1. @FromFame so you’re saying that it’s justified to treat them differently because of what you heard in some alt right propaganda? Two dudes equally guilty of fighting but one should be treated differently because of the color of their skin? You practically just admitted to being a racist.

    2. @FromFame okkk buddy, stop getting your info from FB posts and Qanon chain e-mail you might actually learn something.

  1. The male officer went for the tackle, while the female officer went for a mediated approach, but then noticed her partner and followed his lead. She could have redirected her partner. But for some reason she didn’t. This is a huge issue.

    1. @Morbidly Oppressed your comment is completely wrong. The overwhelming number of police shootings in this country are ruled justified. However, it is clear that the insane number of guns in our country keeps us number 1 in gun deaths in the entire western world. Not enough has changed in some respects from the days of the Wild West.

    2. Yeah. Seeing institutional racism so graphically illustrated is both difficult and fascinating to watch. Many black cops in plainclothes have been shot by their white partners. The same institutional racism is at work in those situations too.

    3. @Gee Lee
      When the white kid put his hand in the other kids face that’s assault. Being in someone’s space is assault, learn the difference between assault and battery before opening your pie hole.

    1. @good man Blavk society to busy killing each other over street clout. It’s not really helping their case either

    2. @The Wraith people like you are partnof the problem …bu5 thats what you were taught socially …so we dont fault you unless you agree with their acti9na….then WE know whos side youre on … injustice

  2. Now imagine how many incidents like these that AREN’T caught on camera…And people wonder why we feel how we do about police…BOTH of them should be fired immediately..they were to comfortable in how they handled it which shows this 9 outta 10 isn’t their first time showing this extreme bias.

    1. Aleetha Dixon, this is just another day in America. No matter what is shown and how it’s explained, Black people are the culprits, and this doesn’t seem like it will ever change. There really isn’t any surprise or shock anymore.

    2. @Patryck BuckleySmith Feel free to leave the country, I believe Sleepy Joe Biden stopped the wall, so it should be easy to leave America if it’s so bad here.

      You are exactly like CNN + MSNBC, you are literally the sheep of the show. You twisted words + pushed ur narrative to play the victim. Thats all ur ever good for.

      Not 1 person in this thread blamed a black person FOR ANYTHING. If anything, they commended his actions, but defended the white cops. You are so brainwashed that if ppl dont virtue signal racism, it means we are against blacks? S H E E P . . .

      Open ur eyes….

      The best story of racism they could find this week was 2 teenagers fighting? But CNN ignored the black assasin who tried to kill a white jewish politician? Then to make matters worse BLM bailed out the attempted murderer?

      Whats ur Defense on this u brown noising smuck?

    3. @james zimmerman Im half black and when I was growing up me and 3 of my friends got thrown on our faces by 4 black cops and roughed up and taken into custody for simply looking suspicious while walking home from high school. I didn’t cry about it tho and have my mommy go on tv. I went to both my court days and got my case dismissed. This whole thing makes this kid look soft and is teaching him to be a victim. This victimhood crap is out of hand with the black community in 2022. Its no context only that the black kid was arrested and the narrative that Ben the snake and CNN sell yall. This is only important because mid terms are coming up and to deflect from the BLM assassin in Louisville (look it up).

    4. @Boosh24 Why would anyone leave their home because of a vermin infestation? Time to clean the house and get rid of the vermin.

  3. This is one of the most disgusting examples I’ve ever seen, right in front of the world to see. It was clearly the white kid’s fault and provocation. This video says it all.

    1. @Dave Waldon Actually I didn’t say it was the worst I’ve ever seen, I said it was “one of the most disgusting examples” I’d ever seen.

    2. @Dave Waldon im not on either side sorry, i enjoy cnns tanking and fox’s hilarious soap opera tho lol. the situation in the video def isnt nothing tho

  4. Absolutely disgusting! Thank goodness for mobile phone footage. Seems to be the only way American police will ever be held to account. Kai you are an awesome young man hold your head high and I hope you have a good life

    1. @Just Mattwhat the cops saw w hen they arrived was two kids in mutual combat. The wht kid is on top gets pulled off and allowed to sit down. The blk kid is (who was NOT resisting) is handcuffed and humiliated. Why The difference in treatment. . Bridgewater, New Jersey is a well to do suburban neighborhood. These were just kids, not crips and bloods. You guys need to stop trying to find ways to justify police misconduct against blk people. It makes the jobs of good police trying to fight rea l crime a lot harder.

    2. @TheBest seriously..the raw footage was posted online. You didn’t miss nothing but some faces and a few extra punches.

    3. @michael randall your assessment of what happened at the capitol on January 6th is very different from the 150 police that were injured in this riot. It is also different from the police that testified that they were being chased by rioters while they shouted racial epithets at them. It is different from the police whom were beaten on camera with flags and sticks. It. is also different from the secret service who rushed VP Mike Pence out of the capiital from a crazed mob carrying rope shouting, ” hang Mike P…….” Different from the members of Congress who said they were hiding from the mob praying for safety. Is itn possible they know what really happened at the capitol l because they were there. And since you were not, you have NO idea what really took,place.

    4. @michael randall tried to wrestle the cop? He was literally trying to free his arm to put it behind his back. You’re a clown and karma will find you

  5. I can’t believe how fast they went past the dude on the top to get to the dude on the bottom.
    No doubt there is a problem here.

