Video emerges showing Linda O'Leary before boat crash | Trial updates 1

Video emerges showing Linda O’Leary before boat crash | Trial updates


Video of Linda O'Leary driving a boat just hours before a fatal boat crash in Ontario has been played in court.

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  1. Lake Joseph is a beautiful lake but dangerous because of all the islands . Do not travel this lake without maps and dont drink and boat .

  2. Ok, so this is only evidence that she was driving it earlier, not at the time of the accident.

  3. ” Linda, what do I always say about board games”…….” they go to a special place to die”………..That’s right, I got a surprise in this box for you, even have a little miniature you….

  4. So…. that video of the crash seems to show two lights, which would conflict with what the lawyers are claiming.

  5. That’s why you have insurance… Covers a civil lawsuits. Nine out of 10 times they settle on an amount. Being involved in a boating accident…. Not the driver also at night we did everything right the other boat did everything wrong and it was overloaded literally and figuratively.Civil suits and settlement… PS we were regular folk..Civil suit takes it’s time.

  6. Hmmm…I saw two lights on the video before they collided…it almost looks like someone either purposefully dimmed the light on one boat, or, the light on one boat was not as bright for some reason. BUT I did see a light.

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