Video shows 22 Afghan commandos executed by the Taliban 1

Video shows 22 Afghan commandos executed by the Taliban

CNN's Anna Coren reports from Kabul, Afghanistan, with new evidence of atrocities committed by the Taliban. Video has emerged of Afghan commandos being shot dead after an apparent surrender. The Taliban rejects the video, saying it is fabricated.

This is an updated version of previously uploaded video.
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    1. It’s already been tested and it’s a fake video.Data analyst did a DNA on YouTube .Why CNN is showing fake video from days ??? You guys are such a big institute

    2. Hey CNN, how about uploading some actual truthful stories on Cuba. Stop with your narratives. Please just report the story. Everyone sees through your DNC state media support for the Dems. Just stop it.

    3. this is a gift from united state of America you killed one Arab guy and whom was hidden in Pakistan,but you also killed 2 million people in Afghanistan, good job supper power,

    1. @Place holder name for now no, they’re mostly Afghans. Lmao some? Stop making up your own stuff. 90% or more are Afghans. The west side of pakistan are all Afghans as well that migrated there. Their nationality is pakistan but their blood is afghani.

    2. If us really want to stop Taliban stop funding pakistan, they provide money and weapons to Taliban

    3. @Place holder name for now thank you for your planned service. However, I do not want you to fight and put yours and your fellow soldiers lives at risk in an endless wars for no reason. We got bin laden over a decade ago.

    4. Indeed a lot were achieved, the world saw your crimes against humanity in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, all on the name of fighting extremism and spreading democracy.

    1. Circle back, and attack, destroying them exposed and vulnerable. Air strikes will be devastating. Enough to get the job done,while leaving, basic gangsta techniques applicable.

    1. @Tyler J word. We went in, got a few to snitch, then stripped them naked and dipped out.

      Im sure it’ll be FIIIIIIIIIIINE!

    2. @Tyler J Well, I get your point but no Country wants another Country to be a strong foothold in theirs and the US has been in Afghanistan for 20 years, that’s a very long time for the Afghan military to have learned a lot on how to defend their own Country instead of wishing or hoping another Country’s force stays in there for the next 40 years and beyond.

      Sorry to say, but if Afghan military didn’t learn to be able to hold their grounds and neutralise the Taliban or any invaders of their Country after 20 years of foreign forces teaching and assisting them, they won’t ever learn even if the US and Nato forces stays for another 20 years. I feel for the Afghan people but they really to grow so metal balls and take the fight to the Taliban themselves. Only Afghans can save Afghanistan

    3. @Shift Apura Someone have to defend their Country. If you invite colleagues to help teach you how to defend your home with your family in it from enemies and your colleagues did that and gave you strong backings for 20 years, by the time your colleagues leave your home, you’re suppose to defend your family in that home yourself, not flee leaving your family to be slaughtered and enemies taking control of your home. If you can’t do that, then what did you learn in that 20 years ya had help from your colleagues?.

    4. The Afghan Army structural discipline is the main issue from the look of everything.
      Afghanistan Top Generals needs to be replace. Because they need to start to give out court martial punishment of those that disobey military orders.

      Is the same story across Afghanistan. The weak and cowards Afghan troops retreating with out fighting the Taliban and disobeying orders.
      While the few the proud the brave Afghan Soldiers that are holding their ground and fighting back are left with no support. The desperate call for artillery support, air support, to ammunition resupply falling on deaf ears.

      Yet even after all of that. No military court martial punishment are being handed out.

  1. Either we’re given permission to go in and wipe them out 100% or we have to stop caring you can’t have a middle ground

    1. @Hanzala Omar One man’s meat is another man’s poison – It has always been so – In the Bible Cain slew his brother Able – War is human failure – Violence begets violence – The world changes one person at a time, or it repeats the lessons endlessly. – there have been Prophets in the past – there are Prophets now – I listen to those who digest, understand, and project a positive message. I accept that I cannot change others. I profess the wisdom to know the difference, analyze conditions and project into the future based on scientific principle and knowledge of mankind throughout our history.

    2. @#Notapartisan Well, but that isn’t the point. The point is if you’re gonna do something that you believe in then peofess it and defend it. But you (as in USA) say something and do the complete opposite. That bit makes you the devil, because you know you’re wrong hence you hide/conceal it.

    3. @TheMagnificentGman it’s a lot cheaper to drop bombs than it is to deploy boots to the ground along with ground hardware. It would be over in a few weeks, and not as costly. If America is so broke then we should stop giving it away to our enemies and ungrateful countries who can afford their own defense. No one dared to challenge us under the right leadership.