    1. @iForgott To Wipe So the black kid was throwing punches while laying on the floor as white kid stood over him? Which video did you watch?

    2. @JH are you color blind? you can clearly see the arm in a white sweater swinging up to punch the white kid. my guess is you just don’t want to rewatch and see it .

    1. @Fla Boy The real problem is that nobody wants to acknowlege there is a culture of violence and teens glorify violence and post it on social media. That’s what televisions should point out if they want to do a social good ,but no ..more race baiting

    2. @Fla Boy I blame his friends. So called “friends”.. it took the police to break them out, because they think violence is “cool” . That is the main problem in society with teens. What kind of friends are they if they do selfies and videotape you instead of helping .. this is what is disgusting for me . I couldn;’t care less about the skincolour

    3. @Fla Boy And not just with teens, but overall people just take out their phones instead of helping, like posting it on social media is going to solve anyhting . You are there, people on the internet are not, a few remarks from trolls on youtube isn’t going to help your “friend” out, so you had the chance to actually do something but you preffered not to.. that is a more serious problem in society

  6. Just when I’m trying to find hope and reconciliation, this kind of incident comes up and nearly shatters it all.

    No real hope for America. There’s too many factors in place that want division and conflict and it will get worse. 😔

    1. @Jannett Snow
      So what do you suggest, just keep all the racist acts from bigoted cop secret, so they can continue to treat people of color the way they treated this young black male. This is not new it’s been happening for decades the only difference is we have camera now.

    2. @Gnarly Dude The real problem is that nobody wants to acknowlege there is a culture of violence and teens glorify violence and post it on social media. That’s what televisions should point out if they want to do a social good ,but no ..more race baiting

    3. Oh boo hoo. What group of people are responsible for the kkk? There lies the blame. Shove your bullshit fantasies. 200 voter suppression laws were written by lying white men just last year. It must be nice to think outside of blatant reality.

  7. This is crazy! It’s like the lady cop was the boys mother on the couch ! ” You just sit right here son”

    1. She was asking the white youth if he wanted to go to Burger King or Wendy’s. Then she realized that protocol required her to also place her knee on the wildly and dangerously resisting black man while her partner applied hand cuffs. The bastions of white comfort at their best.

    2. It funny in how everyone one these incidents we leave out the reputation of blk teens but uphold the reputation of cops and whites.

  8. I was in a boy’s home when I was around Jr high school aged. there wasn’t an issue with race involved in my situation. anyway I was at school one day and one of the other boys from the boys home. he was a little younger and smaller, he approached me and wanted me to help him. because another boy that wasn’t from the boys home was picking on him. we were in the hallway so I went over just to tell him to leave him alone. and he halled off and punched me in the mouth needless to say the fight was on. so I know from experience that I would have to be on the black boys side in this case. and I believe the cops unfairly singled him out. and also got carried away arresting him and I think there should a police brutality case here.

    1. The real problem is that nobody wants to acknowlege there is a culture of violence and teens glorify violence and post it on social media. That’s what televisions should point out if they want to do a social good ,but no ..more race baiting

  9. *I haven’t seen anything this serious since the incident in Central Park between the dog walker and the bird watcher!*

  10. Of course, not all cops are like this, and all cops face the same safety risks, and have experiences the general public can’t understand. That makes their choices necessarily different that whatever appears to make sense to us.
    However, the problem is the lack of a common sense, balanced approach to situations where race is the difference. Unfortunately, black people suffer a majority of the aggression, and a minority of consideration by police.
    The problem here is that not all cops are like this, but you’ll only find out which ones are if you’re black. Even then, once you do find out, it’s too late.
    Both of these officers need to be dismissed and ineligible to be police anywhere again.

    1. “but you’ll only find out which ones are if you’re black” You my good friend are truly adept at putting yourself in others shoes, beyond the first layer.. with TRUE insight. Well stated …well stated.

  11. “All men are created equal.” The most important words of the Declaration of Independence that have never been followed or taken seriously.

  12. The more things change the more they say the same. Me and my friends had a similar situation back in the day and of course they’re locked up the black kids and not the white kids. The white kids were older and they started the whole situation and the police did not care. Automatically gave them the benefit of the doubt. Not surprised at this happening in Bridgewater New Jersey. Grew up not too far from there. Not sure what the ethnic ratio is now in Bridgewater but I can tell you it was damn near all white when I was a kid. You had to be well to do to live their back then.

  13. I thought maybe he was resisting so I watched the video again… nope. The officer just tackled him when he was already on the ground. Definitely seems like disparate treatment.

    1. Starting a fight at the mall and then fighting the cops… What were they supposed to do? Shoot the guy who complied and give the guy who wouldn’t a teddy bear?

    2. @Roman Cultist or take your racist goggles off and treat them both the same? But hey, that’s too much like right so I should know that’s not an option.

  14. The pale kid was CLEARLY on top of the brown kid when they got there. Going to be interesting listening to the type of lies they are going to come up with explaining why they did this to the brown kid.

    1. @David Huberty Did you? The Cops did not see how it started, only what it appeared when they arrived. And when they arrived, the white kid was on top of him. If anything, the white kid should have been violently thrown to the ground and handcuffed, as he is the older/larger teenager.

  15. The police officers should have broken up the fight, separated the two teens, called their parents and turned the teens over to the custody of the parents.

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