Veterans Press U.S. To Keep Promise To Protect Afghan Interpreters 1

Veterans Press U.S. To Keep Promise To Protect Afghan Interpreters


Rep. Jake Auchincloss talks with Rachel Maddow about the urgency of the need to evacuate interpreters who worked with the U.S. military from Afghanistan before the U.S. withdrawal leaves them vulnerable to attacks by the resurgent Taliban. 
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    1. @PurpleDjango he doesn’t need to he gets the news in a briefing long before the news channels even post anything.

    2. @Jimmy Crow he’s saying the US government doesn’t have a good history of sticking with its allies and will leave the interpreters to die. (Like they did with the Kurds)

  1. Question they’ve known for over a year they were leaving, and if it takes a year to get documents, why did they wait???

  2. Absolutely right no interpreter or their families should be left behind! Period. If we do this is a true disgrace to our nation. Which of these couldn’t qualify for political persecution if they came across our southern border. Not to mention all the help they provided to our troops and country over the many years. Make sure every last one is taken in to our country as citizens.

  3. LMAO! That’s a 20 yr press.

    Remember how long it took for the fed to take care of 9/11 first responders?

    We had to bring a talk show host out of retirement to get anyone to listen.

  4. The idea we will protect them is laughable. Used and abandoned. Something every president has done since around the time I was born.

  5. Why would we expect that our government would keep its promise to evacuate the interpers that helped us, the government barely keeps its word to its CITIZENS…

  6. From UK: Remember that the rest of the world sees the USA as the evil empire. Here US will prove the value of their word! Don’t make me laugh….

  7. I doubt if the interpreters will be protected, Australia is no better at keeping the promises to these people. After all, America left the Bagram Airfield in the dead of night without telling the new Afghan commander. Also left hundreds (thousands?) of vehicles – but no keys!!!

  8. Business as usual. Thanks for the help but!!!They are now sacrificed. Remember bay of pigs. Vietnam evacuation rooftop, Northern Afghanistan allies. Waiting on USA promises that will cost them their lives and their families. SAD. Being a Veteran, I would not like to be left alone on a battlefield because of broken promises.

  9. Yankland takes the same attitude towards those interpreters that it does to yank war crimes:

    “What are you going to do? Hold us accountable? ha ha ha ….”

  10. There was a time when i was on mission and ther was a bomb in the road, and the civilians were trying to warn us as we approached it, but obviously they didn’t speak English. If we didn’t have our interpreter w/ us at the time , who knows what could have happened!! I literally owe those guys my life!

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