Vice President Mike Pence, Karen Pence Arrive For Biden-Harris Inauguration | MSNBC 1

Vice President Mike Pence, Karen Pence Arrive For Biden-Harris Inauguration | MSNBC


Vice President Mike Pence arrives at the Capitol for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris' inauguration along with Second Lady Karen Pence. Aired on 01/20/2021.
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Vice President Mike Pence, Karen Pence Arrive For Biden-Harris Inauguration | MSNBC


    1. ​@Obblical Tongey You never will, People have to be de-programmed from Cults and Mind control. You wouldn’t see the truth if it bit you in the azz. All you know are lies and thats all you can see.

    2. @Ken James9911 stop acting like a cult member, if you want to me to be enlightened with your left wing politics actually give reasoning. Go on, I dont care about name calling, I care about reasoning.

    3. @Obblical Tongey Well your a cult member so that’s not a surprise. This was his last attempt to not complete burn all bridges so that any hope of a further political career might not escape him. He has been weak and feeble for 4 yrs and allowed himself to be made a mockery of. He’s finished

    4. @sparklesandseahorses yeah blah blah blah but actually give reasoning and try to explain why you dislike pence so much. I just can’t see anyone explaining how he was immature. All these people do is name call. You saw me ask for reasoning so give it, I don’t see how he has been weak and feeble for 4 years and spoiler alert: having different political views and policies isn’t a reason.

    1. Did he? I wanted that 25th amendment invoked. Too little to late. I did detect a little bit of humanity in those dark souless eyes. He seemed to been enjoying the moment, the totality of it all was coming down on him.

    2. I agree with all of you, but he could have skipped and say goodbye to Trump. And with all the mess he and Trump left behind he did show up to Biden’s inauguration ceremony.

    3. Or he knew Trump will f’ up the insurrection attempt like anything else he touches and Pence just jumped the sinking ship in time.

      Afaik the VP has no constitutional right, to overturn the results – so he would himself be put on trail if the coup failed (and it did…)

      So he may have more ‘class’ and a few more braincells working then DJT but hes still a fanatic with twisted morals.

      The misinformation machine on the pro Trump channels is still very activ and gets a few thousend views daily..

    1. Your aphorism is misplaced and ill-used. And BTW, bigger than whom?

      Pence is bigger than no man. You mean an outgoing Vice-president that shows up at the incoming President’s inauguration is worthy of praise? Every Vice–president in history has shown up at the incoming presidents inauguration. smh.

    2. Almost no one was talking to him during the live broadcast, sitting in the far corner alone. I kinda felt bad for a moment watching that.

  1. I was never a fan of Pence, but he has been more presidential in the past two weeks than Trump has the previous four years.

    1. My thoughts entirely, Time 4 Change. Greetings from a very relieved Briton. He’s my political hero No. 1 of the moment. Might just save the GOP from itself!

    2. @WILL There it is. I was wondering why people was ripping you a new one. All I can say is plenty of people who had similar testimonies like yours, then later, they are on the news telling us that they should of look it more seriously. Some actually died after their declaration. 400k deaths, more or less. It don’t matter. The virus took a substantial amount of lives including a handful under the age of 13. Don’t under estimate it and don’t be a fool. All of you. Its happening! Not only it claimed lives, it claimed livelihoods and single handedly changed the whole wold in less than a year! THE WHOLE WORLD!

  2. Remember, he’s had aspirations of becoming president. Divinely appointed, some say. So him being here is like showing the world: “Hey, I can play the part. See you in 4 years.”

    1. Look, Trump threw Pence under the bus on January 6!
      Thanks to Pence and his wife for making it clear they recognize
      Joe Biden as President of the USA Thanks to Pence
      for defending democracy

    2. My thoughts exactly, trying to build back bridges. It’s won’t work, his name is attached to the worst presidency in history

  3. I was so glad Mike Pence and his wife showed up
    It was nice to see everyone that showed up today to support our President and Vice President

  4. Pence has chosen the path of dignity. It’s a shame he learned the hard way loyalty is a ONE way street where Trump is concerned.

  5. Never seen his wife and Melanie works together. Like Michael and Joe wife. Works together and become best friends

  6. Mike Pence and his wife making it very clear they recognize
    Joe Biden as President of the USA Thank you

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