    4. The US had 20 years to do that, at the cost of thousands of soldiers and trillions of dollars, the first option is obviously not obtainable.
      The second one is, but that should have been decided 20 years ago, it is too late now

  2. Americans must be the word teachers if in 20 years did nothing and Taliban take most of the country in months.

    1. Our students were all the products of multiple generations of first cousin marriages. The Pakistan military trained the normal Afghan men in Waziristan.

  3. “rules of war” lol, it was dubya who coined the term “enemy combatants” and took the captured taliban fighters to gitmo, rights denied across.

    1. @StayChillex I’m sure Taliban killed at least 1000 times fewer civilians men-women-children than USA have since WW2.

    2. @StayChillex I’m sure plenty of people also think about nu.king USA. And tell you what they’re right.

    3. @StayChillex we (us soldiers) killed over 500k civs in iraq, & are actively drone striking Yemeni shook grounds and hospitals, by ur own comments we don’t deserve rights and our troops should head to their cells in Cuba vs comming back home

    4. @StayChillex what about all the old men, women ,and childern the 53 nation axis of evil led by worlds bigest terrorist organisation u.s.a murdered what about the families of the talibs they butchered was that justified. You break in to some ones home like a common thief what do expect roses.

  4. No guerrilla war can be successful without the support of locals. That is a law of nature……..

    1. Afghanistan is a multi-ethnic country. What makes you think those dead soldiers are not Afghan?? In Taliban-controlled areas, you cannot step a toe out of line otherwise you will be shot so locals cannot do anything even if they wanted to. Didn’t you see how the local man spoke in pashto and asked the Taliban how they could be so ruthless and murder Afghans?

    2. @study channel So the Taliban can win with Pakistan’s help but the Afghans can’t win with America’s help? Lol what warped logic. The Taliban are supported by the local population that is why they are winning.

  5. I love how the media’s intention with this is make us feel like we need to go back in completely. every decent American citizen knows we need to get tf out right now.

    1. Hi John. No, please don’t go back. As when your country goes in it just makes money until the profit runs out.

    1. Now that they’re all dead. They sure won’t. The other Washington Commandos are going to go AWOL rather than go out against the Taliban and get killed also.

    2. @Gary Oakham They are not US citizens. How were they able to vote for Biden?? Are Trump’s voter fraud allegations true??

  6. Its strange to me after spending 2 trillions dollars of tax payers money military training for 20 years its feels like history repeating of Vietnam war

    1. 2 Trillion? They have $5 Trillion unaccounted for dollars that were spent on top of the actual $6.4 Trillion that was accounted for. Never forget, that Afghanistan was just one…there was also Iraq, Libya, Syria, Oman, and Yemen.

    2. The US never learn his story but their war veterans also come and visit old battlefields and befriend with former enemies. That is disgusting.

    3. think of it like this; a talib ruled country poses more threat to america. But I do agree that not a lot of progress has been made.

    1. @Bahar Ahmadi the taliban say the same thing about current afgan government.
      Call them traitors and collaborators who sided with foreign invaders and hold the current afgan responsible for the murder of there near and dear ones. And the pakistanis hold current government responsible for hosting and aiding foreign agents mercenaries responsible for bombings and terrorism in pakistan . C.i.a mossad , indian ,raw , m.i.6 , french inteligence all operate from afganistan and try to destabilise pakistan so it only makes sense from there point of view to aid taliban to counter balance all terrorist activity coming from afganistan.

    2. @Mary Rose
      I say this as an Afghan Pashtun, the only Afghans are people from current day Afghanistan.

    3. @Bahar Ahmadi if you’re a true Pashtun then you would not bow down to your Pupper master and your true God USA

    4. @Moiz Khan
      Who are you to dictate what it means to be a “true pashtun” lol?
      Anyway, who said I support the US? I don’t like my government (they can do better) but I certainly support my government in wiping out the Taliban.

    1. We trained our Afghan friends to be just like America. Scam money from construction projects while the country slowly crumbles. Make no plans for the future and expect bailouts etc

    2. @bb its obvious we have to payroll taliban for a generacion for this to go away, its ridiculous criminality

  7. You don’t fight war with rules with such enemy that doesn’t recognize any. You level the fucking ground and anyone even remotely associated with them… only way to win.

  8. There is no need for USA to still stay in Afghanistan as USA is successful in achieving it’s Target and the target is Afghan kills Afghan.

    1. @PaRa PERMESTER JELUUR INVESTI•L•R You clearly don’t grasp the culture! They’re happy to die…for what they believe in, see it first hand!

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