1. As if Haiti hasn’t suffered enough…
    RIP for the perished and hope the survivers can rebuild their lives…

    1. @DreadXplayZS you dont understand what an earthquake is lol. Use google before you show your stupidity.

  2. Poor Haitians. They haven’t even recovered from the last big earthquake and now they get hit again?

    1. @Ocean Well then live in chaos with constant hurricanes, floods and earthquakes. Don’t expect the world to help. The island is unsafe.

    2. @Marley Ex Your people are dying from corona at more than 4× the rate of everyone else in America
      Might wanna update your melanin

    3. @Ocean here we go, bringing up the past hundred of years ago to set our future.. ignorant and cant find anything to say but slander

    1. Just a cursory knowledge of Haiti and its history would be enough to understand that this is not at all surprising.

  3. My heart bleeds for Haiti. It’s just one thing after another for those poor people. Sending love, light and prayers from Washington state. ❤️✨🙏🏼😞

    1. @I don’t know American government, The CIA, FBI are a colonial superpower. They have always been involved in destroying black progress. It was the American government that murdered Martin Luther King Jr. it was the American government that installed the cointelpro, short for counter intelligence involved in the destruction of the black panther movement, and any progressive political organizations. It was the CIa government that put drugs and guns in the black community, so that they could kill themselves. A whistleblower went in fron the USa congress to denounce them and later got assassinated. The American government was involved in the murder of Congo President Patrice Lumumba. The American government tried over 600 times to assassinate Fidel Castro. The American government also funds billions of dollars to Israel so they can have an ally in the Middle east to have a control over them, and stea their resources. Everywhere that America brings ‘democracy” they have destroyed. Just look at what Afghanistan, Iran, was like before so called American democracy. Same thing with Libyra. Perhaps Ghaddafi may or may nothave been a controversial figure but Libya was much better under Ghaddafi. It was American government that made sure that destroyed Marcus Garvey back to Africa government. These are JUST well known facts of all the crimes the American government has beein involved. As far as Haiti is concerned , dont forget the Clinton foundation and Red Cross raised over 500 million dollars after the 2010 earthquake but Haiti NEVER received that money. America occupted Haiti at one point. It was the America government that tells Haiti when they should hold elections. As well as America told President Jovenel Moise that Haiti having a military was a bad idea. And there is much much more. ANd dont forget Osama Bin Laden was a CIA agent before he went rogue. Georbe Bush is close ties with the Bind Laden Family.

    2. @Mohammad Mahdi I was in a 7.0 earthquake in anchorage. We had some roads break as well as the typical stuff falling off shelves. Ceiling tiles were falling off in schools. The main difference is that we have strict building codes for earthquakes and the funds to actually do it.

    3. Not only do you send , love, prayers and light… send financial aid. That is why seen god has forgot . They need our help !!

  4. 😭😭😭😭 Haiti my homeland. My people have been through so much. Despite of everything we remain a strong nation…

    1. @Nathan Explosion They have different ways of things and no Haitians and Africans are two different things just similar

  5. Geez, 2021 isn’t being nice to anyone in this f-ed up world! Sorry Haiti, I hope you get all the help you need?

    1. @Eduardo Oliveira did his first ex wife need to be sexually assaulted by him after they broke up in 1989 in Trump tower that was poured with cement provided by the mafia during a nationwide unionized strike?
      Don’t believe me? You should read her victim impact statement that ended up costing him double digit millions to purchase her and her lawyers and a get out of jail wealthy afterlife professing church mafia sociopath evades jail card, and then ask yourself why epstein was his neighbor and why trump smiled when describing epstein as being quite the ladies man who he heard likes em young?

  6. We felt this earthquake in Jamaica, I mobilized my family and moved to safe places in our home..
    This same fault is running straight into the plantain garden river into Jamaica..sad

    1. Jamaica ?!
      If you don’t know where you’re ! You’re in Montego Bay Jamaica and there’s no problem .

    2. Let’s design methodology for sealing faultlines with permiatation of flexible cement based compound adhesive, and even run sprinkler systems into firestricken dry hills in a preemptive most logical approach to dealing with the challenges of how physics works?
      Then we can focus on automation to end homelessness and starvation on a global scale, sound like a plan?

    1. Hello, I was going through the comment section when I came across yours. Thanks for your sincere compliments and love.
      How are you doing?..

  7. This is an absolute Horror, this is a catastrophe the world needs to help
    Especially with the storms and pandemic

  8. I’m so glad the Dr. did not fall into the trap of trying to estimate the loss of life that the reporter was trying to drag out of her.
    Yes prayers for the injured and dead.

    1. Please be safe, pandemics and violence and earthquakes and hurricanes never produce afterlives, not even 9/11.

  9. To a resilient people may your casualties be few and your spirit indomitable. My prayers go out to you🙏🏾

  10. Lord God, have mercy, they just can’t get a break!give them hope, peace and comfort!Importantly your help and intervention!

  11. My heart goes out to all Haitians…these people struggle more than many in our america cannot understand..we as humans must stop fighting amongst ourseleves and learn to just help each other..

    1. Well said because humanity always first in all religion then why we are trying to judge people’s and only by media… And other fake rumuors??

  12. I’m not even in Haiti and I feel heartbroken for them. One terrible event after another. Stay strong Haiti. Our hopes and prayers go out to you. 💪❤️

  13. Can you imagine the mental health of the ppl going through this over and over. Oh Heavenly Father, pls give them strength

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