia azerbaijan ukraine. turkey has become a super power now it’s time to bring the world to its knees, everyone will know how!

  5. Question: Why does the right wing have their undies in a bunch over this? They don’t like nation-building and they don’t want them all over here, so what’s the issue? Biden is doing a great job. Glad we are getting out.

  6. What he s trying to say is once a s hole country always a s hole country. God bless Biden for getting out now.

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  8. Thank you to all those in service for the sacrifices you made. Thank you Joe Biden for your service as well.

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