Vice President Harris Delivers U.S. Naval Academy Commencement Address 1

Vice President Harris Delivers U.S. Naval Academy Commencement Address


Vice President Harris has made history as the first woman to deliver a commencement address at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. Before her remarks, the Vice President laid flowers at Sen. John McCain’s gravesite. 

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Vice President Harris Delivers U.S. Naval Academy Commencement Address


  1. I am SO proud to be an American.

    If you aren’t?
    Don’t hide the “glass house” you live in too…

    1. And please share what you are proud about. Everyone really wants to know what a true patriot feels, share your precious feelings. Shame and lecture us, go into that 3rd grade teacher mode

    2. @Jake Roberts I’m not a racist, SEXIST, homophobic, xenophobic, anti-semitic bigot.
      Nor a KKK ideologues, Neo-Nazis or White Supremacist.
      I’m sure you can understand that?
      I mean, that was my 3rd grade teacher mode…

    1. As a leftist, sucks to see almost an entire country who only hated kids in cages when it was under trump now think it’s cool and fine because Biden. It’s disgusting. Either believe in what you stand for or get out of the way

    2. OP – news coverage of the border – “Southern Border Crossings Hit Record Levels Last Month — But Surge Slowing Down”

    1. @Austin butler lmao so you are not broken then? well hello, Mr. perfect. Shouldn’t you be doing something better in life than commenting on youtube channels?

    1. A weak man only hears his inner voices when a strong woman is talking. You need to deal with those demons, Gino. Your mother can’t keep renting out your headspace.

    2. @Fred A Well “weak man”, thanks for sharing, but your therapist’s couch is the appropriate place for such revelations.

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    1. Greetings friend. Yay spread the word friend. Give glory unto God, even the God of Abraham Isaac and Jacob. Peace friend.

    2. I hope Kamala Harris ends up as the US president. Conservatives will go absolutely nuclear and it’d be glorious to watch.
      I will eventually be hospitalized for the sheer amount of popcorn I’d consume.

    1. Yeah, once you remove hate speech and threats, they’re all pretty boring speeches. Not everything can be drama.

    1. @Kyle Hahn Kamala does literally nothing so there’s a small chance it’s actually her on the comments. @Fred A Hey Heels-Up, is that you?

    2. @Kyle Hahn I noticed that as well, this guy has made so many comments I was almost thinking it was a bot account

    3. @Kyle Hahn Why are you attacking her so much? What do you have to gain? Other than a personal audit of your finances?

    4. @Estates General Bro chill I was just pointing out that @Fred A was replying to like every comment saying the same stuff. And wdym by “personal audit of your finances?” I am not attacking her “so much”, I am simply asking @Fred A why he was being unnecessary defensive towards Kamala Harris. Nothing in my reply to Fred A attacked Kamala Harris. So even though you may have thought your reply to me was witty or intelligent, it wasn’t because I never attacked Kamala Harris.

    1. @Fred A I find it ironic that someone getting regularly “jail-sexed” by their “husband” brings up their own self projection (confession) of “lesser man” and “mommy issues”. You are a beta “male” – nothing-more-nothing-less.

    2. @Fred A Hes boring, the comment…and anything related. Typical, insecure bigots, and maga supporters.

    1. @Slow But Certain A Sherman might have graduated high school. Kamala graduated college and law school. Attorney General of California, state senator and VP. A. Sherman’s qualifications that we know of. He sent a text on you tube.

    2. @The truth For now Sorry, Kamala slept her way into the California AG. Her speech was full banal political trite…unless you’re impressed with her “vision” of Marines using rolled up solar panels instead of batteries.

      All she has to offer is reading political cliches from teleprompters interspersed with weird cackles.

      BTW, I received just as many votes in the Democratic primaries as she did. Zero. She’s a clown….even Democrats can see that.

    3. @A_Sherman well pence was not any better if I go along with your logic. Assuming Biden serves only one term. Kamala will probably not get chosen as our candidate for 2024. Of course if she does well in central america next month, you never know. Biden was our best candidate. Trump knew that. Trump created the Ukraine scandal. Biden defended himself and his son. He vaulted to the top of the ticket as all the candidates rallied around him. Some say falsely that Kamala is running the show. Not even close. Obama has far more influence on Biden. Biden helped Obama make tough decisions. Now the roll is reversed.

    4. @The truth For now That wasn’t exactly a ringing endorsement of Kamala Harris. My only point is that Kamala sucks. She’s unimpressive, inarticulate, and lacks charisma. It’s ok to say that Biden is ok and that Kamala is a dud. I doubt the Democratic thought police will come for you.

    1. boy…you sure are brainwashed aren’t you? tax taken from you paycheck, tax on food, tax on gas, pretty much tax on the air that you breath…wake up already!

  3. The recruits did not salute her because she is not in the chain of command, had Pres. Biden been there, each would have rendered a salute. This, of course, is the issue in the alleged shoot-down order issued by Cheney on 9/11; he did not have the authority to issue such an order as the President was not incapacitated or out of communication.

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