Video appears to show moment cruise missile is shot down over Ukraine


    1. It appears exactly this happened. Kyiv has coordinates (a,b), Lviv(c,d). They made a mistake and entered (a,d) — this happens to be exactly the coordinates of Przewodow in Poland.

    2. @Nick Mon The S-300 rocket that was recovered in Poland has 70 km range. The closest place where Russia can have S-300 was in Belarus – 130 km away. In addition why would Russia fire air defense missile when it was firing cruise missiles into Ukraine?

    3. @THE PILGRIM Calm down. Obviously, we are not told the whole truth. We have the right to know otherwise democracy dies in darkness.

  1. It is so sad to see how human beings are destroying each other. Where is wisdom in all these senseless wars, bloodshed, hatred and greed?

    1. @Lancer Evo Honestly, if that’s your rationale for “taking action” on your neighbour, you’d be going to prison.

    2. @Eggs Benedict We spoke earlier and I told you that the price of a Gallon of Gas in Toronto Ontario Canada topped out about $9 there is something else you can identify with as an American.
      There is an American Company here called “Subway” I would go there and get a regular ’12 inch Sub’ for $8. But during the inflation ‘Crises’, I had to pay $14 for the same thing.
      The American Company did not seem aware that we had our own Sub Sandwich company called ‘Mr. Sub’ that did not raise their prices at all for the exact same assortment and quality during that period.
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    3. @Eggs Benedict When I was young in 1971, a couple of Jewish guys in Yorkville, a ‘Hippie Village’ at the time in Toronto, Canada, created and/or marketed the first Submarine sandwich.
      They opened the first “Mr.Submarine”
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  2. Hope once Russia has been defeated and Ukrainian territory restored…
    that the world spends the same effort to counter climate change.
    Unlimited resources for war – our climate needs the same determination.

    1. @TheDrAstrov
      >”tell the world about the true purpose of the Kremlin”< Expansionism. Empire. As the first step they need to incorporate Ukraine as part of Russia, as the very name of "Russia" is stolen from Ukraine (by Peter's decree of 1721). The "Russian National Idea" is its exceptionalism and "special place in the world history" -- i.e. nationalism-tinged fascism. And Putin wants to be "the collector of of the lands of Rus'". Except what "the lands of Rus' are" is decided by the Kremlin gang. That's just the beginning. You can read Dugin's "theories" -- he and Ivan Ilyin are Putin's inspiration. You can compare it with German ambitions in WW2 and you won't be far off the mark.

    1. Yep, Russia hunts down all the intellectuals in their nation who express any opposition. Either to gulags or they just ‘mysteriously’ die.

    1. @Alhambra Biker I lost my account and had to start over. And from what I can tell some of these bots have been around for years. YouTube should clean them out, this is ridiculous. I don’t think bots reply to comments made to them either but I am not sure about that.

    2. @“ALASKA” who are you trying to convince comrade? Even if you lost your account you can easily retrieve it. Educate yourself instead drinking vodka

    3. @Alhambra Biker Lol. I did not know that. I don’t even know how it happened. I went through all kinds of questions etc. trying to get it back and just said screw this start over.

    1. @DejectedFrogCat I get that, and I am not saying we should not help Ukraine, but there needs to be more accountability to what the goals are. It seems like the objective is to just wait until Russia implodes as they terrorize a civilization.

    2. @Daniel No one is writing “Blank checks” to Ukraine — all the help has to be accounted for. And Ukraine isn’t getting all that it needs.

    3. @DejectedFrogCat suppose Zelenski prevails. Also suppose the West is willing to invest heavily in the exploration and development of Ukraine’s O&G and other natural resources (already heavily depleted…just 4 years of crude reserve for domestic consumption). What makes you think the Ukrainians (assuming sooner or later they will be a true democracy) will embrace the exploitation of their natural resources by the West? Besides, they could have developed those without having to sour their relationship with Moscow and profit more. Don’t forget, the Russians did not allow the West to capitalize on their natural resources after the break up of the USSR.

  3. And politicians want Ukraine to start peace negotiations with Russia. Democracy around the world is under threat and the West needs to stick together and provide Ukraine with whatever military equipment it needs to complete the job. Slava Ukraini for all of us.

    1. @Static 22 and also notice how every Russian news outlet got banned from every single platform for allegedly spreading misinformation.
      But those western outlets are still up and running.
      I don’t know about you, but I love my coins having both sides… so I can filter out the truth for myself.

    2. @X Willy russian outlets ban western outlets and western ban russian outlets that’s just how things are. All in the name of defending ones sovereignty from outside influence

    3. @Static 22 true… and somewhat understandable.
      Though Russia doesn’t control the means of spreading information and, on top of that, thanks to colonization, the majority of the world understands English but needs translations for Russian.
      Mounting disadvantages, which kick all fairness out the door.

    4. @X Willy countries in eastern europe, central asia and the caucasus also experienced russian imperialism. Most of these countries can speak russian, some are more reluctant to speak it because of historical grudge and misstreatment. But personally i don’t like using history as a form of justification of ones personal ambition. People change, governments change, politics change, laws change. Yet when people point fingers at you and claim “you are the problem” is unfair as many especially of the young generations don’t want to participate this squabble of mistakes of the past, because they didn’t start this, our forefathers did. And many don’t want to walk in their families footprints. The young need to look forward and solve problems of the future, not repeat the past. The past should stay on the past.

