Victims Identified in Manchester Crash; 3 People Dead & 11 Others Injured | TVJ News

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  1. Why do we have to drive like idiots? Most of these drivers is driving drunk and hi , everyone needs to share the blame instead of glorifying this stupidity why not call them out and stop them ?

    1. Some are also high on ganja. They are reckless and careless. Jamaican people put up with the crap, they say nothing when the taxi man is driving like a maniac

  2. This is terrible and need to stop. I had a friend went down to Jamaica from Canada. Took a taxi she told.the driver he is speeding he told her it was his car he can do anything. The car crash and she died and when he crash only to find out he was drunk. . And it’s true lady dem take innocent lives and never die. My condolences to the families

  3. These taxi men must charge for murder when they cause death by speeding they are the worst set of drivers on the road

  4. Too much speeding on our Jamaican roads, taxi men too reckless and careless on the roads and they don’t care..Pure badness dem deal with too much indiscipline on the roads, my condolences to the families and friends of the deceased.

  5. These public passenger vehicles the government needs to put the books at them they are a danger on our roads and these passengers is to be blame some times because if them did a stop These drivers and get out the car lots. Of them would be doing a lot better

  6. Drivers License purchasing must be cut out, $200,000.00 fines for buying ur licenses and the person who selling must get 20 years,

  7. Sadly there are some persons/passengers who hate decent driving, and love the hot foot taxi man dem, and because of that they don’t even know when to say slow down. So sad.

  8. And maybe the wreckless driver is alive,and the innocent passengers lives cut short leaving loveones in gross discomfort.

  9. Taxi drivers , Coaster bus drivers and mini bus drivers are always speeding, but I am not going allow them to kill me though when I am in their that’s why I have stopped taking some of them- “ Once bitten twice shy.”

  10. This is where the new road traffic should place emphasis. Not on cheaponor offences, but on speeding violation on every class of roads.

  11. Some of these careless
    buy licence drivers do not used
    their judgement on the road.
    They don’t care about human
    Lives as long as they can make
    x amt of trips. They overtake
    when there’s no where to go
    I was riding in a mini Van and
    was seated in the front. The
    driver had one hand on the
    steering wheel the phone and
    a bottle of drinks in the other.
    I said, Mr driver if you don’t
    valved your life I do . Because
    their Insurance is garbage, no
    body getting compensated .
    The courts find them little to
    nothing for people death, pain
    and suffering. Motor Vehicles
    are a different kind of weapon.
    It’s so sad every time you read the news some one loses their
    life because of some one driving and out of control.
    This is one lesson never learned by Careless Arrogant
    drivers. Just racing to the

  12. Ignorance.. driving is common scene my average is about. 520 miles daily just concentrate for long hour keep eyes and attention on roads

  13. That’s why the government right fi them charge them fi all what they don’t eat because in due time it gonna worth it

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