Veterans of Watergate era on Trump’s legal challenges

Legendary journalist Carl Bernstein, part of the Washington Post team that broke the Watergate scandal, and John Dean, White House counsel during the scandal, speak with Anderson Cooper about the latest in the cases against former President Donald Trump. #CNN #News


  1. Alvin Bragg is just the beginning. Jack Smith will put Mango Assolini in Leavenworth for life. I love Justice. 🇺🇸

  2. The PRA changed the legal ownership of the official records of the President from private to public, and established a new statutory structure under which Presidents, and subsequently NARA, must manage the records of their Administrations. The PRA was amended in 2014, which established several new provisions

    1. If Biden needed over 25,000 troops to guard him from the people on Inauguration Day,than it’s clear that he wasn’t elected by the people🤣🤣🤣💀

    2. The only major amendment in 2014 of the PRA was that it lessened the burden of the archivist by placing the burden of separating presidential and personal documentary materials onto the president. Before 2014 pretty much every scrap of paper that passed through the president’s hands had to be turned over to NARA and they had to sift through everything to see if it had historical significance

    1. If Biden needed over 25,000 troops to guard him from the people on Inauguration Day,than it’s clear that he wasn’t elected by the people🤣🤣🤣💀

  3. I’m just an ordinary guy retired from law enforcement that doesn’t have a lot of money but I sleep very well and enjoy what I do have. This billionaire probably never sleeps without medication

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    1. @Arc Decibel that’s funny, because I thought fish only knew they were in water once they were pulled out of it…

  5. Does Trump realise that the judge whose receiving these threats is the same judge that could possibly be sentencing him if he’s found guilty?

    1. @Georgie sweetie ? They late passing out meds at the senior center ? Guess Bingo gonna night is gonna be wild again…

  6. If Ford had not pardoned Nixon and Nixon had gone to trial we may not be where we are today. BIG mistake by Ford.

    1. It’s your universe, so who better to be in charge f it than you? Write the walls inside your head with any history you wish.

  7. Seems to me that Alvin B could file a motion to the judge regarding the inflammatory nature of defendant tRumps rhetoric for action when, not if, it transparently crosses the line. I’m waiting for that with each passing day.

  8. Finally someone in the news who actually is focusing on the most horrible crime of all. The insurrection shocked the world and we continue to NOT hold the masterminds accountable.

  9. The Judge in New York could incarcerate Trump until trial is complete. ❤ GOD Bless Everyone

  10. If Trump shows reasonable expectation of not having a fair trial, change of venue is required. SCOTUS.

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