Video of violent 'million dollar heist' in Toronto released 1

Video of violent ‘million dollar heist’ in Toronto released


Toronto police release video of a terrifying armed robbery at a business in Toronto on May 17, 2021.

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  1. That 4 month’s less time served , maybe 8 month prison time , that would be amazing accomplishment by the Canadian justice system , lol !!! Faster than the Canadian Lottery Commission !!!

    1. What’s it like in your world? Do the laws of gravity apply? Do animals and inanimate objects speak to you in human voices?

  2. Hope that guns registered. So the firearm or at least the firearms magazine has bee smuggled into the country, because you can’t by extended magazines in Canada. Hmmm, better get super cop Bill Blair on the case.

    1. @GNR 1978 Forever that ok, Bill will run out a charge some farmer for illegal storage, and that’ll save the day

    1. Besides hunting, what really is the need for rifles or guns? Protect self and or property you say? When was the last time we’ve heard a Canadian have to defend their home from a random intrusion attempt with their AR?

  3. Soon in Canada: a syringe statue with words: “we came to vaccinate 80% to bring 4th wave and sla-very”

  4. Im glad they have a lead and made arrest in this case. I do put some onus on the business for not being more secured also – example places like Brinks, Garda Cash and others have armed security with guns protecting the premise (in Canada guards are allowed guns to protect cash). The door could have had a better access control (maybe a guard at the door for deterrence). They should have had a better access control to the count room where the money is stored with maybe a guard inside etc.. There lots that could have been done for cash businesses like this. This is what happens when owners take short cuts – hope the employee is ok.

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