1. honestly idk about this one. he was acting eratic… trying grab a officers gun. This is pretty tricky to try in court

    1. Frances, take another look at this video. It was the Killer in uniform asking the deceased, if would like to sit in his car. Ask yourself, why would he do that? The way that poor unsuspecting man struggled in that seat, looks as if he was trying not to get shot. The seat belt followed him out of the car. On top of that, the video looks like it was tampered with. And if he was so aggressive, handcuffs should have been put on and his Miranda rights should have been read to him. That leaves me to believe, he was never going make it anyway. I really hope that there is an unbiased prosecutor on this case. Really, take an unbiased look.

    2. thats always the excuse he grabbed the gun well i cant see that so i will assume pigs are lying … 3 pigs was holding Floyd down while telling him to get in the car … yea cops can lie and do it right in front of you

    3. Bullshit. Where is the body camera footage. Keep calm. I was pulled over put in handcuffs and beaten. Police took me out of view of dash camera. Didn’t have body cameras. My federal case was dismissed. They told the judge that charged me with resisting arrest(in handcuffs)which I never did. That they somehow mistakenly destroyed the tapes. It was a hit on me by the justice department for speaking out about Sandra Blands Murder. Quit Believing the State they are paid assassins. My federal case # 3:16-cv-02744

  2. I feel for the family’s loss, but if he is threatening the officer’s life and other lives by reaching for the officer’s gun I think the force used is appropriate. You can see he was trying to run from the officer before it all happened. Who knows what else he would’ve done if he had got away with the gun. A white man would’ve gotten shot if he did this as well.

    1. @Hisoka Marrow I apologize for the movie comment. So many people believe to one degree or another that what they see in the movies or TV is realistic and wonder why they hear differences in real life situations.
      No if you reach the point of feeling that your only viable option is to shoot someone you do what you have to do until the threat ends. I am personally aware of an officer who was backed into a wall with nowhere to go. He was being charged at by someone with a meat clever. He shot this person 4 times and the suspect still kept coming at him because the shots do not 100% instantaneously stop everyone. They have adrenaline that keeps them going sometimes for longer than you would believe. The officer had to kick the guy away from him at which time he fell down and was no longer a threat. He could have kept shooting I suppose but he decided to do what he did. There are so many things the average person does not know or understand and this is one example.

    2. @2bRealist that is what is alleged to have happened. there are videos of cops yelling “don’t go for my gun” when they are standing outside the car, and the suspect is in the car. So the veracity of the police is suspect.

    3. @Enis Zita Standing outside the car at an open window? Like when you pull up to an ATM or drive thru and reach out for your money/food. You can reach and grab for things outside of the car from a seated position in yout car correct?

  3. So essentially we have no idea what really happened . It will be up to investigators and the court to determine what happened.

  4. Seems like they are releasing a lot of videos that are trying really hard to make people choose sides. They didn’t like that we all agreed Floyd was murdered

    1. If you have any semblance of reality, then you will agree that this shooting was justified. Not hard at all to make that decision.

  5. well, there won’t be any protest over this one. He ‘s high as hell, and attacking the police.

  6. Do exactly what the cop says. I would expect anybody disobeying an officer’s orders to be arrested or shot.

    1. Nice low IQ strawman. I think what OP is saying is why not comply with a police officer if you know that they will kill you for not doing so? Correct me if I’m wrong

    2. But George Floyd did that, and he was killed, I hope he’s up with god in heaven, with all his favourite things in the world. Waiting for his family to come join him in peace.

  7. The ” black lottery”… Where a useless crazy people becomes a hero to brown people and commies by fighting with people trying to kill one but ends up dead. I wish we could see pictures of him tore up.

    1. @Scottking0011 and many more innocent people will die without police.
      So do you want a world where you have rules to obey to keep society in peace or without rules and go complete anarchy.
      that is sentiment with police and without them.
      problems is rooted on bad management of police officers in united states.

    2. @DJ-Amezo The FinskaBomb very good.
      Then what about George Floyd who also obeyed police command and lost his life?

  8. Well he got out of the car when he was arested.
    .. what did he expect to happend to give him donuts…

  9. HEAD

  10. They should do what HK protesters did: Search for the policemen on social media, then harass their family and friends

    1. That’s stupid, you can always deactivate ur social media account. A genius will find out where they live and then harass them from there

  11. Menurut saya USA sudah baik, karena undang undang Amerika telah menyetujui keturunan Afrika-Amerika bukan budak lagi, sampai ada yang jadi artis apa yang masih kurang?

  12. So the officer asked him if he wanted to sit in the back of the police car…so if he wanted to change his mind & get out what was the problem…how was he resisting arrest if he never was handcuffed… nobody can see him grabbing for the gun and he has his seat belt across him then looks like he’s being snatched up out the car …and the officer starts crying wolf ..

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