Veterans To Help Resettle Displaced Afghanistan Refugees

Veterans To Help Resettle Displaced Afghanistan Refugees 1


  1. How has the world slipped down the toilet so badly? So much hate for other humans just because of their beliefs, this can only get worse.

    1. @JKD Studio it makes me laugh that the woke tolerant liberals are always defending Islam and yet it’s the most homophobic and misogynistic religion out there.

    2. @Margaret Wordnerd judging by your posts I don’t think your mind is wired up correctly Margaret lol.

  2. The right wing loves to talk about “cancel culture” on Fox news so I find it intresting they turn off the comments on their videos now,aren’t they being hypocritical silencing their own viewers?🤣🤣

    1. I’m not sure that you understand what cancel culture is. And the funny thing is your lot denied cancel culture exists, but now you think it’s real. Strange that.

  3. I’m so happy we have the all voluntary military today. My children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren don’t have to worry about defending our country. Better to be safe than dead.

    1. I’m happy we have a voluntary service too, but my reasoning is that they have proven to be extremely professional to date, barring a few questionable folks in the last few years like Mike Flynn.

    2. Yeah that’s what everyone who fled Afghanistan though better to be safe than dead.problem is we saved the people who were suppose to save everyone else.

    3. Shout out Richard Nixon for the voluntary military force and reduced voting age .yall thought he was impeached over spying 🕵️‍♀️🤔 lmao.

  4. IF one truly cares about our veterans, one of the most important ways to honor them is to *do our best* to get those who helped *them* in Afghanistan (& elsewhere, actually) get out of harm’s way & get them to safety. The camaraderie they shared in what had to be grueling, probably at times, terrifying circumstances, has bonded them in ways I can only imagine. Since we now are aware of many of the ramifications of PTSD, we owe our vets & should do our utmost to get those who helped them (& thus, us) out of harm’s way. It is the honorable thing to do & again, *we* owe them — *big time* .

  5. Troops on the ground in Afghanistan over a 20 year period didn’t work, a new strategy was needed. Biden ended the war and not only brought our troops home but continues with a new diplomatic approach. I support the vets efforts to resettle the thousands of Afghans liberated and brought to the USA as we in this nation must move forward. Say what you may about the withdrawal but Biden took a bad situation and acted because he felt it was the right thing to do, despite the political blowback…Just sayin’

    1. Agreed. Also the veterans I’ve heard from are *very happy* we’ve left there. The deaths of those 13 military members is one of many reasons WHY we should have left there.

    2. May all the Afghanistan children grow up educated in the west and maybe go back and transform Afghanistan in a couple generations.

  6. Thanks, all. I can’t help posting this comment here, also:
    Thanks, Folks. My heart goes out to all those affected where Ida first hit, which struck areas already badly stressed by the Delta Variant, with regard to emergency care. Now the winds are less of a problem (except for tornados), but the RAINS! And no power! Another soaking of soggy Tennessee, etc. And I imagine that Cindy Huang has her hands full, undoing all the damage Scott Lloyd did as Director of the ORR under Trumpie / Azar !!!

  7. *DAILY REALITY CHECK:* the war is over, Biden is not going to be impeached and Trump is never coming back.

    1. Yeah leave it to Jim Crowe Joe to really mess things up. He won’t be getting another term. Not only was he for segregation of busing in the south but now segregation in New York City for majority of black people who don’t want forced vaccination.

    2. @Sun Dial Biden has only been in office for 8 months. Let’s see what the history books say in another 3 years. Anything can happen.

    3. @Sherry Beckley
      Never understood why majority of Black folks like and voted for Biden..he was responsible for the incarceration of thousands of fellow black Americans and was friends with those who believed in slavery and confederacy……☻

  8. Thanks to Joe Biden for ending Bush Jr.’s “Forever War.” We can now see what all that supposed “nation-building” the neocons talked about added up to: Nothing. And meanwhile, Insurrectionist Trump is just sitting on the sidelines telling his usual lies.

    1. President Trump is the one who initiated the withdrawal of our troops.

      Biden disaster of an exit put our country’s security at risk

  9. These veterans have spent a generation, some their entire adult lives in Afghanistan. There is no easy way to break ties, trauma bonding is strong. This is an opportunity before the government in Afghanistan is recognized, to surgically extract these people. We will help them. I will open my home, but I’m evicted with a cancer patient into a pandemic.

  10. We lost our integrity over a decade ago. It’s over, we failed. Now learn from it and let’s not play nation maker.

  11. Memo to Veterans: Thank you for your service… YOu did your job… But…We are tired of giving our blood and treasure to military industrial complex contractors. It is time to give Americans voting rights, police reform, healthcare, education, housing and infrastructure here at home… and give the Afghan and Iraq refugees a resettlement plan.. The era of for profit foreign wars is over..

  12. “As they sacrificed to help U.S. Troops in Afghanistan”?
    American troops were trying to rid their country of terrorists while offering them a chance to live a normal life. And it is a “sacrifice” for them to assist? I will not be stopping to help you with that flat tire. Because if we work together to fix your issue. Well, I wouldn’t want you to have to sacrifice so much.

  13. Trust me Joe, I understand… Ying-Yang! But would you please send Willie over to fox… where he belongs!

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