1. Very very lucky people, it’s incredible that nobody was killed. Reminds me of the footage from the actors who were killed on The Twilight Zone. Glad nobody was killed!

    1. Reminds me of when a British sub almost “accidentally” nuked the Florida coast. That was under Prime Minister Theresa May and a reminder why Hillary Clinton should never, under any circumstances, become President.

    2. @Teratology reminds me of the 4 H bombs a B-52 dropped on Spain’s Costa del Sol. They recovered 3… maybe the 4th years later. Probably a female B-52 pilot in the 1960’s.

    3. @Teratology Reminds me of the mechanic whose heavy wrench fell down a missile silo in Minot N Dak. penetrated the booster.. triggered an explosion and the war head bounced along the prairie grass. All but one of the fail safe mechanism had broken. Must have been a female mechanic.

    4. @donofon101 After Ronald Reagan was shot, the “nuclear football” – the suitcase containing the nuclear codes that travels with the President – went missing for two or three days. Some believe that’s why Secretary of State Al Haig said “I am in control here” after the assassination attempt.

    1. Afghanistan / If / the / world / leaders / recognising /Pashtun Taliban /( by supporting terrorist world no more safe)

    2. I wonder did the pilot recently get a booster shot???? Hmmmm??? 🤷🏽‍♂️… Nah, it was just the wind, or maybe “climate change” lol 😂

  2. When l got my Chopper licence my instructor made me take it up to 10,000ft & they turn the engine off to simulate engine failure. Failure to auto-gyrate & land is a fail. I passed. 👍

    1. Afghanistan / If / the / world / leaders / recognising /Pashtun Taliban /( by supporting terrorist world no more safe)

    2. Really? Love to know what model of helicopter you took up to 10,000 AGL and shut the engine down in? Pilot or just another cnn viewer playing call of duty? To practice an auto rotation you NEVER shut the engine off. Can’t wait for the cnn robots to chime in.

  3. It is hard to say, but it appears that there is something uneven or unbalanced about the way the rotors are turning as the helicopter is coming down.
    It is clear enough to see that the helicopter crash-landed very close to people in the water.

    1. Probably a result of the auto-gyration maneuver. You are basically using the blades against their normal thrust axis and I am sure it sets up all manner of resonance vibrations in the airframe. Helicopters are prone to many resonance frequency issues. Ground Resonance will shake them into pieces.

    2. It’s called autorotation.
      “Autorotation is the state of flight where the main rotor system is being turned by the force of the relative wind rather than engine power. It is the means by which a helicopter can be landed safely in the event of an engine failure.”

  4. Three onboard, two went to hospital including pilot… I hope everyone is okay. He chose the perfect part, not too deep, but not too shallow either..

    1. @Terry Collins Actually, no it wasn’t. The fuel companies have always and still now fight to raise prices, since they didn’t get enough money for their investors. Biden released energy reserves, agreed to allow more drilling in the gulf, but a federal court put a stay on that. Saudi Arabia right now is not producing oil in order to keep prices high, because Biden will not bow down like Trump did, allowing the crown prince to murder journalists for support.. by allowing Saudi Arabia to purchase ungodly amounts of military equipment for kickbacks, to kill the Yemen people.

      If that’s the kind of leader you want.. one who supports the actual terrorists of 9/11, I want no part of your so-called democracy.

  5. Damn between the pilot and the beachgoers everybody was going to have a bad day if that helicopter hit the very shore where the people were😲

    1. @Chi-Vibes Could you imagine floating in your pool on a raft with your eyes closed and something falls from the sky. The End. I mean if you got to go, maybe not so bad. He was chilling then he wasn’t.

    1. Afghanistan / If / the / world / leaders / recognising /Pashtun Taliban /( by supporting terrorist world no more safe)

  6. Under intense pressure, with engine failure, the pilot chose the best of the few available options. It looks like the water definitely softened the landing, as well as averting potential injuries to beachgoers. We can only hope that the impact wasn’t so strong as to cause serious injuries.

  7. I was literally there! Everyone crowded the helicopter right after. It was super close and landed in shallow water. It was upside down when I got close. Everyone thought it was just getting low to pick someone up or something and then it just dropped!

  8. Wow last year a helicopter pilot navigated a crash landing in Philly with no loss of life, this year on a beach in Miami. Those guys are good.

  9. yeah my first thought as a pilot was it looked like a pretty textbook emergency landing. pilot did a great job.

  10. As a pilot myself that flies up-and-down the same beach line every week doing sightseeing tours, this hits close to home for me.

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