Vice President Kamala Harris: Don't Let Others Tell You Who You Are 1

Vice President Kamala Harris: Don’t Let Others Tell You Who You Are


As part of the launch of Forbes' 50 Over 50 list, Vice President Kamala Harris sits down for an exclusive interview with Mika Brzezinski to discuss not evaluating herself based on age, eating 'No' for breakfast, working with women-owned small businesses and encouraging women and girls to know their strength.

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    1. Yes! Can’t think of a single example where that wasn’t the case. Kinda sucks for orphans, though

    2. She smoked pot in college listening to Tupac. Granted Tupac wasnt a rapper then but hey all black people look alike right?

    3. She’s been Under the Desk 50x MORE in her Career than Monica Lewisnky…to get to the Top, or bottom or on her back, knees, etc….

  1. “Don’t let other people tell you who you are”.
    EXACTLY. (But search inside YOURSELF for facts)

    1. @Nick Byler : LMAO You’re cute. But men and women have been homosexual back in Roman times if not before.
      But I’m not talking about queerness. I’m talking about BEING YOURSELF and searching INSIDE YOURSELF TO FIGURE OUT YOURSELF!

  2. In the post WWII years there were folks who were gamblers an bet on young Americans to buy homes

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    1. Patricia  Hughes continues to be an inspiration to all newbies and those who have been fortunate to have made use of her signals

  4. maybe she did her job and go to the border and see what’s going on there maybe I wouldn’t be upset with my vote not very impressive

    1. She is going to the point of origin. Guatemala and Honduras. Many have gone to the border. A sad scene but the problem is in central america not at the border. The border is the result.

  5. Saat kuliah, gw kalo lunch gk oernah makan nasi. Krn gw pikir dirumah ma kg an nasi mulu. Bosan. Gw makannya bakso. Ya udeh itu aja. Gk pernah beli gorengan. Ngirit nyet! Wajakakakakaka. NH TV

  6. That’s right Mrs Harris and MSNBC I have no business telling anyone who they are what they think and whether they’re right or wrong. My opinion

    1. She just wants freedom, well we want a president and vice who doesn’t act like complete hypocrites. They say that they want unity can someone give them a dictionary , cuz their actions our country is more divided than ever. How they talk about racism and make it sound like only white people are racists. My job we had two females who are hispanic called the white coworkers white trash and what does my boss do when they come to her reporting what those females had said. They told us that it didn’t happen and were the racists ones.

  7. Ok, why did they have to close when seed and liquor stores which were small businesses never had to close,? She’s full of sh””, man.

  8. But you love telling other people what they should think – !
    Your way or the highway !
    Hypocrite !

  9. Just do nothing Kamala !! Let’s let 50 million undocumented people into the Country. Perfect !

  10. Loved that quote from Ms. Harris :-)) “don’t let anyone tell you who you are, you tell them who you are”

  11. I love how the media are celebrating their chosen champions. It’s kind of chilling. This hosts fait de gloire is her interview of a certain British talk show host who looks like Jesus. She was at her very best then.

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