    5. @X Willy the great british empire is gone, the chinese dynasty is no more, the mongol empire has fallen, the soviet union has been desolved and the american dream is dead. And they’re not comming back.

    1. They not spending anything…spending their citizens tax money that needs to be used to help their own you have a house full of swastikas. Maybe a Ukrainian flag..ohh welll.send them your own money..none of mine…ha.

    2. @Bar no the azov battelion..a bunch of nazis started it by killing innocent unarmed Russian civilians. Children old people..Roma. in the northern regions..13000 in 8 years was the count before U tube took down the video…hey ..8 .years…that’s how long that weasel linsky been in power..keep up with the news…

  4. Having stock piles being used is a good thing in the long run. The more they use the more russias ability to use force lessens

    1. @Der Mann their production will be severely hurt without the technology from the west as well as the immediate problem of the brain drain that just happened

  5. The weapons stockpiles being drawn down in the US were intended to protect NATO from a Soviet/Russian attack. Logically, if Russia retains fewer weapons to attack NATO, the US needs to stock fewer weapons for defense. This also means these weapons are being put to their intended use, albeit with fewer NATO casualties. Yes, these will need to be replaced but panic is unwarranted.

    1. @Jim Graham OOORH! Every dead Russian means peace for the USA. It does not matter who kills them. We should offer Ukraine our whole arsenal now!

    2. @Mikhail They need to make sure Ukraine does not over-run Russia with too many weapons WHICH is why we don’t give them any LONG RANGE missiles. Our military leaders know what they are doing.

    3. @John Slugger you think so ? Then why 25% of the ukraine is occupied now , tens of thousands of deaths, and people freezing in their homes ? Do you think it could have happened if enough weapons and defence systems were supplied at the right time ?

    4. Good point ICS…but here is another.

      The focus of US and NATO power projection is AIR POWER. So far, the main weapons systems, the really powerful ones, that would protect NATO are not even being used, because they are air launched. For example, consider the GBU-53 SDBii. This is a standoff smart glide bomb, with a multi-mode (inertial, GPS, infra-red, and mm waver radar) seeker. It is like a Javelin x 10, with a 10-60 mile range and a 105 LB (!) warhead. This is the modern world of US “close air support”. With these weapons…”close” is safely far far away. You can have some F-35s on standby…25-30 miles back. S-300s and S-400 might be able to SEE the 35s with their acquisition radar, but they can not be target locked till you are VERY close. They are essentially invulnerable…just making loops at 40,000 feet till someone says….”hey give us a hand”….”we need a tank taken formation and convoy takem out”. Targeting data is sent (target type, location, current heading and speed), etc, and a GBU-53 is launched….or multiple GBUs. 5 minutes later, no more vehicles. These smart weapons can fly in groups, talk to each other, identify hundreds of different vehicles, prioritize vehicles. You can literally program a grid, or progression of grids, and tell them what type of vehicles to look for. They will seek them out, ID them and take them out. They can even fly the long way around, and attack from behind.

      People talk about what an A-10 would have done to that convoy of vehicles early in the war. LOL. On the first pass, the A-10 would have been shot down. But F-35s, with GBU-53s 30 miles away, would have obliterated that convoy in a controlled fashion. Actually…better than that…the would have obliterated every 3rd one in order….probably causing the Russians to flee on foot leaving 2/3 of their vehicles for the Ukrainians to take.

      This is just one type of weapon that the US and NATO have. They have many many more most people have not even heard of…and they are all very good.

  6. Thing to keep in mind is even if russia had struck poland, the west would likely want to sweep in under the rug anyway, a good o’l anti escalation move.

    1. Nato is terrified of russia.they could invade Poland out right an the only one who’d fight would be poland.

    2. Things to keep in mind nothing has been confirmed 💯 about that rockets origin and until all facts are public don’t make cryptic assumptions, a good o’l way to stir up false information.

    3. Let’s think logically.
      It’s obvious it was Ukrainian missile.
      Just Ukrainian president is scared to lose Western help because of this mistake, so he doesn’t take take the responsibility and blames Russia.

  7. You can’t see what’s hitting them because of the speed of the counter battery systems.
    Cruise missiles are slow compared to what is used to shoot them down.

    1. It sure is, until Russia decides to use a real nuke and not allow their missile to intentionally get shot down – Russia Fires Mock Nuclear Warhead at Ukraine—Kyiv

    2. @Johnny’s GamingClub a cluel if you are supporting the arseholes firing cruise missiles at civilian areas and invading free sovereign countries, you are the bad guys

  8. Glory to God, for the Ukrainian people’s courage and brains! They have been betrayed, and they still won’t surrender. Their bravery is tremendous. The U.S. negotiated a deal with Ukraine that promised if Ukraine gave up their nuclear weapons, the U.S. would defend Ukraine if they were attacked. The Russians promised not to attack Ukraine. Russia did attack them. We can’t give up on Ukraine!

  9. It’s virtually impossible to shoot down a missile thats intended to hit the ground and explode, an anti missile can most likely change the trajectory of a guided missile but unless it detonates the warhead or destroys the fuse it will still explode when it hits the ground or structure, during the gulf war a lot of skud missiles were hit by I think were Patriot missiles but they still exploded when they hit the ground, the warhead is the most hardest part of the missile

    1. It was a dummy warhead on a nuke missile – Russia Fires Mock Nuclear Warhead at Ukraine—Kyiv . Next time Zelsnky provokes Russia it could be a 200kt nuke which will not get show down.

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